The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 8 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 8. Grim Reaper takes Lembrary to the afterlife. He tells him that the deity wishes to see him because he broke the balance. Lembrary wonders why the one who broke the balance wasn’t The Evil One. Grim Reaper turns around. He tells Lembrary that The Evil One isn’t his only enemy.

Does Kim Dal Have Feelings for Lembrary After He Saved Her?

The Heavenly Idol K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 8.

Grim Reaper and Lembrary walk into the palace. The deity shows up. Lembrary asks the deity to help him see Lord Redrin. He thinks it will be a good thing that he returns to his world. Jo-Woon turns Kim Dal into a demon. He wonders why she dislikes herself.

Jo-Woon reads Kim Dal’s mind. He learns that she does it because of Liz Ri. He thinks she’s a fool. He tells her to hate others. He intends to kill the people for her. She tries to run out of the room. He stops her. The deity tells Lembrary that he won’t resolve the problem even if he returns to his world. Because he brought the chaos to the world when he came.

The deity tells Lembrary that someone is turning people into goblins. She asks him to find those goblins and end the contract. She promises to help him meet with his lord after he finds the master of Hongwoodaedae. Lembrary doesn’t believe that Hongwoodaedae would hurt people because they’re followers of Lord Redrin.

Lembrary thinks the deity mistook it. She laughs to tell him that Redrin isn’t a good person anymore. He yells at her because he thinks she didn’t respect his lord. Grim Reaper Gam-Jae stops Lembrary. He tells him to respect the deity. The deity tells Lembrary that she will let him see Redrin if he completes her tasks. She thinks he doesn’t believe that she has the power. So she opens the gate to his world.

Lembrary breaks into Jung-Shin’s room. He asks him where The Evil One is. Jung-Shin shows his demon eyes. He’s furious to rush to Lembrary. But Gam-Jae grabs Jung-Shin’s head. Jung-Shin finds out that he’s in a dark woods. He sees Gam-Jae. He’s scared to step back because he knows he’s a grim reaper. He gets on knees to him. He asks him to forgive him.

Jung-Shin apologizes to Gam-Jae when he falls asleep. He tells him that The Evil One is the president. But Lembrary doesn’t know who is the president. Jung-Shin confesses that he pushed someone off the stairs for his debut. Lembrary walks Gam-Jae out of Jung-Shin’s house. He thinks he should find a way to be close to The Evil One. Gam-Jae remembers someone told him that the president and Kim Dal will attend the presentation.

Gam-Jae and Lembrary show up when Jo-Woon intends to use Kim Dal. Gam-Jae takes out his rope. Jo-Woon stops Gam-Jae. Kim Dal joins Jo-Woon. Lembrary stops Gam-Jae before he takes action because he worries that Jo-Woon will hurt Kim Dal.

Jo-Woon mentions what he told Lembrary that he prepared the best ending for him. He yells at him. He takes out his sword to attack Kim Dal. Lembrary blocks Jo-Woon’s sword. Gam-Jae catches the chance to drag Kim Dal to his side. Lembrary’s leg is hurt when he fights with Jo-Woon.

Gam-Jae ties Jo-Woon with his rope before Jo-Woon kills Lembrary. But Jo-Woon cuts off the rope with his sword. Gam-Jae takes Lembrary and Kim Dal to flee. Lembrary places Kim Dal on the bed. Gam-Jae tells Lembrary that other reapers will protect the girl.

Gam-Jae confesses that he didn’t expect that Jo-Woon was so strong. He takes Lembrary away. Kim Dal wakes up. She opens her demon eyes. Jo-Woon remembers Lembrary protected Kim Dal when he hurt the girl. He thinks Lembrary has feelings for the girl. He laughs.

Jung-Shin wakes up from the nightmare. He walks out of the house to greet the people. But the people ignore Jung-Shin. They walks away. Jung-Shin wonders why the people left. The manage shows up. He scolds Jung-Shin when he tells him to pack his stuff. He reveals everyone knew he pushed someone downstairs.

Lembrary placed the phone on the bed. He asked Jung-Shin to confess. Jung-Shin apologized to Jung-Hyun for pushing him downstairs. The manager calls the president. The president yells at the manager. Jung-Shin sees Lembrary. He’s furious to run to him. He asks him why he did it to him when he grabs his collar. He tells him that he will kill him when he walks away.

Lembrary gets off the van. He intends to go to see Kim Dal. But he runs into her. He thinks she should come to work after the danger. But she claims that it’s her job. He takes a look at her and asks her if she’s fine. She tells him not to worry about her. She runs away.

Lembrary follows Kim Dal. He gets on the bus with her. He asks her where she’s going to go. She tells him that she wants to go home. He agrees to her plan. But she slaps herself and wonders why she became a lazy person. He thinks she did it because of the black magic.

Kim Dal asks Lembrary to heal her. He puts his head on her head to heal her. But he fails. She slaps herself again when she doesn’t want to work. He tells her to go home to take a break. But she rejects it because she believes that her mental strength can defeat the black magic.

Lembrary walks out of the house. He tells Gam-Jae that the black magic just turned Kim Dal into a different person. He intends to look for the demons on the music show. Gam-Jae tells Lembrary that the demons smell gamy. Hae-Gyeol shows up. He mistakes that Gam-Jae and Lembrary are talking about a video game. He walks into the house.

