Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4. Yue Mi and Shang Gu are on the way to see Bai Jue. Yue Mi persuades Shang Gu not to be impulsive. Shang Gu regrets for saving Bai Jue. Yue Mi mentions Shang Gu just took a credit.

But Shang Gu points out that the credit was taken by Bai Jue. Yue Mi reminds Shang Gu that she’s not the rival of Bai Jue. She volunteers to go to ask Bai Jue for it. She walks into Bai Jue’s palace. Hong Ri is waiting for her. He returns the box to her.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4

She opens the box. She sees the core of Shang Gu. She’s surprised that her friend’s god power is so powerful. She thinks Bai Jue had talent. Hong Ri reveals Bai Jue hasn’t smiled because Shang Gu wasn’t there. Shang Gu visits Bai Jue.

She sees him meditating. She decides to catch the chance to take back her chaos core. She walks into his room. She tries to take back her chaos core. But she fails. She remembers she gave her chaos core to him when she kissed him. She’s close to him.

But he opens his eyes. She’s startled to step back. She blames him for not returning the chaos core to her after he returned to god realm. She thinks he intended to give her a hard time for letting her visit him. She runs away. Yue Mi walks into Shang Gu’s room with the box.

She finds out that Shang Gu is covered in the hot day. She takes away the cover and she shows Shang Gu the chaos core she just got from Hong Ri. Shang Gu asks Yue Mi not to visit her because she has no face to see people. Bai Jue walks Hong Ri out of his palace.

He reveals one of his old friends has trouble because of a girl. But Hong Ri knows Bai Jue doesn’t have any old friend. Bai Jue mentions the girl misunderstood that his friend used her. He adds that the two are master and disciple relationship.

Hong Ri thinks Bai Jue’s friend made a mistake. He asks him to go to apologize. Bai Jue visits Shang Gu. She’s cold to him because she doesn’t forgive him. He sees the toy on the table. He persuades her not to play. She complains to him that he used her.

He asks her to let it go. She casts Ancient Emperor Sword to Bai Jue. She intends to send him away. But Ancient Emperor Sword refuses to do so. Shang Gu leaves her palace. Bai Jue invites Hong Ri to drink with him. Hong Ri wonders if Bai Jue is going to continue to teach Shang Gu.

Bai Jue admits it because he promised Zhi Yang. Hong Ri smiles to tell Bai Jue that he has a plan. Shang Gu, Tian Qi and Yue Mi are going to play Ma Diao. But they’re lack of one person to play the game. Tian Qi asks the maid to go to invite the immortals. But the immortals refuse to join.

Tian Qi offers to call Bai Jue. But Shang Gu rejects it because Bai Jue doesn’t like the game. But Tian Qi thinks it will be good if he can win Bai Jue. Shang Gu summons Ancient Emperor Sword. But the sword fears Bai Jue. Bai Jue shows up. He thinks the sword is like Shang Gu.

He tells Shang Gu that she’s a good girl. Yue Mi thinks Bai Jue’s tongue was hurt when he was in Demon Realm. Bai Jue leaves. Shang Gu chases him because she wishes him to continue to praise her. Yue Mi thinks the two are match for each other.

But Tian Qi disagrees to what she said. He thinks he’s better than Bai Jue. He worries that the duck will fly away if he doesn’t come up with an idea. He leaves. Yue Mi thinks Tian Qi is a fool who doesn’t know there’s a duck waiting for him.

Tian Qi finds Pu Hua. He asks him if he arranged marriage for Shang Gu. Pu Hua claims that he didn’t dare to offend Shang Gu. Tian Qi plans to arrange a marriage meeting in God Realm. He asks Pu Hua to help him. He reveals he has feelings for Shang Gu.

Zi Han visits Hong Ri. He hands over the invitation to him. He asks Bai Jue to attend the marriage meeting. Hong Ri has a fight with Zi Han because he thinks Shang Gu should marry Bai Jue. Bai Jue shows up. He stops the two’s fight.

