Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 3. Hee-Ja asks Dong-Jin to return the money to her. She rejects it when Sun-Woo asks her for some time. Dong-Jin promises to give the money to Hee-Ja. He walks away. She thinks he’s like his father who’s so weak.

Does Dong-Jin Trust Woo-Joo?

Call It Love K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 3.

Sun-Woo finds Dong-Jin on the rooftop. Dong-Jin tells Sun-Woo that they need to return the money. Sun-Woo agrees to what Dong-Jin said. He tells him that he will always support him. The man finds Dong-Jin. He tries to beat him. But Woo-Joo pushes the man away.

Woo-Joo tells her name to the man. Dong-Jin blocks the man when the man tells Woo-Joo that he’s higher rank than Dong-Jin. Woo-Joo tells the man that she’s going to call a police if he continues to fight with Dong-Jin. She takes out her phone.

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It makes the man believe that Woo-Joo is drunk. She admits that she drank. But she claims that she’s not nuts. Dong-Jin tells Woo-Joo to leave. She tells him that being nice won’t help him. She walks away. Dong-Jin sees Woo-Joo off when the man is in anger.

Dong-Jin takes over the keys from the driver. He walks into the restaurant to meet with Ju-Ho. Ju-Ho asks Sun-Woo to pour a drink. Dong-Jin pours Ju-Ho a drink in person. Ju-Ho mentions the only one who knew his wife running away with his neighbor is Dong-Jin. He thinks Dong-Jin betrayed him.

Sun-Woo doesn’t believe that Dong-Jin would do so. Ju-Ho explains to Dong-Jin that he threw a fit to him because he got a divorce with his wife. He tells him to buy Woo-Joo a meal. He mentions Woo-Joo pushed him when he tried to beat Dong-Jin.

Ju-Ho is envoy of Dong-Jin because there was a girl caring for him. Dong-Jin orders a bowl of noodles for Ju-Ho. He drinks up the wine. Sun-Woo mistakes that the one who protected Dong-Jin was Soo-Hee when he’s in the car with Dong-Jin. He laughs.

Sun-Woo tells Dong-Jin that Soo-Hee is a fan of him. He promises to give him a present if he gets together with Soo-Hee. Dong-Jin tells Sun-Woo that the girl was Woo-Joo. Sun-Woo’s smiling is frozen. He wonders why Sun-Woo went to see Woo-Joo.

Dong-Jin tells Sun-Woo that he asked Woo-Joo out. Sun-Woo is surprised that Dong-Jin asked a girl out. But he worries about it because he thinks Woo-Joo is a spy. But Dong-Jin tells Sun-Woo that Woo-Joo is innocent. He carries Ju-Ho home with him.

Dong-Jin tells Sun-Woo that Young-Min is a spy. Sun-Woo doesn’t believe it. Dong-Jin reveals he saw Young-Min meeting with Sung-Man. Sun-Woo is shocked. He thinks he won’t trust anyone. But Dong-Jin thinks it’s nothing. Sun-Woo mentions Young-Min’s looks when he thought Min-Soo is a spy.

Dong-Jin tells Sun-Woo that he didn’t wish his mother to remarried. But his mother did it four times. He leaves with him. Ji-Gu wakes up. He finds out that Woo-Joo is watching him. She tells him to pass the exam. She thinks he lives a carefree life.

Ji-Gu wonders why Woo-Joo came to his room. She tells him that she wanted to know if she can bear her baby brother. She reveals her boss wished her to come to work. She thinks she doesn’t have to fear it. Because she didn’t do anything wrong.

Woo-Joo walks out of her house. She calls Yoon Jun and tells him that she cooked soup for him. He tells her to text him instead of calling him. She rejects it because she’s very lazy. She notes that he’s close to her. She asks him to show up.

Yoon Jun shows up. He tells Woo-Joo that he wants to know the place she works. She runs away. He chases her. She’s tired. She stops him. He reminds her that he’s a record holder of running. He tells her that he only gives her one week to take revenge. He threatens her that he’s going to call her mother. But she threatens him back that she won’t see him.

