Joy of Life: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Joy of Life: Episode 9. Fan Xian asks Wang Qinian what he will do if he comes to kill Teng Zijing. He attacks him. Wang Qinian laughs to step back with his light art. He comforts Fan Xian that he just wants to serve him when he hands over the water to him.

Fan Xian thinks Wang Qinian concealed his hot blood in his heart because he helped Tang Zijing and his family. Wang Qinian teases Fan Xian that he drank duck blood noodles. He adds that it’s warm. Fan Xian kicks Wang Qinian. He thinks there’re many tigers and dragons in the Investigation Academy.

Joy of Life: Episode 9

He asks Wang Qinian not to leak the case about Teng Zijing. Wang Qinian mentions Tang Zijing has been killed by Fan Xian. Fan Xian wants to thank Wang Qinian. But Wang Qinian asks Fan Xian to pay for the house of Teng Zijing. He blames him for beating Guo Baokun.

Teng Zijing reveals Guo Baokun was beaten by him. He intends to shoulder the case. Fan Xian persuades Teng Zijing not to give up his wife and his children. But Teng Zijing thinks the case was because of him. Fan Xian reveals he intended to leak his name to Guo Baokun because he didn’t want to marry the princess.

He thought he can only look for his chicken leg girl when he breaks off his engagement. He tells Teng Zijing that it’s not his business. He thinks he just helped a friend. Teng Zijing thinks he and Fan Xian are in different worlds.

Fan Xian mentions the stone tablet at Investigation Academy. It says that people are born to be equality. Fan Xian leaves Teng Zijing’s house. Wang Qinian sees Fan Xian off. He thinks the officer is different. Teng Zijing thanks Wang Qinian for saving him. But Wang Qinian asks Teng Zijing to pay for the house.

Fan Xian returns to Si Lili’s room. He sees Si Lili falling asleep in the bed. He mentions the hair he put disappears. He thinks she woke up ever. He finds out that she’s nervous. She opens her eyes and she’s surprised that he knows pulse.

He reveals he told a lie to her about the hair. He promises not to ask her about her history. She agrees to only remember they had slept together for one night. He takes the boat to leave her place. The guy stops Fan Xian. He asks him about the night. Fan Xian reveals he got a sore back. He leaves. Second Prince joins the guy. The guy reveals he saw Fan Xian fleeing. But he doesn’t know where Fan Xian went. Second Prince reveals Fan Xian beat Guo Baokun.

The officer comes to Fan family to arrest Fan Xian. But Liu Ruyu blocks the officer. She lets him leave. Fan Xian shows up. The officer tries to arrest him. Fan Sizhe drives the officers out of the house. He lets his bodyguards take them down.

Liu Ruyu stops her son. She asks the officers for an excuse. The officer explains it to Liu Ruyu that Fan Xian beat Guo Baokun. She promises to let Fan Xian go to Capital Station if Guo Baokun is at the court. She puts the money into the officer’s pocket. She tells him that it’s the rule of Fan family.

Fan Xian admits to Liu Ruyu that he beat Guo Baokun. She intends to prepare some money because she thinks beating people isn’t a big case. But he reveals he beat the person too much. Guo Baokun lies in the bed. His body is covered in gauze.

Guo Baokun’s father Guo Youzhi looks at his son. The guy blames Fan family for letting Guo Baokun go to the court. Guo Youzhi thinks he shouldn’t use his power because Fan Jian is trusted by Emperor. He thinks his son should attend the court if they wish Fan Xian to go to the court.

Guo Baokun grabs his fist tightly. He tells his father that he wants to go to the court. Guo Youzhi reminds his son that he will be in pain if he goes to the court. He learns that he hates Fan Xian very much. He asks He Zongwei to go to look for a famous lawyer for him.

He Zongwei volunteers to work for Guo Youzhi. Because he was a lawyer before. Guo Youzhi asks He Zongwei to send Fan Xian to prison. Liu Ruyu plans to send Fan Xian to Dan State after knowing what he did to Guo Baokun. He wonders why she helps him.

She claims that she belongs to Fan family even if her name is Liu. He learns that she didn’t arrange the assassination of Dan State. She tries to take him away when she tells him that she prepared some silver for him. But he wants to stay for going to the court.

She learns that he intended to bring trouble. Fan Sizhe looks for his broom. He reveals the officer came again because Guo Baokun was carried to the court. He intends to go to drive the officers away. But Fan Xian wants to go to the Capital Court.

He goes to the Capital Court with the officers. Elder Princess meets with Crown Prince. She wonders if he will help Guo Baokun. He thinks he won’t change anything even if he goes to the Capital Court. Because there’re laws. Elder Princess believes that Emperor Qing won’t marry Lin Waner to Fan Xian if Fan Xian is sent to the prison. Crown Prince agrees to go to the court. She smiles.