Zi Han explains it to Bai Jue that Tian Qi prepared the marriage meeting for making Shang Gu happy. Bai Jue visits Shang Gu when she’s happy with Tian Qi. Shang Gu tells Tian Qi that she likes him very much because he was nice to her.

Bai Jue takes a look at the medicine he prepared for Shang Gu. Tian Qi tells Shang Gu that Pu Hua is going to hold a marriage meeting in God Realm. She decides to attend the meeting. The marriage meeting begins. Tian Qi asks Pu Hua to let one thousand swans fly over his head.

But Pu Hua doesn’t know where he can get the swans. Yue Mi shows up. She makes an excuse for Pu Hua. She lets him leave. She thinks Tian Qi cannot get Shang Gu with the looks. But he thinks he’s very handsome. She learns that he wish to get praised.

She tells him that he can get Shang Gu’s heart. She sees Bai Jue. She’s surprised that he attended the party. Snow Goddess greets Bai Jue. She volunteers to play a song for him. But he rejects it. Shang Gu sees the goddesses chasing Bai Jue. She thinks the goddesses are insane.

Tian Qi shows his clothes to Shang Gu. But she thinks he wore the clothes for avoiding ghosts. He tries to take her to go to enjoy the view. But Bai Jue blocks their way. He mentions he heard Shang Gu doesn’t recover. He hands over the medicine to her.

She’s shy and she tries to leave. But he stops her. He apologizes to her for not thinking about her feelings when they were in Demon Realm. He tells his true feelings to her that he would be serious to her even if Xuan Yi wasn’t there. He asks her to forgive him.

Xue Ying pretends to congratulate Shang Gu for making up with Bai Xue. But she pours tea to Shang Gu. Tian Qi scolds Xue Ying. But she explains it to him that she didn’t intend to do so. Bai Jue uses his god power to change clothes for Shang Gu. She promises to study with him.

Yue Mi finds Pu Hua when he’s drinking alone. He learns that she came for the marriage rope. She claims that she doesn’t care for the marriage rope. He realizes that she has feelings for someone. He thinks nobody can endure her. He gives the marriage rope to her.

Yue Mi casts the marriage rope to Tian Qi after Shang Gu left. He shakes the rope away because he mistakes that someone attacked him. He finds out that the immortals love each other after they had a fight. He’s furious to blame the person for not casting the marriage rope early. He sees Yue Mi.

Xue Ying follows Bai Jue to his palace. She mentions what he told her when she ran into her in the Plum Woods. She reveals she has waited for him for 30,000 years because of his words. But he points out that her obsession made her wait for him for 30,000 years.

She reveals she just wishes to take care of him. But he rejects it and he asks her to leave. He reveals he knew she intended to pour the wine to Shang Gu. He tells her that he won’t punish her. She’s very happy because she knows he cares for her. He sees the black cloud. He leaves.

Yue Mi finds out that Sun God and Moon God left God Realm. Tian Qi worries that Zhi Yang will punish him for holding the marriage meeting. They go to look for the two gods. Bai Jue finds Shang Gu. He tries to take her away. But Pu Hua makes them fall to the secret room. He mistakes Bai Jue for Tian Qi. He thinks he helped him.

Bai Jue thinks they have to ruin the peach woods if they want to break Pu Hua’s enchantment. Shang Gu is against it because she worries that Yue Mi will scolds her for ruining her peach woods. Bai Jue meditates. Shang Gu touches his face.

He’s furious to make her fall into his arms. He explains it to her that he didn’t intend to do so. She wonders why he let her take the credit that she sealed Demon God. He lets her guess. But she rejects it. She sees the couple in the bubble. She invites him to watch the bubbles with her. But he makes the bubbles disappear. He meditates again. She finds that the it’s the fate place of Pu Hua. She catches the chance to see all of people’s fates.

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Shang Gu is hurt when she sees Bai Jue’s fate. Bai Jue stops her. She explains it to him that she just wanted to see the looks of him before she was born. He threatens her that he will punish her if she sees his fate again. She reveals she saw Ancestor God was strict to him when he was a child. He reveals he didn’t know how to get along with people. Shang Gu grabs Bai Jue’s hand. She tells him that there’re not only cold people in the world.

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