Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 11. The thug who beat Yi-Chan bullies the student. He takes the cash from the student. Hyun-Yul shows up. He saves the student and he beats the thug.

What Happens In Twinkling Watermelon Episode 11?

Twinkling Watermelon

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Twinkling Watermelon K-Drama: Episode 11.

The thug wonders why Hyun-Yul beat him. Hyun-Yul takes out Eun-Gyeol’s wanted poster. He mentions the thug beat his frontman. The thug reminds Hyun-Yul that Do-Jin won’t forgive him. Hyun-Yul lets the thug tell Do-Jin that they’re in different world.

The thug introduces Hyun-Yul as the right-hand man of Do-Jin. He reveals Hyun-Yul betrayed Dong-Jin for playing guitar. Do-Jin tells his men that the traitor betrayed him because he found his love. Ma-Joo is surprised that Hyun-Yul’s face was hurt when they’re in Yi-Chan’s ward.

Hyun-Yul reveals he fought with the thug. Do-Jin smiles after he found Hyun-Yul’s weakness. Ma-Joo brings the T-shirts to the band members. The band members are going to get changed. But Eun-Yu and Chung-A break into the room. Eun-Yu tells the boys to wear the T-shirts because she’s going to take photos of them.

The boys wear the watermelon sugar T-shirts to practice. Eun-Yu takes photos of them. Chung-A strokes Yi-Chan’s hair. Eun-Gyeol smiles when he sees his parents getting along well. Eun-Yu takes a photo of Eun-Gyeol. The boy who took the band’s room finds out that the band name was changed.

He mentions the band gets disbanded. Yi-Chan disagrees to what the boy said when he shows up with his band members. They wear sunglasses when they walk. They look cool. The boys gather. Yi-Chan and his men show their band T-shirts to them. He tells the boys that his band resurrected. He takes his members to throw the concert tickets to the boys.

The girl wonders if Eun-Yu will attend the festival. She persuades her to choose Yi-Chan because she wishes Eun-Gyeol to be the public asset. The girls scream when Eun-Gyeol plays basketball on the court. They surround him and they give their drinks to him.

Eun-Gyeol is very happy when he sees the food on the table. Eun-Yu joins him. She reads the note that girl gave to him. The girl thought he was tired to clean the swimming pool. Eun-Yu reveals she saw Eun-Gyeol playing basketball. He brags to her that he was asked to join national team.

She mentions he likes to smile. She intends to rip his mouth. She reminds him that she won’t choose him if he continues to be indifferent. She’s furious to walk away. He feels painful after he ate the food. She returns and she hands over the drinks to him.

He drinks up the drinks. He tells her that he cannot eat spicy food. She tastes the spicy food. She finds out that it’s not spicy at all. She beats him and thinks he’s a fool. She leaves the swimming pool. She wonders why she got angry because she came to look for her mother’s first love. But she still blames Eun-Gyeol for not being able to eat spicy food.

Does Yi-Chan Agree not to Rehearse?

Ma-Joo brings a good news to the band members that they’re going to rehearse. The band members are very happy after they heard the good news. Ma-Joo reveals Choi Hyun prepared the barbecue for them. They go to the rooftop with him. Choi Hyun is cooking the meat.

He gives the beef to Ma-Joo because he thinks he worked hard as the manager of the band. Se-Bum agrees to what Choi Hyun said that they wouldn’t make the band without Ma-Joo. Choi Hyun thinks Ma-Joo will regret for not singing on the stage.

Ma-Joo denies it. He thinks it was very fun to support the band members. Choi Hyun tells Ma-Joo that it was what a music producer did. Ma-Joo thinks the producer job suits him. He asks Eun-Gyeol if he thinks he will make it. Eun-Gyeol persuades Ma-Joo to use his initials as his company’s name.

The band members think the name is pretty good. Choi Hyun promises to send a plant to Ma-Joo. But Ma-Joo asks Choi Hyun to help him sign Dong-Jin. Eun-Gyeol remembers Dong-Jin told the reporter that they got disbanded because one of the members was hurt.

He realizes that the one who got hurt was his father. He takes a look at Yi-Chan. He runs to the swimming pool. He grabs the phone and calls Master. But Master doesn’t pick up his phone. Eun-Gyeol believes that Master is listening to what he says. He cries to ask him who will cause the trouble.

The band members are full after they ate the meat. They walk on the street. Se-Bum asks Hyun-Yul to go to the practice room with him. But Hyun-Yul rejects it. He leaves. Yi-Chan wants to leave as well. Because he plans to prepare something for letting Se-Kyung choose him. He gives Ma-Joo a goodbye kiss before he leaves.

Hyun-Yul remembers what the thug told him that Do-Jin will be released soon. He notes that someone is tailing him. He catches him. The boy explains to Hyun-Yul that he wants to thank him for saving his life. He promises to cheer him at the festival. But Hyun-Yul tells the boy to leave.

Hyun-Yul leaves after the boy left. Do-Jin sees Hyun-Yul off. He thinks it’s not the right time to take action. Yi-Chan returns home. Eun-Gyeol asks Yi-Chan a favor. Yi-Chan mistakes that Eun-Gyeol wishes to eat his grandma’s food.

Eun-Gyeol asks Yi-Chan not to rehearse. Yi-Chan asks Eun-Gyeol for the reason why he doesn’t wish him to rehearse. But Eun-Gyeol doesn’t tell Yi-Chan the reason. He asks him to trust him instead. Yi-Chan refuses to trust Eun-Gyeol. Eun-Gyeol yells at Yi-Chan that he made the band for chasing girls.

He agrees to rehearse. But he asks him not to rehearse. Yi-Chan tells Eun-Gyeol that he will rehearse no matter what happens. He gets into his house and he closes the door. Eun-Gyeol knocks at the door. He asks Yi-Chan to open the door.

