Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 8. Lin Yiyang sends a message to Yin Guo. He apologizes to her for not saying good night to her. He reveals he’s going to leave tomorrow afternoon. She thinks it’s a good news because she wishes to see him when she wakes up.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 8 Recap

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Amidst a Snowstorm of Love: Episode 8.

Wu Wei reveals the players of North City will gather in the game hotel. He tells Lin Yiyang to go to express goodwill. Lin Yiyang is confused because he doesn’t know why he needs to go to express his goodwill. Wu Wei reveals Lin Yiyang’s rival in love Li Qingyan is the first follower of Meng Xiaodong.

Lin Yiyang knows the guy because he watched his game. He mentions Li Qingyan’s style is like Meng Xiaodong. He thinks Li Qingyan isn’t strong because the guy was trained by Meng Xiaodong. Wu Wei reminds Lin Yiyang that Yin Guo came to look for boyfriend. But he thinks Lin Yiyang is better looking than Li Qingyan.

Lin Yiyang takes out the drink from the fridge. He has a drink. He tells Wu Wei not to has a drink because the drinks are expired. Wu Wei points out that it’s vinegar. He reveals he asked the restaurant owner for the vinegar. Lin Yiyang smiles.

Jiang Yang meets with Meng Xiaodong at a bar. Meng Xiaodong reveals he saw Lin Yiyang. He thought he saw a stranger. He asks Jiang Yang if he tested Lin Yiyang. Jiang Yang admits that he has tested Lin Yiyang. He thinks Lin Yiyang’s power is on the top.

Meng Xiaodong reveals he tested Lin Yiyang as well. He thinks Lin Yiyang hasn’t been lazy. He wonders if Jiang Yang had a talk with the guy. Jiang Yang reveals Lin Yiyang didn’t give him the chance. He thinks he needs some time to talk with Lin Yiyang like brothers.

Yin Guo wakes up. She notes that someone is in the living room. She sends a message to Lin Yiyang. He asks her to come out because he’s in the living room. She goes to open the door. He catches the chance to get into her room. He explains it to her that it’s her younger brother.

Meng Xiaotian shows up. He wonders why the lights in the living room are on. He turns off the lights. He gets into the bathroom. Lin Yiyang reveals he came to take some medicine. Yin Guo learns that he was hurt. He shows his injury to her. He reveals he was hurt when he was on the train. He was actually hurt when he protected her.

She tries to apply the band-aid on his wound. But she finds out that the band-aid is too short. So she goes to get the gauze. He’s sweet to put the mat on the floor. She returns with the gauze. She dresses his wound. He tells her that he’s very poor but he doesn’t have any family burden because he has given his only younger brother to his relative.

She finds out that it’s a blind date. He decides to leave after knowing she doesn’t have any question. But he sees the coffee beans on the desk. He remembers he gave the coffee beans to her. He leaves her room. She walks out of her room. She runs into him.

She goes to the bathroom. She washes her hands. She walks out of the bathroom. She sees him. She walks to him. She wonders why he’s there. She offers to go to her room when he’s close to her. He wonders if the two coffee beans were the ones he gave her. She admits it.

He tries to kiss her. But the phone interrupts the kiss. Yin Guo is flustered to run into her room. Wu Wei walks out of his room. He asks Lin Yiyang to get him some coffee. Lin Yiyang takes out the coffee from the fridge. He throws it to Wu Wei.

Wu Wei shares the talk with Lin Yiyang. Lin Lin scolds Wu Wei for taking part in nine-ball game. She believes that he did so because his family didn’t give him any pressure. Wu Wei wonders how did Lin Lin get together with Meng Xiaodong.

Lin Yiyang asks Wu Wei to turn down the voice. Lin Lin learns that Lin Yiyang is there. She reveals Jiang Yang and Fan Wencong felt sad after they saw Lin Yiyang. She tells Lin Yiyang not to treat them like strangers. Wu Wei explains it to Lin Lin that Lin Yiyang is drunk. He asks her to tell it to him if she has any question. He returns to his room.

Lin Yiyang sends a message to Yin Guo. He tells her that he cannot sleep because of her. She wakes up in the morning. He asks her to come out. He reveals he’s in the living room. She walks out of her room when he’s making coffee.

He asks her to taste the new coffee beans. She finds out that the coffee beans came from the store they visited. She wonders when he visited the store. He reveals he visited the store before he came home yesterday. She finds out that he bought her a lot of coffee beans. He holds her hand when she stares at him.

Wu Wei shows up. Yin Guo parts with Lin Yiyang. She goes to cut the mango. Wu Wei reminds Yin Guo that the mango is hard to cut. He mentions Lin Lin the outstanding player. She knows Lin Lin. But she wonders why he talked about the girl with her.

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She mistakes that Lin Lin is Lin Yiyang’s ex-girlfriend. Wu Wei reveals Lin Lin has pursued Yin Guo’s older brother for many years. He tells Yin Guo that he treated Lin Lin as his older sister because Lin Lin guarded him ever when he was bullied by the thugs. He reveals Lin Lin got a scar for Meng Xiaodong.

Yin Guo reveals she didn’t know Lin Lin and Meng Xiaodong knew each other. She wonders if Meng Xiaodong liked Lin Lin. Wu Wei mentions Meng Xiaodong has been defeated by Jiang Yang. Yin Guo disagrees to what Wu Wei said. She claims that Jiang Yang had been defeated by Meng Xiaodong before. Wu Wei leaves the house.

Lin Yiyang tells Yin Guo that he wishes to know the story of her childhood. He tries to touch her hand. She’s flustered to flee to the bathroom. She brushes her teeth and she laughs. She uses the perfume. Meng Xiaotian walks out of his room. Lin Yiyang hands over the coffee to Meng Xiaotian.

Yin Guo walks out of the bathroom. Lin Yiyang pours her a new coffee. She drinks coffee with him. She reveals she has to move out because the coach summoned her. Meng Xiaotian blames his older brother for taking Yin Guo away. Lin Yiyang volunteers to send Yin Guo to the hotel. He grabs her hand. Meng Xiaotian goes out for making the chance for the two.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love ends with Lin Yiyang trying to kiss Yin Guo. But Jiang Yang visits Lin Yiyang with his men. Jiang Yang tells Lin Yiyang that they wish to have a breakfast with him. Yin Guo is shy to return to her room. Jiang Yang asks Lin Yiyang to get him a cup of coffee.

But Lin Yiyang claims that he needs to sleep. He puts the straw into the coffee glass. He lets Jiang Yang entertain himself. He returns to his room. The guy thinks it’s the bed anger. Yin Guo enjoys the coffee in her room. She laughs.

She texts Lin Yiyang. She asks him when those guys will leave. He tells her that they will leave first. But she doesn’t dare to leave because she feels embarrassed. He offers to let those guys go to bathroom. She stops him because she worries that she cannot see them in the future.

Lin Yiyang walks out of his room. He plays the key on the table when Jiang Yang is grinding coffee beans. He reveals he’s going to return to his school. He helps Yin Guo carry her suitcase. She says goodbye to those guys. She leaves the house with Lin Yiyang. The guy learns that Yin Guo and Lin Yiyang are in love. Jiang Yang thinks they need to prepare the red packet. He offers to pay the prize in the past one year.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love Episode 8 stars Wu Lei, Zhao Jinmai and Wang Xingyue.

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