Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 7 [Recap]

This is the recap of Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 7. Princess looks for rabbit but trips to Yang Zhan’s body. He says that he has a business, and leaves. The maid finds the rabbit and tells Princess that Yang Zang is good at music and literature.

Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap

Queen Dugu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Queen Dugu Chinese Drama: Episode 7.

Yang Zang wants to visit Heavenly King, but An Lu blocks him. Princess puts the sword on her neck, and tells An Lu to let Yang Zan in. The eunuch opens the door and tells Princess Shun Yang that Heavenly King lets her in.

Heavenly King asks Zhu Er why she yelled outside, and Yang Zan asks Heavenly King to save Yang Jian. Heavenly King thinks Zhu Zai has the evidence and it’s not easy to save Yang Jian.

Zhu Er is on knees and asks Heavenly King to save Yang family. Xian Er thinks people will be killed by Zhu Zai.

Heavenly King visits Zhu Zai and wants to give the imperial jade seal to him. But Zhu Zai rejects it and reveals Yang Jian wanted to kill him first. He tells him to go back.

The man asks A Yong why Yang Jian assassinated Zhu Zai, and A Yong thinks Yang Jian did it for Jia Luo. People ask Yu Chi to save Yang Jian, and Yu Chi asks why Yang Jian assassinated Zhu Zai. He is surprised that Jia Luo didn’t die.

Yu Chi wonders why Zhu Zai didn’t ask bodygurds to attack the house of Yang family. A Yong realizes that it’s a trap, and wants to stop Jia Luo.

Zhu Zai tells his man that he wants to make deal with Yang Zhong, and the man thinks Zhu Zai won’t let Yang Jian die.

When Yang Jian’s head is going to get cut off, Jia Luo shows up and protects Yan Jiang with her life. Yuwen Hu’s goal is achieved, and he takes them back.

Although Jia Luo showed up, Yuwen Hu still asks Yang Zhong to hand over the two armies of him. Yang Zhong agrees for Jia Luo and Yang Jian. So Yuwen Hu releases the two.

The brothers of Yan family are dissatisfied with Jia Luo after knowing what Yang Zhong and Yang Jian did for her. But Yang Jian thinks life is more important than power, and he wants to marry Yang Jian to Jia Luo.

Yang Jian treats Jia Luo as his only lover, and he would do even if he spent his life. He decides to leave Chang An with Jia Luo for not getting his family involved. Jia Luo is moved by Yang Jian and Yang Zhong.

Yuwen Zhu intends to marry Yang Zan, but he is startled to flee. Yuwen Yong asks Mr. Gao to appoint Jia Luo, and he takes down the love to her.

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