Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 7. Lin Yiyang drinks with Sun Zhou in the billiard room. Su Zhou reveals he plans to go home. But he needs to earn some money first. Lin Yiyang realizes that he needs to think about his future.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 7 Recap

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 7.

Yin Guo runs into the landlord. She reveals she’s going to move out because she needs to gather with her team members and her coach. He wonders if she will come back. She denies it and she tells him that she will return to China.

He feels regret because he doesn’t know when the next game is going to begin. She volunteers to give him two tickets to watch her game. He denies it and claims that he can buy the tickets with good positions because he knows many friend.

She laughs when she agrees to what he said. She receives a message from Lin Yiyang. He tells her that he’s going to come. She leaves. The landlord sees Yin Guo off. He worries that Lin Yiyang doesn’t have time to pursue Yin Guo. Because the girl is going to leave after she plays the game.

Yin Guo returns home. She hears Meng Xiaotian talking with someone. She calls him because she wonders who he’s talking with. She’s surprised to see Meng Xiaodong. She gives the key to Meng Xiaotian. She lets him go to open the door.

Yin Guo mentions Meng Xiaodong didn’t intend to come. But he’s cold to her. He walks into her house. He claims that he didn’t come to see her. Because he believes that she will win. She wonders if he came to watch the game of the youth group.

He reveals he came for Lin Yiyang. Yin Guo takes a look at Meng Xiaotian. She realizes that he leaked it. She tells Meng Xiaodong that she knows nothing about it when he wishes to know when Lin Yiyang will come back. Meng Xiaodong mentions Yin Guo and Meng Xiaotian are close to Lin Yiyang.

Yin Guo admits it. But she claims that Lin Yiyang wouldn’t report his itinerary to her. Meng Xiaodong wonders if the two have Lin Yiyang’s number. Meng Xiaotian admits it. He tells his older brother that Yin Guo isn’t close to Lin Yiyang.

Yin Guo is moved. She thinks Meng Xiaotian paid her back after she was nice to him. Meng Xiaodong asks Meng Xiaotian to ask Lin Yiyang when he will come back. But he tells him not to leak that he’s there. Yin Guo doesn’t wish Meng Xiaotian to do so. But he has to do it.

He sends a message to Lin Yiyang. He reports to Meng Xiaodong that Lin Yiyang is upstairs. Meng Xiaodong takes off his suit. Yin Guo worries that he will have a fight with Lin Yiyang. She asks Meng Xiaotian to block the two when the two have a fight. But he claims that he cannot block the two.

Lin Yiyang rings the doorbell. Yin Guo goes to open the door. He’s surprised that she doesn’t get into the house. He sees Meng Xiaodong. Meng Xiaotian introduces Meng Xiaodong as his real older brother to Lin Yiyang. Lin Yiyang asks Meng Xiaodong to wait for him. He goes to the bathroom to wash his face.

He walks out of the bathroom. He returns to his room. Meng Xiaotian returns to his room because he’s tired. Yin Guo pretends to leave something in his room. She gets into his room. She tells him that she worries that the two will have a fight. He promises to protect Lin Yiyang when he has a fight with Meng Xiaodong.

Yin Guo tries to take a look outside. But Meng Xiaodong asks her to close the door. Lin Yiyang walks out of his room. Meng Xiaodong reveals he came to see Lin Yiyang. He didn’t expect that Lin Yiyang is there if Meng Xiaotian didn’t mention it.

Meng Xiaodong wonders if Lin Yiyang doesn’t feel regret for not playing billiards. Lin Yiyang asks Meng Xiaodong to talk something else with him. It makes Meng Xiaodong get angry. Yin Guo fans her face because she feels hot. Lin Yiyang wonders why Meng Xiaodong doesn’t forgive him.

Meng Xiaodong asks Lin Yiyang about his arrogance. Lin Yiyang thinks his arrogance is gone because he’s aged. He doesn’t want to take about the past with Meng Xiaodong. Meng Xiaodong offers to take about Yin Guo. Lin Yiyang thinks Meng Xiaodong used a good method.

Meng Xiaodong feels great because he has caught Lin Yiyang’s weakness. He mentions there’s a billiard room nearby. He asks Lin Yiyang to play billiards with him. Because he wants to know if Lin Yiyang can cut in line from the suitors. He asks him to get changed because he doesn’t pay billiards with the guy who dresses like that.

Yin Guo takes a look outside. She finds out that Meng Xiaodong left. She asks Lin Yiyang if her older brother hurt him. He tells her to wait for a while because he’s getting changed. He walks out of his room after he got changed. She finds out that he’s very handsome. He reveals her older brother asked him to play billiards with him.

Lin Yiyang takes Meng Xiaodong to the billiard room. He asks him to play nine-ball with him. But Meng Xiaodong rejects it because he never played nine-ball with anyone. So Lin Yiyang brings the billiards of snooker to Meng Xiaodong.

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Lin Yiyang asks his friend to be the judge of the game. The guy finds out that the player is the world champion Meng Xiaotong. He gathers his friends to watch the game. Yin Guo shows up. Miller reports to her that there’s a world champion coming. Yin Guo knows the world champion is her older brother.

She watches the game. She leaves. Miller brings the beer to Lin Yiyang and Meng Xiaodong. But Meng Xiaodong wants to drink water. Miller brings the water to Meng Xiaodong. She asks Lin Yiyang about Meng Xiaodong. Lin Yiyang introduces Meng Xiaodong as his old friend.

Miller reveals Yin Guo is outside. Lin Yiyang texts Yin Guo that they’re done. She shows up when he plays billiards. He wins. Meng Xiaodong asks Yin Guo to go to the hotel with him. But she rejects it because she didn’t pack her stuff.

He asks her to send him out. He thinks she became a bad girl because of someone. She walks him out of the billiard room. He goes to buy the hot dog. He reveals he helped Lin Yiyang when the girl blocked Lin Yiyang’s way. Yin Guo thinks Lin Yiyang was popular. But Meng Xiaodong brags that he’s better than Lin Yiyang.

He eats the hot dog. He finds out that it’s spicy. He continues to eat the hot dog because he doesn’t want to waste the food. He thinks Yin Guo and Lin Yiyang plan to get married. He mentions Lin Yiyang doesn’t have parents. He promises to resolve Yin Guo’s parents.

Yin Guo wonders why Meng Xiaodong mentioned her parents. He persuades her to take Lin Yiyang to return to China for marriage. But she claims that she and Lin Yiyang aren’t the marriage relationship. He tells her that she will know Lin Yiyang’s talent if she lets Lin Yiyang return to China. He leaves.

He sends a message to her. He’s surprised that she found a little white face. She reveals she didn’t get together with Lin Yiyang. She hears the lighter sound. She turns around. She sees Lin Yiyang. She walks to him. She mentions he returned earlier than last week.

He reveals he wished to see her early. She notes that his lighter is very beautiful. She wishes to take a look at the lighter. He pretends to give the lighter to her. But she catches the chance to grab her hand. He drags her to his side. He strokes her hand. Miller runs out of the billiard room to look for Lin Yiyang. She sees him getting together with Yin Guo. She returns to the billiard room.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 7 Ending

Episode 7 of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love ends with Meng Xiaotian revealing there’s a guy who has pursued his older sister for many years. He introduces him as his reserve brother-in-law. Yin Guo walks out of her room after she ended her talk. She finds out that the guys are done eating.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 7 stars Wu Lei, Zhao Jinmai and Wang Xingyue.

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