Marry My Husband: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Marry My Husband: Episode 10. Min-Hwan returns home. He throws a fit to Ji-Won. Ja-Ok slaps his back. She blames him for bringing a bad girl to her. He points out that Ji-Won was nice. He believes that the girl was possessed.

Marry My Husband Episode 10 Recap

Marry My Husband

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Marry My Husband: Episode 10.

Ji-Won is furious to drive Min-Hwan out of her house. He visits Ji-Won and he knocks at the door when he’s in anger. Ji-Won is happy to open the door when Hee-Yeon visits her with Ji-Hyeok. Hee-Yeon is surprised to see Ji-Won’s new looks.

Ji-Won lets Hee-Yeon and Ji-Hyeok in. Hee-Yeon is excited. She thinks the black dress suits Ji-Won. Ji-Won sees the tissues and the detergent Ji-Hyeok carries. Hee-Yeon explains it to Ji-Won that she asked her older brother to buy those things. But she didn’t ask him to buy the flowers. Ji-Won is happy to accept the flowers from Ji-Hyeok.

A stronger man opens the door when he holds a dumbbell. He scolds Min-Hwan because he thinks he was rude. Min-Hwan thinks the house belongs to his girlfriend. But he’s told that Ji-Won has moved out. Ji-Hyeok helps Ji-Won put the books on the shelf. Hee-Yeon sees it.

Hee-Yeon leaves Ji-Won’s house with Ji-Hyeok. She follows him to his house. She reminds him that he has an engagement with Yu-Ra. She worries that he will do something to Ji-Won. He promises not to hit on her friend. He asks her to leave his house.

Min-Hwan is furious to throw his bag to his desk when he arrives in his office. Ji-Won shows up. He’s furious to walk to her. But she slaps him. He tries to slap her back. But Ji-Hyeok stops him when he holds his arm. Min-Hwan yells at Ji-Hyeok. Because he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong.

Ji-Won blames Min-Hwan for cheating on her. She takes out the panties. She puts the panties on his head. She reveals she found it in his car. He remembers he slept with Su-Min in his car. He blames Ji-Won for looking into his car. She yells at him and she throws her ring to the wall. The diamond on the ring is broken.

Gyeong-Uk returns to the company. He announces his comeback. But the employees focus on the rumor of Min-Hwan. Min-Hwan blames Su-Min for not managing her panties. But she reveals the panties don’t belong to her. Ji-Won knew the panties don’t belong to Su-Min. She chose the panties Min-Hwan would like.

Ju-Ran comforts Ji-Won. Ji-Won gets a call from Eun-Ho. She ends the talk and she reveals Eun-Ho worried about her because he saw her having a fight with Min-Hwan’s mother at the restaurant. Hee-Yeon realizes that Ji-Won wore so because she knew Min-Hwan cheated on her.

Ju-Ran thinks Ji-Won should let them know it. She wonders who was the girl. Min-Hwan wonders where Ji-Won found the panties. He plans to go to ask her about it. But Su-Min stops him. She thinks he cannot change the truth that he cheated. He gets angry. Ji-Hyeok eavesdrops on the conversation.

Gyeong-Uk runs into Ji-Won at the company. He sneers at her. She ignores him and she walks away. He gets angry and he tries to kick her. But Hyung-Tae drags him away. Su-Min holds Min-Hwan’s head. She reminds him that he just fell for a girl.

But he pushes her away. He tells her that he won’t marry her because she owns nothing. Gyeong-Uk gets angry after he heard what Min-Hwan said. He rushes to him. He tries to punch him. But Min-Hwan avoids Gyeong-Uk’s punch. Gyeong-Uk beats Min-Hwan. He blames him for hurting Su-Min.

It makes everyone at the company know that Su-Min made Min-Hwan cheat on Ji-Won. Su-Min sends a message to Ji-Won. She asks her to believe her. But Ji-Won ignores Su-Min. She has a meeting with Ju-Ran. She finds out that their meal kit is put behind the competitor’s meal kit. She takes a look at the papers. She learns that Min-Hwan and Su-Min were the ones who did the tasting event.

Ju-Ran throws the papers to Min-Hwan’s desk. She blames him for covering the case. Ji-Won believes that Min-Hwan slept with Su-Min when they worked. Suk-Joon asks Min-Hwan to transfer to another department. He fires Su-Min. Su-Min calls Ji-Won. But Ji-Won doesn’t pick up her phone.

Suk-Joon plans to let Ju-Ran be the manager. Gyeong-Uk is against it because he doesn’t wish to work under Ju-Ran. So Suk-Joon asks Gyeong-Uk to resign. Gyeong-Uk decides to resign. He asks Ju-Ran to change his seat. She agrees to it. But she feels sick to her stomach.

She goes to the warehouse. She mistakes that Suk-Joon is going to smoke. She tries to stop him. But she finds out that he’s eating the candy. She remembers he told her that he doesn’t like her. He realizes that she’s upset because of Gyeong-Uk. He comforts her that she will be promoted.

She reveals the idea of the meal kit was came up with by Ji-Won. It makes him believe that she’s a pushover because Gyeong-Uk got promoted because of the proposal. But she would like to be a pushover. Ji-Won meets with Ju-Ran. She’s surprised that Ju-Ran told Suk-Joon about the proposal. She wishes her to be promoted.

Ju-Ran tells Ji-Won that she likes to work with her. She smiles when she grabs her hand. Hee-Yeon shows up. She asks Ji-Won to go downstairs. Ji-Won goes downstairs. The madam slaps Ji-Won after knowing who she is. The madam complains to Ji-Won that her husband almost died.

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Ji-Won takes a look at the phone of the madam’s husband. She finds out that Su-Min wrote a letter with her name. Su-Min tries to flee. But Ji-Won catches Su-Min. She shows the letter to the madam from Su-Min’s phone. The madam’s husband recognized Su-Min that she was the one who was with Min-Hwan.

Marry My Husband Episode 10 Ending

Episode 10 of Marry My Husband ends with Ji-Won telling Eun-Ho that she wishes to be his friend. He smiles to say goodbye to his first love. He shakes hands with her. He leaves her house. He thinks he’s not the right man to her. She walks out of her house. She runs into Ji-Hyeok who sneezes.

Marry My Husband Episode 10 stars Park Min-Young, Na In-Woo, Lee Yi-Kyung and Song Ha-Yoon.

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