Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 21 Recap

This is the recap for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 21. Lin Yiyang pushes his master He Wenfeng into the room. He puts the sweater on his knees. He Wenfeng’s wife watches it outside. She’s very happy. He Wenfeng’s daughter thinks the most important disciple came back.

Jiang Yang disagrees because he thinks he’s He Wenfeng’s disciple as well. She laughs to tell him that the one who’s favored is the youngest one. The people walk into the room. They get Lin Yiyang to have a seat. He Wenfeng’s daughter tells Lin Yiyang that she has cleaned the room for him.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 21

Lin Yiyang takes a look at the trophy. He thinks it’s the trophy of his first championship. He Wenfeng admits it. He regrets that Lin Yiyang didn’t have too many trophies. Lin Lin has a video chat with Jiang Yang. She sees the people gathering in He Wenfeng’s house. She blames Jiang Yang for doing it when she wasn’t there.

He provokes her that the dishes were cooked by his master’s wife. She calls Yin Guo when she passes by. Yin Guo joins Lin Lin. Jiang Yang hands over the phone to He Wenfeng. Lin Lin asks He Wenfeng if he remembers Yin Guo. She reveals Meng Xiaodong took the girl to the field.

He learns that Yin Guo is Meng Xiaodong’s cousin. He lets her greet Meng Xiaodong for him. She agrees to it. She reveals her mother has asked her about him. He learns that she’s the daughter of Wu Qian. He persuades her to understand her mother. She agrees to it.

Lin Lin hangs up. She finds out that Yin Guo is very nervous. She thinks it was Yin Guo’s first time to see her father-in-law. Yin Guo blames Lin Lin for not informing her. Lin Lin explains it to Yin Guo that she didn’t introduce her to He Wenfeng. But she cannot control others to introduce Yin Guo.

Lin Yiyang is happy to tell He Wenfeng that the one who talked with him was his girlfriend. He Wenfeng laughs. He thinks Yin Guo is a good girl. His wife reminds him that Yin Guo just got a championship. She thinks Lin Yiyang needs to go to see Yin Guo’s parents. She volunteers to visit Yin Guo’s parents with He Wenfeng because Lin Yiyang’s parents passed away.

She persuades He Wenfeng to ask Wu Qian to visit them. But Lin Yiyang reveals he and Yin Guo didn’t tell it to Yin Guo’s parents. Because Yin Guo’s parents don’t like him because of the case of his retirement. The people persuade Lin Yiyang not to put it into his mind.

He Wenfeng calls Wu Qian. He persuades her to give Lin Yiyang a chance. She hangs up and she tells her friends that He Wenfeng just called her for Lin Yiyang. The guy thinks it will be better if He Wenfeng calls Wen Qian after Lin Yiyang gets the championship. Wu Qian turns around. She wishes Lin Yiyang to get the championship.

Lin Lin runs into Yin Guo. Yin Guo is excited to show the footage to Lin Lin that Lin Yiyang got into the finals. Lin Lin worries that Yin Guo will be seen by others. But Yin Guo doesn’t fear it because Lin Lin is her coach. Lin Lin informs Yin Guo that she has a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

But Yin Guo feels regret because she cannot watch Lin Yiyang’s final. Lin Lin points out that Lin Yiyang should watch Yin Guo get the championship. Yin Guo promises to try her best to get the first place. She hugs Lin Lin. Yin Guo is in the meeting. She watches Lin Yiyang’s final through her phone. Wu Qian walks into the meeting room. She tells the players not to proud.

He Wenfeng watches Lin Yiyang’s final with his wife at home. Lin Yiyang defeats the player. He gets the championship. He Wenfeng tears up because he knows his child worked hard. Wu Qian cheers the players up in the meeting room. She asks them to go to the airport.

Yin Guo runs out of the meeting room. She reaches the rooftop. She receives a message from Lin Yiyang. She learns that he got the championship. She tears up. Wu Qian knows Lin Yiyang got the championship as well. She leaves. Lin Yiyang sits in the audience after the game. Jiang Yang joins him.

He persuades him to call Yin Guo. But Lin Yiyang reveals Yin Guo is in the meeting. He gets a message from Yin Guo. She reveals she cried after knowing he got a championship. He leaves the field. Jiang Yang mentions Lin Yiyang got a championship when Lin Yiyang was 13 years old. He thinks Lin Yiyang came back.

Yin Guo is going to go to take part in the game. Wu Qian comes to see her off. Yin Guo gets on the bus. She leaves. Jiang Yang follows Lin Yiyang. He persuades him to take over New East City Club. But Lin Yiyang wants to open a club on his own. He gives his cue to Yang Yang because he needs to go to see Yin Guo.

Lin Yiyang finds Yin Guo at the airport. She lets him have a seat because she worries that others will see him. She gives the mask to him. She asks him to wear it. She reveals He Wenfeng called her mother many times for asking her about Lin Yiyang.

Lin Yiyang reveals his teacher was very happy after knowing he has a girlfriend. He plans to take Yin Guo to visit his teacher. She’s very happy. She mentions she should call He Wenfeng’s student uncle. Lin Yiyang asks Yin Guo to call him older brother. She gets angry and she thinks he’s a big tail wolf. He leaves when her coach comes.

The team members join Yin Guo. They wonder why Yin Guo had feelings for Lin Yiyang because Lin Yiyang was weak. Yin Guo thinks she felt for Lin Yiyang because he was good looking. Yin Guo is on the plane. She goes to the restroom. But there’re some girls in the restroom. She hears the female flight attendant saying that Lin Yiyang rejected her when she wished to take a photo with him.

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Lin Yiyang joins Yin Guo. She teases him that the female flight attendant wished to take a photo with him. He tries to kiss her. But it’s seen by the female flight attendant. Yin Guo is startled to run away. Lin Yiyang puts his clothes on Yin Guo’s knees when she falls asleep. She wakes up. He reveals the championship is for her. He calls her queen. He mentions she shared her glory with him after she won. She’s moved. She swears to get a championship. She kisses him. She’s shy.

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