Gam-Jae worries that Hae-Gyeol heard their talk. Lembrary doesn’t know it because he didn’t note that Hae-Gyeol was close to them. Jung-Seo sees the evil boys. He introduces them to his team members. Hae-Gyeol remembers he was beaten by the evil boy. He avoids the evil boy when he passes by.

Lembrary smells gamy from the evil boys. He notes that Hae-Gyeol is missing. But he finds out that Hae-Gyeol is at home. Hae-Gyeol tells Lembrary that he thinks justice does exist in the world. He reveals the boy who bullied him reached top 1.

Hae-Gyeol complains to Lembrary that the guy forgot him. He wonders why he cares for him. He tells him to leave. Lembrary follows Kim Dal. He tells her that he wants to know Evil Boys. But she tells him that she’s very busy. He tells her that there’re demons in Evil Boys. He asks her to find a way to let him be close to them.

Lembrary sees Kim Dal’s demon eyes. He thinks she doesn’t want to think when he points at her eyes. She denies it and walks into the meeting room. He follows her to get into the meeting room. The guy is surprised to see Lembrary. Kim Dal acts weird when she talks about Lembrary’s clothes.

Lembrary takes Kim Dal out of the meeting room. He gives her a treatment. He mentions what she told him that the black magic is under her control. He asks her if she lied to him that she doesn’t have feelings for him. She explains to him that it wasn’t done by her.

Kim Dal tells Lembrary that she doesn’t care for him. But she tells him that she wants to fling him over her shoulder. She asks him to heal her. But he asks her to help him be close to Evil Boys. She reads the message. She finds out that Battle Love wished Lembrary to take part in the show with Evil Boys.

Kim Dal calls Sun-Ja. She tells Lembrary not to regret because it’s a dating show. She returns home. She remembers what Lembrary told her that she’s clinging to the black magic. She sees the group photo. She feels uncomfortable. The demon kills a human.

The reaper passes by. She touches the blood on the wall. She tells Gam-Jae that the demon just killed a human. He thinks someone helped the demon. The manager tells Woo-Sin not to go out. Because he needs to take part in Battle Love.

Lembrary takes out the peach wood knife. He remembers Gam-Jae told him to stab the demon with the knife. He conceals the knife when Kim Dal shows up. He stabs Raken with the knife. But nothing happens. Kim Dal takes Lembrary away.

Jo-Woon walks into Min-Seo’s room. He tells her that he will grant her wish. He puts his hand on her head. Min-Seo takes part in the show. She chooses Lembrary. Hae-Gyeol opens the present which was given by the fan. But his hand is hurt by the present.

Lembrary asks Kim Dal to help him. Because he was chosen by Min-Seo. But she tells him that she cannot help him. Because she didn’t date any guy before. He wonders why she didn’t have any boyfriend because she’s 29 years old. He takes a look at the paper. He finds out that the paper is about Liz Ri.

Kim Dal is scared to take back the paper. Lembrary wonders why Kim Dal didn’t give the paper to Liz Ri since she made it for her. She thinks he shouldn’t go on a date because he’s a priest. She tells him that she will have feelings for him if he continues to save her.

Lembrary asks Kim Dal about her feelings. She tells him that she doesn’t wish him to leave. Sun-Ja breaks into the meeting room. She asks Kim Dal about Hae-Gyeol. She shows Hae-Gyeol’s resignation letter to the team members. Lembrary watches the news. He finds out that everyone knew Hae-Gyeol was beaten when he was in high school.

Lembrary remembers Hae-Gyeol told him that he was bullied. Sung-Ja sends the group members to look for Hae-Gyeol. Kim Dal tells Lembrary to go to take part in the show when she’s looking for Hae-Gyeol. Lembrary asks Gam-Jae to help him look for Hae-Gyeol. But Gam-Jae rejects it because Hae-Gyeol isn’t related to the demon case.

Gam-Jae reminds Lembrary the goal of him. The girl walks to the rooftop. She remembers what Jo-Woon told her that her death will end everything. She tries to take her life. Lembrary goes to the restaurant to see Min-Seo. He apologizes to her for his late.

Min-Seo tells Lembrary that she’s fine. She asks him what happened. He reveals one of his group member is missing. She’s shocked. She brings up the name Hyun-Kyu. He remembers he saw the name from Hae-Gyeol’s resignation letter. He tells her that he wants to go to her workplace. He reaches out his hand.

Lembrary finds Hae-Gyeol. He runs to him and catches him. He finds out that his hand was hurt. He treats his hand. Hae-Gyeol cries because he’s moved. Min-Seo sees what Lembrary does for Hae-Gyeol. She chooses Lembrary again. He walks out of the building with her flowers. Kim Dal sees the flowers. She thinks Min-Seo has feelings for Lembrary. She believes that he’s going to win Min-Seo’s heart.

The Heavenly Idol K-Drama: Episode 8 Ending

Episode 8 of The Heavenly Idol K-Drama ends with Lembrary giving Kim Dal’s letter to Liz Ri. Kim Dal apologizes to Liz Ri for what she did to her. Liz Ri cries after she read the letter. Lembrary tells Kim Dal that Liz Ri forgave her.

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