Oh My Cute Consort: Episode 3 [Recap]

This is the recap of Chinese drama Oh My Cute Consort Episode 3. Bu Meng wins Qi Liao, and he decides not to play with Bu Meng. She thinks he isn’t a man, but he says that he has a business. She mocks him that he is a little history officer, and he asks her to apologize.

Oh My Cute Consort: Episode 3 Recap

Oh My Cute Consort

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Oh My Cute Consort Episode 3.

Qi Liao reveals he intends to look for the book, and Bu Meng is surprised by the book “martial art revenge” with the lip print of the author. She praises him, and he reveals he intends to copy it to sell.

Bao Qu wants to look for the book for Qi Liao, but Qi Liao says that the author of “love in the palace” decided not to write. He adds that Ru Consort wants the volume 6.

Bu Meng drops the silver to the ground, and she hides herself when seeing Ru Consort. Ru Consort laughs to tell the maid that “love in the palace” is very funny, but she trips when she steps on the silver.

The maid tells Ru Consort that it’s hidden weapons and someone wants to hurt her. Ru Consort asks the person to get out, and Bu Meng prays for the boring life. Ru Consort threatens to take off her skin.

Bu Meng steps out and asks Ru Consort to forgive her. Ru Consort mentions she heard that Bu Meng is sick, and thinks she plots against her. Bu Meng hands over the medical note and reveals she cannot control her mood.

The maid thinks Bu Meng should get punished, and gives her the silvers. Bu Meng laughs and thinks Ru Consort is very polite. But the maid asks Bu Meng to be on knees to the silvers for the time of lighting the incense.

Bu Meng remembers Ru Consort wants to read “love in the palace” volume 6, and decides to take revenge. She tells Qi Liao that she has the volume 6 but asks for volume 5. Bu Meng learns that the book is about 8 men love a woman, and gets the reason why the author doesn’t want to continue writing.

Qu Consort visits Bu Meng and thinks she should worship Buddha because she got punished by Ru Consort. Bu Meng gives Qu Consort the book, and Qu Consort thinks Bu Meng is avant-garde because she just read up the volume 4.

Bu Meng reveals Ru Consort is looking for volume 6, and Qu Consort asks Bu Meng if she has volume 6. Bu Meng says that she has volumes 6-9. Qu Consort mistakes Bu Meng as the author, and wants to be taken a portrait together.

Bu Meng says that she isn’t the author but Ru Consort wants to read it. Bu Meng intends to kill the roles through writing, and torments Ru Consort’s heart. Qu Consort thinks Ru Consort will tear up Bu Meng and writing isn’t simple. Bu Meng brags that Ru Consort won’t find it out except she is a deity.

Bu Meng asks Qu Consort to keep the secret, and Qu Consort thinks her mouth… Bu Meng promises Qu Consort the cakes. Bu Meng asks Yan Er to give the book to Qi Liao, and reminds her not to tell him that the book was written by her.

Yan Consort asks Qu Consort to eat, but Qu Consort says that she is nervous. So Yan Consort asks Qu Consort why she is nervous, and Bu Meng gets the food for Qu Consort when she intends to speak out.

Yan Er gives the book to Qi Liao, but he thinks the book isn’t like the original as the ink isn’t dry. She explains that the book was affected with damp. Qi Liao gives the book to Ru Consort, and Lv Liu asks him where he got the book. But Ru Consort isn’t interested in knowing it.

Yan Consort plays Mahjong with Bu Meng and thinks she saved her friendship with her encounter. Bu Meng thinks their friendship is weak. Ru Consort tears up after reading the book and gets Lv Liu to ask Qi Liao for the volume 5 and find the author.

Yan Er whispers to Bu Meng, and Bu Meng decides to leave. Yan Consort takes out the book “love in the palace”, and wants to stab the author. Bu Meng trips.

Qi Liao tells Bu Meng that Ru Consort wants to see the author, but Bu Meng shares that the author doesn’t want to show her face. So Qi Liao asks for the volume 7. Bu Meng tells him to wait. Yan Er asks Bu Meng if she intends to continue writing, and Bu Meng wants to see Ru Consort asking for parents.

Ru Consort throws the books to Qi Liao and says that she felt the evil intent of the world. She asks him to find the jerk author.

Bu Meng gives the side story to Qi Liao, but he cries and reveals Ru Consort is going to collapse. He wishes the side story can save Ru Consort. Yan Consort shows up so that Qi Liao leaves. Yan Consort asks Bu Meng what she did. Bu Meng says nothing, and Yan Consort thinks Bu Meng is diffident. So Bu Meng leaves. Yan Consort picks up the paper of the book from the ground, but Qi Liao takes it away.

Yan Consort asks Bu Meng if she wrote the book, but Bu Meng denies. Yan Consort gets Xiao Consort to bring the witness Qu Consort. Bu Meng says that she wrote the book for Ru Consort and took revenge them. But Yan Consort points out that Bu Meng hurt her.

Wei Yong brings to book to Emperor, and asks to forbid it as it gave a green hat to Emperor. Emperor asks Wei Yong if he finds the author. Wei Yong denies and reveals Ru Consort raged.

Ru Consort thinks Qi Liao is partner of the author, and wants to kill him. He is on knees and reveals that the books came from Bu Meng. Ru Consort wants to give Bu Meng a lesson.

Qi Liao tells Bu Meng to flee, and reveals he confessed it to Ru Consort. Xiao Consort says that Bu Meng wrote the book, and Qi Liao tells Bu Meng to visit Emperor. He thinks Emperor is a warm man.

Lv Liu sees the maid taking out the bucket, and thinks Emperor is taking a bath. She thinks it’s a chance for Ru Consort, and Ru Consort thinks Bu Meng is very lucky.

Emperor yells when Bu Meng gets in his bathroom. She blocks his mouth, and he thinks she is a female hooligan. Ru Consort visits Emperor, but Wei Yong blocks her and thinks Emperor is inconvenient. She thinks there is a women inside, and gets in the bathroom.

Bu Meng gets in the water, and Ru Consort wants to take off her clothes and take a bath with Emperor. He stops her and promises to sleep with her. She sees the books and asks him to kill the author. Bu Meng pinches Emperor, and he says that he doesn’t like Ru Consort because her mind is narrow.

Bu Meng goes out from the water, and Emperor thinks she is the author. She asks him to forgive her.

Emperor awards the foods to Bu Meng, and Bu Xi reveals it’s Emperor’s first time to give consort foods. But Bu Meng thinks Emperor got her to be the target.

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