Marry My Husband: Who Is Oh Yu-Ra?

Marry My Husband introduces Oh Yu-Ra as one of Kang Ji-Won’s enemies in episode 12. She appears at the end of episode 11. She tells Ji-Won that she’s Yoo Ji-Hyeok’s woman. It makes Ji-Won break up with Ji-Hyeok. Who is Oh Yu-Ra? Here is what we know.

Marry My Husband: Who Is Oh Yu-Ra?

Oh Yu-Ra

Oh Yu-Ra is Yoo Ji-Hyeok’s fiancee. But he doesn’t tell Kang Ji-Won that he has a fiancee. Ji-Won feels betrayed because she trusted the man very much. It reminds her the love relationship of her and Park Min-Hwan. He explains it to her that he thought he can marry a woman without feelings.

But she thinks it’s an excuse he made. She breaks up with him. She tells the good news to Yu-Ra. But Yu-Ra is not satisfied with the result. She humiliates Ji-Won. She thinks she dated her fiance for money. Ji-Won doesn’t know how to explain it.

She actually knew Ji-Hyeok is the heir of U&K Food. But she changed her fate before he encountered the guy. Yu-Ra doesn’t believe what Ji-Won said. Because she thinks every woman is close to her fiance for money in her concept. She was heartless to those women. Ji-Won isn’t an exception.

Yu-Ra maintains a good relationship with Ji-Hyeok’s grandfather Han-Il. Because she knows she will be Ji-Hyeok’s wife. Han-Il favors the future granddaughter-in-law. Because he thinks she’s a greedy woman. But Ji-Hyeok doesn’t like Yu-Ra at all.

He was engaged to her for business. He broke off the engagement after Ji-Won passed away in his previous life. Yu-Ra looks into Ji-Won. She finds out that she has two enemies Park Min-Hwan and Jeong Su-Min. She decides not to get her hands dirty.

She sends the photos of Ji-Hyeok and Ji-Won to Su-Min when Su-Min gets angry after her mother-in-law asked her to wash clothes. Su-Min checks the photos. She finds out that Ji-Hyeok is the heir of U&K Food. She realizes that Ji-Won threw a trash to her when she was happy for stealing Ji-Won’s boyfriend.

She gets angry and she plans to let Ji-Won pay her ten millions. Min-Hwan feels betrayed after knowing Ji-Won gave up him for a rich boyfriend. He doesn’t believe that Ji-Won will pay them the money. But Su-Min is confident because she knows a secret of Ji-Won.

She calls Ji-Won’s mother Hee-Sook. She reports to her that her daughter found a rich boyfriend. Hee-Sook visits Ji-Won. She tells her that she wishes to be a good mother. Ji-Won forgives her mother. She takes her to the mall. She buys her many new clothes.

Hee-Sook is very happy. But she leaks that she knew Ji-Won has a rich boyfriend. Ji-Won doesn’t pretend to be a good daughter anymore. She tells her mother that she has broken up with her rich boyfriend. She won’t lend money to her because she’s broke.

Yu-Ra finds out that Min-Hwan and Su-Min failed. She decides to kill Ji-Won on her own. She hires the truck driver. She lets him drive his truck to hit Ji-Won. But Ji-Hyeok protects Ji-Won with his body. He’s hit by the truck. Yu-Ra is actually a tough villain. We don’t see any mercy from her.

Who Plays Oh Yu-Ra in Marry My Husband?

Oh Yu-Ra is played by Kwon Bo-A. Kwon Bo-A is a famous Korean singer. Her previous drama was Listen To Love. She’s not in many TV shows. But she’s good at acting. She made a big impression on me even if she only appeared in episode 11 and episode 12.

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