Eve K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Eve K-Drama: Episode 1. The chandelier on the ceiling flashes. La-El opens the glass door to walk to Yoon-Kyum who sits on a chair. He hugs her and kisses her neck. She remembers she danced with someone. The finger was hurt by the thorns. The blood drop to her shoulder where the blood turns into roses.

Who Is Yoon-Kyum’s Woman? Does Yoon-Kyum Have Feelings for La-El When She Dances?


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eve K-Drama: Episode 1.

Yoon-Kyum stands on the rooftop. He makes a decision going to the hall to hold a press conference. So-Ra goes to the Jewelry Store. The seller welcomes her and asks her for her advice. So-Ra smiles when she sits on the couch. The rumor gets spread that Yoon-Kyum loves someone.

Yoon-Kyum ignores the reporters when they ask him if he betrayed So-Ra. The follower shows the news to So-Ra. Yoon-Kyum returns home. La-El is waiting for him. She walks to him and strokes his face. He hugs her and feels sad.

Pan-Ro cheers Mr. Lee to hit the guy with the ball. The guy cries when he’s tied to the goal. Mr. Lee doesn’t hit the guy. He cries to look at Pan-Ro as he kneels. Pan-Ro thinks Mr. Lee betrayed him. He hits him with the golf club.

Pan-Ro lets his follower to pour the blood to Mr. Lee and the guy. The dogs rush to eat them. The follower reports to Pan-Ro that he has a guest. Pan-Ro beats the follower with the towel. He gets a call from someone, knowing Yoon-Kyum brought a trouble.

So-Ra tells the lady to take down the article. She gets a call from Pan-Ro who throws a fit to her. He blames her for not managing her husband well. She sees Yoon-Kyum in the TV. She’s furious to throw the vase to the TV. Eun-Pyeong leaves the president’s office. He hears the woman talking about Yoon-Kyum’s lover with another woman.

So-Ra scolds Da-Bi for not knowing how to deal with her diaper. Da-Bi hugs Yoon-Kyum’s arm. He comforts her when he slaps her hand. Cha Erisa shows the footage of the talented kids to the people. She tells them to care for the kids.

So-Ra smiles when she watches the show. The girl recognizes So-Ra, thinking she’s aged. The girl’s friend agrees to what she said. She leaks that So-Ra gave birth after forty years old. La-El shows up. She dances with a guy on the stage. Yoon-Kyum’s eyes are fixed when he watches La-El’s dance.

Cha Erisa thanks Yoon-Kyum for help her in the party. La-El shows up with her kid. The people applaud to welcome her. She smiles to greet the people. La-El joins Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee. She tells them that they’re very beautiful. It makes them happy.

La-El points at Da-Bi. She tells her daughter Bo-Ram to be friends with Da-Bi. Bo-Ram walks to Da-Bi. She invites her to play with her. Da-Bi leaves with Bo-Ram after she got permission from So-Ra. La-El gets a call from someone who tells her that he arrived.

La-El goes to pick up the guy. She passes Yoon-Kyum by. He turns around and sees her off. He sees the bracelet she just dropped. La-El walks out of the house to see the courier who holds the flowers. She’s surprised that the person is her husband Jin-Wook. She smiles after he handed over the flowers to her.

Jin-Wook feels regret for not seeing La-El’s performance. She points out that he can see the stuff which other people cannot see. She takes him to the waiting room. La-El shows up with Jin-Wook. Bo-Ram reports to La-El that Da-Bi wants to learn dance from her. La-El smiles to agree to it.

Da-Bi walks to So-Ra. She tells her that she has a new friend. So-Ra scolds Da-Bi because she thinks she shouldn’t make the decision on her own. Jin-Wook walks to Yoon-Kyum. He introduces La-El to him. Yoon-Kyum touches La-El’s hand when he tries to take the wine glass.

Pan-Ro arrives at the Liyan Kindergarten. Cha Erisa welcomes him. Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee get blocked by the guard. They throw a fit to him. La-El gets off her car. She spots Jung-Chul laughing when he talks with someone. She remembers he stepped on her father when she cried. He told her that he will take her father’s life if she doesn’t sign the contract. She’s furious to grab fencing, making her hand bleed.

Cha Erisa takes Pan-Ro to visit Liyan Kindergarten. Pan-Ro tells So-Ra that he wants to get a grandson. She washes off the blood from her hand. She walks out of the building. She spots Yoon-Kyum. He spots her as well. He greets her. She smiles to greet him back. He walks away with Pan-Ro.

Eun-Pyeong gives a speech. He tells people not to give up. He returns home receiving a package. He opens the package and sees the cash. He learns that the cash was given by La-El.

It flashes back. La-El bumps Eun-Pyeong on the street. She tears up. She’s at the airport with him. She watches the TV, finding out that Yoon-Kyum replaced his father. Eun-Pyeong tells La-El that he decides not to be a lawyer anymore because he couldn’t help her and her families. She tells him that she wants to take revenge. She walks away.

Who Kills La-El’s Father? Who Hurts La-El Back?

La-El’s father Tae-Joon tells her that he wants to protect the company. He hugs her. He’s beaten. Jung-Chul tells Tae-Joon to sign the paper that he’s a spy. Tae-Joon refuses to sign it. He gets beaten. The guy tries to push La-El and her mom Jin-Sook out of the room. Jin-Sook passes out.

Jung-Chul complains that Tae-Joon doesn’t confess when he’s eating. La-El walks to Tae-Joon. She takes off her clothes and wears it on him. She cries when he sees the blood on his body. Jung-Chul takes away the clothes from Tae-Joon. He throws it away.

La-El is furious to push Jung-Chul away. The follower tries to slap La-El. Jung-Chul stops his follower. He grabs La-El’s collar, telling her that her father will get killed if he doesn’t sign the paper. La-El is furious to bite Jung-Chul’s hand. He pushes her to the table, making her pass out.

Jin-Sook cries after she saw her husband’s body. She’s taken away. Jung-Chul tells the follower to burn Tae-Joon’s body. He tries to leave but he sees La-El who’s glaring at him. He smiles at her and walks away. He reports to Pan-Ro that he killed Tae-Joon.

La-El watches the news of So-Ra and Pan-Ro. She notes that someone is looking for something in her house. She finds out that the person is the executive director. She tries to run away from the executive director. But her back is hurt.

La-El is taking bath in the pool. The rose tattoo covers her scar on her back. She remembers She intended to drop the bracelet.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

It flashes back. La-El takes Jin-Wook to the room. She tries to take off his clothes. He wonders why she did that in the room. He worries that someone will see them. She takes a look at outside. Yoon-Kyum holds the bracelet to walk to the waiting room. But he sees La-El and Jin-Wook.

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