Marry My Husband: Episode 11 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Marry My Husband: Episode 11. Ji-Hyeok kisses Ji-Won in his house. But he remembers he passed away in the car accident. He pushes her away. He thinks she will regret because he’s not the right person to her. He drives her out of his house.

Marry My Husband Episode 11 Recap

Marry My Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Marry My Husband: Episode 11.

Ji-Won arrives at the company. She greets Hee-Yeon. She smiles. She takes a look at Ji-Hyeok’s office. She finds out that he doesn’t come to the company. Ju-Ran shows up. Gyeong-Uk scolds her for her late. He still thinks he’s her boss.

Hee-Yeon meets with Ju-Ran. She mentions Gyeong-Uk never came to the company early. Ji-Won persuades Ju-Ran to remind Gyeong-Uk that she’s his boss. Ju-Ran gets a call from her husband. He asks her to come home. She rejects it because she needs to work. It makes him believe that she looks down on him.

Ji-Won remembers Min-Hwan thought she looks down on him as well. She shares the chocolate with Hee-Yeon. Ju-Ran complains to Ji-Won that she needs to leave. Ji-Won persuades Ju-Ran to let her parents help her. But Ju-Ran rejects it because her husband is at home.

Ji-Won tells Ju-Ran that she thinks she’s like her who worries about her husband. She explains it to her what she means is her boyfriend. She reveals she was ruined. She persuades Ju-Ran not to care for her husband too much. She asks her if she knows why Ji-Hyeok doesn’t come to work. Ju-Ran reveals Ji-Hyeok is sick.

Ji-Won cooks at home. She remembers she fed Min-Hwan the porridge when he was sick. But he told her that he doesn’t like porridge. She visits Ji-Hyeok with the porridge. She rings the doorbell. But he doesn’t open the door. She mistakes that he’s not at home. She tries to leave. She hears the mew.

She opens the door and she breaks into the house. She finds out that Ji-Hyeok passed out on the couch. She wakes him up and she tries to take him to hospital. But he stops her and he reveals he has taken his medicine. He’s tired to tell her that he doesn’t wish her to feel that she’s on a boat.

Ji-Won realizes that Ji-Hyeok was the man who comforted her. She cries. He strokes her face. He reveals he recognized her when he saw her. He kisses her hand and he lets her hand hold his face. He lets her lean on him. Eun-Ho cooks in the kitchen.

The chef reports to Eun-Ho that Hee-Yeon came to the restaurant. Eun-Ho walks out of the kitchen to see the girl. She’s excited to wave at him when she sees him. He thinks she’s not like her older brother. She gets angry. But she’s happy to show the musical tickets to him. She persuades him to take Ji-Won to the concert.

But he cries. He reveals Ji-Won rejected him. Ji-Won carries Ji-Hyeok to the bed. She takes care of him. He wakes up and he finds out that she’s sleeping with him. She touches his forehead. She finds out that his fever is down. She tries to leave.

But he stops her when he grabs her hand. He wonders if something happened last night. It breaks her heart after she realized that he treated last night as a mistake. He reveals he saw her in his dream. She’s very happy after she found out that he remembered it.

He follows her. He wonders what he said to her last night. She reveals he wished to be her land. She hugs him when he tries to explain it. She feels sorry for not recognizing him. But he pushes her away. She tells him that she wishes to be happy to like someone. He hugs her.

He takes her to the company. She’s happy to say goodbye to him. They’re happy again after they ran into each other at the elevator. She walks into the elevator to join him. He sends a message to her that he wishes to have a date with her.

Min-Hwan sees Ji-Won leaving the office. He follows her to the elevator. He blames her for ignoring him in the office. It makes her laugh. She tells him that she did so because he did something wrong. The door of the elevator opens.

Ji-Won sees Suk-Joon. She greets him and she gets in the elevator. Min-Hwan walks into the room. He throws a fit. He remembers Ji-Won loved him. He wonders what happened. He takes Su-Min to see his mother Ja-Ok. Ja-Ok likes Su-Min after Su-Min flattered her.

She takes the cab to leave. Su-Min wonders why Min-Hwan told a lie to his mother that she graduated from the top university. He reveals he did it for her because Ji-Won graduated from the university. Ji-Hyeok tells Ji-Won that Su-Min and Min-Hwan booked the Crown Wedding Hall.

Ji-Won remembers the wedding hall. Because she married Min-Hwan in the hall. She feels happy because she doesn’t have to marry Min-Hwan. But she receives a bad news from Ju-Ran. Ju-Ran reveals her parents told her husband to work at their restaurant.

Ju-Ran’s husband Jae-Won gets on his knees to Ju-Ran’s father. Ju-Ran’s father mentions Ju-Ran did everything. He asks Jae-Won to work at their restaurant. Ji-Hyeok takes Ji-Won to the sea. She mentions it’s her first time to be happy to come to the place.

He takes her to the restaurant. He likes the food she ordered for him. They walk on the beach. They have a kiss. Min-Hwan works in his office. The new employee comes. He greets Gyeong-Uk. Ju-Ran arrives at the company. She finds out that Gyeong-Uk is sitting in her seat.

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Gyeong-Uk stands up. He believes that he will get back his seat soon. She reminds him that she’s his boss. He goes to the rooftop. Min-Hwan joins him. Gyeong-Uk is happy after he found out that Min-Hwan took his side. He offers to go to a restaurant together. But Min-Hwan brings up Ju-Ran’s father’s restaurant.

Marry My Husband Episode 11 Ending

Episode 11 of Marry My Husband ends with Ji-Won and Ji-Hyeok leaving the wedding hall after they brought trouble to Min-Hwan and Su-Min. Eun-Ho feels sad after he saw Ji-Won and Ji-Hyeok off. He believes that Ji-Hyeok made the decision.

Marry My Husband Episode 11 stars Park Min-Young, Na In-Woo, Lee Yi-Kyung and Song Ha-Yoon.

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