Guo Baokun is on a stretcher at the court. Fan Xian takes a look at Guo Baokun. The magistrate Mei Zhili shows up. He lets Fan Xian take a look at the lawyer letter because Fan Xian doesn’t know his crime. Fan Xian takes a look at the lawyer letter. He learns that the stuff on the stretcher is a human.

He Zongwei asks Mei Zhili to use the punishment on Fan Xian because he thinks Fan Xian just teased Guo Baokun. But Fan Xian thinks he wasn’t the culprit because Guo Baokun’s head was covered. But He Zongwei reveals the culprit read the poem when he beat Guo Baokun.

He mentions Fan Xian wrote the poem at the poem meeting Jing Prince held. He thinks Fan Xian was the culprit. Mei Zhili agrees to what He Zongwei said. But Fan Xian thinks someone wronged him. Mei Zhili wonders who knows Fan Xian’s poem.

Fan Xian reveals there were many people at the poem meeting. He Zongwei asks Fan Xian where he was yesterday. Fan Xian reveals he drank flower wine with Jing Prince Li Hongcheng and Si Lisi. He Zongwei asks Mei Zhili to summon the witnesses.

Fan Sizhe breaks into Fan Ruoruo’s room when Fan Ruoruo is talking about the new clothes with her friends. He wonders why she’s not nervous since she was close to Fan Xian. He reveals he’s nervous because his bookstore needs Fan Xian.

Fan Ruoruo tells Fan Sizhe that Mei Zhili’s daughter is in her room. She believes that Mei Zhili will be moved by his daughter. She promises to go to persuade Lady Mei. But she points out that the court result will come out. She asks Fan Sizhe to break into the court to save Fan Xian when the result isn’t good. She comforts him that she prepared something. She hands over the scissors to him.

Li Hongcheng arrives at the court. He confesses to Mei Zhili that he drank with Fan Xian last night. He reveals Fan Xian went to Si Lili’s room at midnight. He Zongwei asks Si Lili if Fan Xian left at midnight. She thinks Fan Xian wouldn’t a man if he left her room.

Mei Zhili intends to end the case since there’re witnesses. But Crown Prince arrives. Fang Xian reveals Mei Zhili has ended the case. But Crown Prince asks Mei Zhili to look into the case because he doesn’t trust the witness Si Lili. Mei Zhili asks the officers to use punishment on Si Lili.

Fan Jian returns home. Liu Ruyu reveals Fan Xian is at Capital Court. He learns that she worries about Fan Xian. He intends to wait for a while. But she reveals Crown Prince went to Capital Court. She worries that Crown Prince is going to give crime to Fan Xian.

But Fan Jian points out that there wasn’t only Crown Prince going to Capital Court. He mentions Fan Xian is going to take over Inner Bank. He plans to protect Fan Xian if they get the bad result. Liu Ruyu wonders why Fan Xian has to take over inner bank. She thinks there was a secret concealed. Fan Jian thinks it will be better if his wife knows less to the case.

Mei Zhili tries to use the punishment on Si Lili. Fan Xian stops Mei Zhili. Crown Prince tells Fan Xian that Si Lili doesn’t have to suffer if he confesses. Second Prince shows up. He thinks Mei Zhili and Crown Prince are trying to wrong Fan Xian.

He gets on knees to Crown Prince. Crown Prince thinks Second Prince doesn’t have to do so because they’re brothers. Second Prince wonders Mei Zhili used the punishment since the case ended. Mei Zhili explains it to Second Prince that Crown Prince didn’t tell him what to do.

Mei Zhili tries to use the punishment. Fan Xian intends to confess. Si Lili runs into Fan Xian’s arms. She reminds him that it will prove that she told a lie if he confesses. She claims that Fan Xian didn’t leave her ship when she’s punished.

Second Prince persuades Mei Zhili not to use the punishment on Si Lili. Because he thinks the lady is just a witness. Crown Prince thinks they wronged Fan Xian. He lets Teng Zijing show up. Crown Prince reveals the guy is Teng Zijing who should be dead.

Second Prince realizes that the culprit was Teng Zijing. He thinks Fan Xian was tricked by Teng Zijing. He asks Li Hongcheng if Teng Zijing attended the poem meeting. Li Hongcheng admits that Teng Zijing attended the poem as Fan Xian’s personal bodyguard.

Crown Prince thinks Fan Xian tricked Emperor because Teng Zijing is Emperor’s follower. Teng Zijing explains it to Crown Prince that he kidnapped Fan Xian. But Crown Prince wonders why Fan Xian didn’t ask Second Prince to help him.

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Fan Xian realizes that Crown Prince prepared the crime for him no matter he beat Guo Baokun or not. Crown Prince promises to keep Fan Xian’s life. Fan Xian knows he cannot marry Lin Waner. Crown Prince lets Mei Zhili use punishment on Teng Zijing. But Eunuch Hou stops Crown Prince. He announces Emperor Qing’s order that Fan Xian didn’t trick him. He tells the princes to go home. Crown Prince tries to leave. But Fan Xian asks him a question.

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