Yoon Jun agrees to it. He tells Woo-Joo to move out. She mentions he asked her to move in. She tells him that she wants to do something for her mother. Woo-Joo arrives at the company. Dong-Jin is waiting for her. He remembers what Ju-Ho told him that he’s envy of him.

Dong-Jin greets Woo-Joo. But she ignores him and walks away. Yoon Jun follows Woo-Joo. He asks her if she knows Dong-Jin. She denies it. But he reminds her that Dong-Jin is looking at her. Woo-Joo gets off the elevator. She sees Dong-Jin.

Dong-Jin tells Woo-Joo that she’s late. But she points out that she doesn’t begin to work at his company. She explains to him that she didn’t intend to help him. She thinks he doesn’t have to thank her. But he thanks her and tells her that she’s amusing.

Woo-Joo walks into the office. She has a seat. Min-Soo and Yu-Ri don’t like to see Woo-Joo. Dong-Jin tells Min-Soo that Woo-Joo is going to work in the office. He reveals he asked Woo-Joo to come back. Woo-Joo realizes that Dong-Jin waited for her because he worried that the colleagues would bully her.

Young-Min shows up. Yu-Ri reminds him that Woo-Joo returned the company. She reveals Woo-Joo was invited by Dong-Jin. Sun-Woo scolds Young-Min in the meeting. He’s furious to leave the meeting room. Young-Min asks Dong-Jin why he let Woo-Joo come back to the company.

Woo-Joo shows up. Dong-Jin asks Young-Min to let Woo-Joo join his team. Woo-Joo lowers the blinds. She explains to Dong-Jin that she did it because she knows he wants to torture Young-Min. She wonders why he let her join Young-Min’s team.

Dong-Jin tells Woo-Joo that he did it for preventing Sung-Man making his employees betray him. He asks her to help him. But she tells him that she’s going to team up with Young-Min. She wonders why he trusts her since she’s only worked for his company for three weeks.

Dong-Jin tells Woo-Joo that he has no other ways but to trust her. She tells him not to pretend to be pitiful to gain her mercy. She tells him that she won’t help him. She walks out of his office. Yoon Jun walks on the street. He remembers what Woo-Joo told him that she wants to do something for her mother.

Yoon Jun walks into the cafe. He orders the coffee. He sees Ji-Gu. Ji-Gu follows Yoon Jun to the seat. He places the coffee on the table. Ji-Gu explains to Yoon Jun that he only works for the cafe for one week. Yoon Jun wonders why he caught Ji-Gu.

Ji-Gu begs Yoon Jun not to tell Woo-Joo that he works at the cafe. He reveals he wants to write music. Yoon Jun promises to help Ji-Gu. Ji-Gu thanks Yoon Jun for helping him. He walks away. Yoon Jun thinks Ji-Gu doesn’t know the real face of his older sister.

Woo-Joo eats with Yoon Jun at the restaurant. She reveals her boss wished her to watch the spy. She thinks Dong-Jin is full of weak spots. Yoon Jun wonders if Dong-Jin is handsome in Woo-Joo’s eyes. She wonders why he has the thought.

Hye-Sung shows up. She orders something. She tells the two that she’s not fine after she had a fight with the madam. She walks them on the street. She tells them not to keep a secret from her. Woo-Joo remembers she watched Dong-Jin when he ate the noodles.

Hye-Sung tells Woo-Joo and Yoon Jun to be crazy. But Yoon Jun tells Hye-Sung to date someone. She thinks it’s a good idea. Sung-Man meets with Min-Young at the cafe. He hands over the papers to her. He wishes to visit her. But she sees someone at the cafe. She walks away. Sun-Woo gets a call from someone who tells him that he saw Min-Young. Sun-Woo runs into Min-Young at the golf club.

Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of Call It Love K-Drama ends with Woo-Joo waiting for Young-Min at the parking lot. She tells him not to thank her for what she does to him. She reveals Dong-Jin has known he’s a spy. She tells him to try hard if he wants to ruin the company.

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