Blossom in Heart Chinese Drama: Episode 1 [Recap]

This is the recap of Blossom in Heart Chinese Drama: Episode 1. The man takes to boy to flee when they’re chased by someone else. The boy says that he cannot flee, and the man asks the boy to hand over the jade pendant to his daughter Hai Tang. But the boy falls into water then.

Blossom in Heart Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

Blossom in Heart

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Blossom in Heart Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Ten years late.

Hai Tang picks up her brother Xia He and mother Ms. Shi. Xia He blames Hai Tang for being late, and Hai Tang shares that she needs to take part in an interview. She says that she needs to pay the tuition of him.

The three go out, but Yue Xuan drives through and splashes water on Ms. Shi. The thief catches chance to take away the suitcase from Ms. Shi. Hai Tang tells Xia He to go home with their mom, and she chases the thief alone.

The thief flees into the cosmetic shop Lang Lichun, and Hai Tang takes the cosmetics to fight with the thief. The thief leaves the suitcase, but the powder falls on Yue Xuan’s head.

Yue Xuan asks who did it, and the manager points at Hai Tang. She wants to flee, but Yue Xuan keeps her.

Yue Xuan wants Hai Tang to compensate. She says that she doesn’t have money, and remembers him as the jerk driver. She says that her suitcase is costly than his stuff, so he keeps the suitcase.

Yue Xuan asks Hai Tang to compensate for the gift, and she learns that he wants to blackmail her. Hai Tang points out that the ingredients of the cosmetic aren’t good, and thinks Yue Xuan cheated customers. She says that she will redeem the suitcase when she has money.

Hai Tang gets into the examination room and feels sorry for her late. She is surprised to see Yue Xuan, and thinks he tailed her. He tells the examinees that they’re hired, and claims he is the chief examiner.

Hai Tang decides to leave, but Xue Xuan stops her and asks for money. He asks her if she wants to work there. She denies and thinks the examination isn’t fair. He blames her for getting him like that, and asks her to do three things for him. He asks her to go to the adult ceremony of Kun Yang, and says that it’s first thing he wants her to do.

Mo Hua blames the man for giving her the clothes, and takes out the photo of a beauty. He points out that foreigner’s chest is big, and she kicks him. She asks him to wear her clothes, and Mo Hua’s father General tells the man to wear the clothes and walk around the city.

General asks Mo Hua if she knows the problem, and she says that there isn’t any good tailor in Kun Yang. But he says that there isn’t any clothes matching her, and gives her the gold hairpin. He tells her not to take part in the party, but she wants to catch the attention of Yue Xuan. He thinks Yue Xuan cannot match her, and wants deal with him for her. But Mo Hua doesn’t want to rely on her dad.

Hai Tang returns home and opens the door for her family. Xia He asks her about her suitcase, but she doesn’t want to mention it. Hai Tang asks Xia He to catch the chicken, and Mom mentions Dad likes to eat cutting chicken. Xia He asks Hai Tang if they will find Dad. But she thinks she needs to get a job.

Yue Xuan takes the girls to see Hai Tang, and asks her if they’re pretty. She tears up the girl’s skirt, and he likes what she did. The woman asks Yue Xuan for a makeup artist, and Hai Tang wants to make up for people and takes her suitcase back. Yue Xuan warns Hai Tang that he won’t forgive her if she makes mistakes.

Yue Xuan’s friend is happy to see the beauties and legs. But Yue Xuan points out that he will be surprised more later.

The girl bumps another girl and wants to slap her. Hai Tang stops her, and the girl wants to hit Hai Tang. Mo Hua slaps the girl and tells her to visit her at General House. But the girl and Mo Hua’s hairpins tangle together.

Hai Tang takes off the gold hair for Mo Hua, but Mo Hua blames her for messing her hair. Hai Tang says that she will help Mo Hua as she studied makeup. Hai Tang takes out the tools from the suitcase, and the girl is surprised by Hai Tang’s treasures. Hai Tang comforts Mo Hua that she won’t hold up her.

Hai Tang tells Mo Hua to go home if she fears. But Mo Hua says that she wants to see Yue Xuan.

Mo Hua walks on the stage with other girls, and General tells people that Mo Hua is his daughter. He winks to his adjutant.

The man gets in the party and shoots people. General thinks he didn’t ask the adjutant to take action. When the girl is going to shoot Mr. Lang, Hai Tang saves him with the table. The adjutant kills the woman.

General slaps Adjutant and tells him he would take off his skin if Mo Hua got hurt. Adjutant reveals he didn’t take action as he worried to hurt Mo Hua. General asks about the female assassin, and Adjutant wants to look into it. General offers to host a meeting to report the case.

Mr. Shi blames his son for not saving him, and mentions Yue Xuan saved his dad. Mr. Shi asks the man about the assassin, and he says that the assassin won’t come back. Mr. Shi thinks Mr. Lang is very lucky, and claims he won’t lose.

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