Eun-Gyeol leaves Yi-Chan’s house. He wonders how does he stop Yi-Chan. Eun-Yu lies in the bed when she looks at Eun-Gyeol’s photo. She thinks he’s aged. She decides not to like him. But he visits her and asks for a talk. She’s startled to run into her room.

Why Yi-Chan Goes to the Island?

She dresses up and opens the door. She claims that she was going to sleep. She asks him why he visited her. He asks her a favor. But she rejects it because he didn’t bring any present to her. He begs her. Yi-Chan has a sweet dream. Se-Kyung comes to his concert.

Eun-Gyeol gets on knees to Se-Kyung to beg her. Yi-Chan kicks Eun-Gyeol aside. Se-Kyung tells Yi-Chan that she chose him. But she asks him to pick up the phone. He wakes up from the sweet dream. He goes to pick up the phone. Eun-Yu tells Yi-Chan that she wishes to take photos of him because the previous photos didn’t show the charms of him.

He’s happy to agree to it. But he remembers he needs to rehearse. She promises to let him return before the rehearsing. He takes the boat. He remembers she asked him to come to the island. He helps the old lady carry her stuff. He takes the bus. He arrives at the spot she mentioned. He yells at her that he’s waiting for her.

She hears his voice when she’s in the classroom. She takes out two tickets. It flashes back. Eun-Yu wonders why she needs to trick Yi-Chan. Eun-Gyeol tells Eun-Yu that she’s deciding someone’s life. But she asks him for another reason. She decides to help him after he was silent. But she asks him to give something to her. He tells her to tell her wish to him. He promises to grant her wish. She asks him to watch movie with her.

The teacher asks Se-Kyung to play in the classroom. But he finds out that she’s missing. Chung-A learns the sign language in the classroom. She remembers she touched Yi-Chan’s hair. She smiles. Eun-Yu joins Chung-A. She wonders why she’s in the classroom.

Chung-A points at the blackboard. Eun-Yu learns that the teacher asked the students to come to the listening class. Chung-A asks Eun-Yu who she’s going to choose. But Eun-Yu asks Chung-A who she liked before she left Korea. Chung-A reveals it was Eun-Gyeol.

Does Eun-Gyeol Tell Yi-Chan that He’s His Son?

Yi-Chan waits for Se-Kyung on the island. But he finds out that the one who came to him is Eun-Gyeol. Eun-Gyeol tells Yi-Chan that Se-Kyung won’t come. He admits to him that he asked Se-Kyung to do so. Yi-Chan is furious to yell at Eun-Gyeol after he found out that he used Se-Kyung to fool him.

Eun-Gyeol reveals he did it because Yi-Chan didn’t listen to him. Yi-Chan tries to leave. But Eun-Gyeol tells him that the ferry won’t come until 6pm. Yi-Chan is furious to tell Eun-Gyeol that he won’t give up. Eun-Gyeol gets on knees to Yi-Chan. He asks him not to leave.

Eun-Gyeol reveals he’s a son of Yi-Chan. He tells Yi-Chan that they will change the future if they stop the accident. But Yi-Chan doesn’t believe what Eun-Gyeol said. He tries to leave. Eun-Gyeol threatens to jump off the cliff if Yi-Chan leaves. Yi-Chan claims that he doesn’t care for it. Eun-Gyeol jumps into the sea. Yi-Chan goes to save Eun-Gyeol.

The student yells at Si-Guk. He asks him to leave the stage. Hyun-Yul offers to let them be the last one to rehearse. But the student rejects it. Ma-Joo breaks into the hall. He reveals he just talked with Eun-Gyeol and Yi-Chan when the band members join him.

The lights fall to the stage. The band members are shocked when they look at it. Yi-Chan joins Eun-Gyeol on the beach. He brings a hot drink to him. Eun-Gyeol is very happy for Yi-Chan’s coming back. He thinks he went to looking for the fishing boat.

Does Eun-Gyeol Stop the Accident?

Eun-Gyeol reveals he told Ma-Joo not to rehearse. He thinks Eun-Gyeol will be happy. Eun-Gyeol tears up. He’s moved to hug Yi-Chan. He cries in his arms. Yi-Chan comforts Eun-Gyeol. Eun-Gyeol returns home with Yi-Chan. He tells him that he’s going to sleep at his house. He intends to teach him a new song for thanking him for saving him.

But Yi-Chan thinks Eun-Gyeol will cry again if he gets dumped by Se-Kyung. Eun-Gyeol remembers Se-Kyung asked him to watch movie with her. He asks Yi-Chan not to leave his house before he leaves. Yi-Chan returns home. He finds out that the band members are eating at his house.

Si-Guk is furious to throw a fit to Yi-Chan because Yi-Chan cancelled the rehearsal. Yang-Hee stops Si-Guk. She tells the boys not to waste their energy. She asks Yi-Chan to give the food to Soo-Bin. But he rejects it. She complains to him that he never helped her. She decides to leave the job to Bal-San.

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Episode 11 of Twinkling Watermelon ends with Do-Jin hitting Yi-Chan’s head with a stick when Yi-Chan is fighting with the thug in the hall. Yi-Chan remembers Eun-Gyeol told him that he will have an accident at the rehearsal. He realizes that it’s true. Eun-Gyeol shows up before Do-Jin hits Yi-Chan again. He’s furious to grab Do-Jin’s collar. Do-Jin flees with his men after the student told him that the cops came. Eun-Gyeol carries Yi-Chan. He wakes him up and he asks him if he can hear his voice. Yi-Chan admits it. Eun-Gyeol cries to hug Yi-Chan. He finds out that he stopped the accident.

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