Everyone Loves Me: Episode 14 Recap

This is the recap for Everyone Loves Me: Episode 14. Gu Xun teams up with Yue Qianling when they play real shooting game. He’s very happy because it reminds him the first he encountered her. But she asks him to call her Old Six just like he called her before.

Jiang Junnan sees the beauty when he teaches Chen Xinyi how to use the gun. He gives up Chen Xinyi. He goes to help the beauty. Yue Qianling notes it. She persuades Chen Xinyi to give up the man. She shoots Jiang Junnan with her. Jiang Junnan asks the beauty for her WeChat before he dies. Gu Xun kills him.

Everyone Loves Me: Episode 14

Gu Xun drinks with the people of 9th Business Department at the bar. He thinks it’s their credits to get the investment. Yue Qianling gives her wine to Gu Xun. She volunteers to drive his car. Chen Xinyi reveals she’s going to move to her classmate’s place. Yue Qianling promises to go to pick up Chen Xinyi after she’s rich.

The people of 9th Business Department thank each other. Yue Qianling thinks Gu Xun’s department is very good. But he reminds her that she belongs to the department as well. The people persuade Yue Qianling to come to 9th Business Department. She’s very happy.

But Jiang Yishi shows up. He asks Yue Qianling if she completed her task. Gu Xun has a fight with Jiang Yishi. He thinks he’s a bad leader. Jiang Junnan reveals Jiang Yishi and Gu Xun were good friends. But the two had fights often.

Jiang Yishi and Gu Xun play the darts. Gu Xun wins. Someone thinks Jiang Yishi cannot do that. Jiang Yishi threatens to throw his dart to the guy. Gu Xun has a fight with Jiang Yishi. They kick each other. Chen Xinyi helps the drunk Jiang Junnan walk out of the bar.

He looks for his phone because he wants to call the girl Feng Ruru. Chen Xinyi gives the phone to Jiang Junnan. He holds her hand when he calls Feng Ruru. But she finds out that he called her. He mistakes her for Feng Ruru. He asks her to be his friend. She agrees to it. He’s happy to lie on the ground.

Yue Jiangling takes the drunk Gu Xun to his car. She finds the car key from his pocket. She helps him get in his car. He wakes up and he finds out that she’s close to him. She explains it to him that she wanted to help him tie his seat belt. He doesn’t believe it. She tells him that she wants to beat him. He believes it this time. He laughs.

Gu Xun has a meeting with the people of 9th Business Department. He decides to make a promotional video for Hero Path. The people think fine art team should do the job. Chen Xinyi promises to arrange it. Yue Qianling is nervous because she’s going to give a speech.

Huang Jie cheers Yue Qianling up. She reveals Jiang Yishi is going to announce the team leader of Love Manager. She mentions Yin Jun wishes to get the position. Jiang Junnan reveals the best employee will get the reward. Wei Han decides to recommend Fan Xing.

But Fan Xing persuades Wei Han to recommend Yue Qianling instead. Because she thinks they wouldn’t get the investment without Yue Qianling. But Yue Qianling doesn’t belong to 9th Business Department. Yue Qianling has a meeting with the people of 1st Department.

She reveals she designed a stray dog for the hero. Yin Jun mocks her. She’s rewarded by the people of 9th Business Department when she introduces her design to the people of 1st Department. She’s startled to close her laptop. Jiang Yishi lets Yue Qianling be the team leader of Love Manager.

Yue Qianling is off duty. She runs into Gu Xun in the elevator. He mentions she got promoted. She get off the elevator. But she runs into a cockroach. She’s scared to step back. Gu Xun carries her. It’s seen by her mother. Madam Yue learns that Gu Xun is Yue Qianling’s leader.

She smiles to welcome him when she thanks him for taking her daughter home. But she’s told that he lives next to her. Gu Jun tells Madam Yue that he’s single. But Yue Qianling claims that she’s an immortal who cannot be in love. Madam Yue is furious to beat her daughter when she mentions she was in Gu Xun’s arms. Yue Qianling takes her mother home.

She wakes up and she finds out that Gu Xun is massaging her mother’s back. She wonders why he’s there. Madam Yue reveals Gu Xun brought breakfast to Yue Qianling. She adds that the guy did the housework. She lets Gu Xun taste the tofu curd. She lets him take the tofu curd away since he liked it.

Gu Xun gives the fried bread to Yue Qianling. Madam Yue reveals she graduated from 1st middle school of West City. She learns that Gu Xun’s mother Gu Yunping was her classmate. She thinks it’s fate that Gu Xun and Yue Qianling live together.

She asks Gu Xun to take care of Yun Qianling. He agrees to it. He comforts her that he will take Yue Qianling home if Yue Qianling needs to work overtime. She’s very happy. She asks him to cook with Yue Qianling. He offers to have dinner with Yue Qianling each day. He adds Madam Yue’s WeChat. He tells her to call him Little Gu.

Gu Xun is washing bowls. Yue Qianling thinks Gu Xun is against her. It makes him believe that he did something wrong. She smiles to mention he cooked for her. She thinks he should get Oscar. Madam Yue tries to leave because she needs to go home to take care of Yue Qianling’s grandpa. Gu Xun volunteers to send Madam Yue off.

Yue Qianling stares at Gu Xun after her mother left. She thinks he has some ideas. He mentions the fine art team recommended her. She knows it and she reveals she worried that Jiang Yishi would fire her. She didn’t expect that her boss promoted her.

Gu Xun tells Yue Qianling that Jiang Yishi promoted her because she has talent. She’s very happy. He thinks Jiang Yishi promoted her for keeping her. He believes that she will come to 9th Business Department. She claims that she’s the team leader.

He asks her to promise him something if she comes to 9th Business Department. She agrees to it. She asks him to call her master if he loses. They return home when Chen Xinyi cries because she saw a cockroach in the bedroom. Gu Xun goes to the bedroom to look for the cockroach.

But Yue Qianling stops him. She worries that he will see her painting. She throws the slipper to the cockroach. She kills him. She lets Gu Xun take care of the dead body of the cockroach. Yue Qianling returns home in the evening. She notes that someone is tailing her.

She’s scared to run home. But the light in the hallway is off. She runs to Gu Xun’s house. She asks him to open the door when she calls him older brother. He opens the door. She runs into his arms. She reveals she was tailed by someone. She cries to tell him that she didn’t see the person’s face.

He goes to look for the culprit. He finds out that someone touched her shoe. He takes her to check the CCTV. But the CCTV is broken. They go to the police station. They report it to the police. The cop thinks Gu Xun should pick Yue Qianling up because he mistakes him for Yue Qianling’s boyfriend.

Yue Qianling denies it when Gu Xun admits that he’s her boyfriend. The cop mistakes that she wants to break up with Gu Xun. He asks her to give a guy a chance. Gu Xun tries to hold Yue Qianling’s hand. But she slaps his hand because she thinks he shouldn’t do so. They leave the police station.

Gu Xun and Yue Qianling are on the way home. He sets himself as her emergency contact. She thanks him because she thinks she would be upset without his help. She returns home and she puts the stuff at the door to protect herself. Gu Xun visits her. She has to remove the stuff away.

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He breaks into her house because he mistakes that something bad happened to her. But he finds out that she’s fine. She explains it to him that she did something for protecting herself. She finds out that the trash is gone. She mistakes that the culprit did it. Gu Xun tells Yue Qianling that he helped her throw away the trash. He helps her protect herself. He leaves. She smiles.

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