Eve K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Eve K-Drama: Episode 2. Eun-Pyeong breaks into the room, seeing Jung-Chul pushing La-El to the table. He tries to rush to him. But he’s taken away by his bodyguards. Jin-Sook cries to tell Eun-Pyeong that she doesn’t know the money Jung-Chul mentioned.

Why Pan-Ro Lets Jung-Chul Join Yoon-Kyum’s Company? Who Beats Noh-Eul?


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eve K-Drama: Episode 2.

Tae-Joon handed over the shares to La-El. He thought Pan-Ro won’t expect that he would do so. Eun-Pyeong watches the TV. He finds out that the man Tae-Joon trusted became new president. He walks into the room to pay his respect to Tae-Joon. He walks to La-El, asking her if she has any relative who will help her. It makes her tear up.

La-El sees Eun-Pyeong on TV. Jin-Wook returns home with a gift. La-El smiles at him. She tells him that she’s preparing the meal. Yoon-Kyum stands in front of the window to drink wine. He takes a look at his hand. He remembers that La-El touched his hand. He gets a call from So-Ra who tells him that her father wants to see him.

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Eun-Pyeong meets with Gye-Young. He wonders if La-El is alive after she told him that there’s no a person called La-El in Korea. Moon-Hee tastes the food. She finds out that the food is salty. But Jin-Wook tells Moon-Hee that he likes what La-El cooked.

Moon-Hee learns the reason why La-El’s cooking skills don’t get improved. La-El laughs to tells Moon-Hee that she doesn’t want to improve her cooking skills. Pan-Ro hands over the whip to Da-Bi. He tells her to learn how to whip. But she pees.

So-Ra takes Da-Bi away when Yoon-Kyum shows up. Da-Bi cries to tell So-Ra that she didn’t want to hurt the horse. Jung-Chul shows up. Pan-Ro tells Yoon-Kyum that he wants Jung-Chul to be the Vice President of his company. Yoon-Kyum is furious to leave.

Pan-Ro sees Yoon-Kyum off. He tells So-Ra that he let Jung-Chul join Yoon-Kyum’s company because he worried that Yoon-Kyum will betray him. But So-Ra doesn’t believe that her husband will do that. Pan-Ro scolds So-Ra for supporting her husband.

Yoon-Kyum is on the way. He remembers So-Ra told him to accept Jung-Chul. Eun-Pyeong gets a call from the nurse who wants to talk about Jin-Sook’s with him. He goes to the hospital to see her. She leaks that someone paid Jin-Sook’s medical bills. She adds that the person was a young lady.

It flashes back. La-El’s back is hurt after the executive director pushed her. She wakes up and finds out that she got tied up. She’s forced to sign the contract. Eun-Pyeong finds La-El who’s in a coma.

Eun-Pyeong hands over the papers to Gye-Young. He tells her to look into the people who are around Pan-Ro. He thinks he should take the duty if it’s La-El. La-El takes a look at So-Ra in the classroom. She thinks she should find a way to be close to So-Ra. She takes a look at the bags.

Noh-Eul asks his mom Dam-Ri for the snack. Dam-Ri opens the bag and finds the diaper. Dam-Ri realizes that the diaper belongs to Da-Bi after she saw the her name from the bag. The kids mock Da-Bi. La-El remembers she switched the bags.

Da-Bi is furious to beat Noh-Eul. So-Ra smiles and lets Da-Bi cry in her arms. Secretary Kim shows up. She tells Dam-Ri to apologize to Da-Bi. Dam-Ri rejects it because she thinks Da-Bi hurt her son. So-Ra slaps the teacher because she helped Dam-Ri. She tells Cha Erisa to fire the teacher and let Noh-Eul leave Liyan Kindergarten.

Dam-Ri tells Cha Erisa that she will report it to media if she doesn’t give her the justice. Cha Erisa is upset after she saw Dam-Ri off. La-El spots the scene. She tells Cha Erisa that she has a way to let the two ladies get along well.

Da-Bi cries in the car. It makes So-Ra upset. She calls the doctor, asking him for a meeting up. Yoon-Kyum gets a call from La-El. He goes to see her. She reports what Da-Bi did to him. He promises to apologize to Dam-Ri. His eyes are fixed on her body when he talks to her.

Yoon-Kyum returns home. He tells Da-Bi that he agrees to let her practice ballet with Bo-Ram. She’s happy to hug him. La-El brings the coffee to Dam-Ri. She tells her that she takes her side. It makes Dam-Ri happy. Bo-Ram invites Da-Bi to play with her after the class.

Da-Bi agrees to it. She leaks that Yoon-Kyum will come. La-El calls Yoon-Kyum. She tells him that his daughter is playing in her house. He goes to her house to pick up Da-Bi. La-El takes Da-Bi to walk out of the house. Da-Bi runs in Yoon-Kyum’s arms. She tells him that she wants to play with Bo-Ram next time.

Does Eun-Pyeong Recognize La-El? Does La-El Dance with Yoon-Kyum?

Yoon-Kyum worries that Da-Bi will catch a cold. He tells her to get in the car. He returns the bracelet to La-El. He helps her wear it. He has an eye contact with her. He leaves. She smiles to see him off but her smiling is frozen.

La-El opens the bracelet box. She remembers Yoon-Kyum wore the bracelet for her. Jin-Wook leaks that Yoon-Kyum greeted him. He falls asleep. So-Ra washes her hands. She’s burned when she thinks about how to take revenge for Dam-Ri. She throws the towel to the bodyguard.

Yoon-Kyum goes to pick up Da-Bi. Da-Bi is happy to show the jump she learned from La-El. But she wants to pee. Yoon-Kyum lets the follower take Da-Bi away. He sees the bandoneon. He wants to listen to the bandoneon music. La-El plays the bandoneon for him. She dances with him.

So-Ra returns home. Secretary Kim reports to her that Yoon-Kyum went to pick up Da-Bi. So-Ra is surprised. Yoon-Kyum returns home with Da-Bi. He scolds So-Ra for not accompanying her daughter. So-Ra hugs Da-Bi. Yoon-Kyum returns to his study. He grabs the wine to drink.

Yoon-Kyum remembers he danced with La-El. He breaks into So-Ra’s room. He sleeps with her. Gye-Young shows La-El’s photo to Eun-Pyeong. He recognizes her. Eun-Pyeong visits La-El when she’s thinking of Yoon-Kyum. She’s startled to avoid him after she saw him.

Eun-Pyeong tells La-El that he knows who she is. He adds that he worried about her. But she pretends not to know what he’s talking about. She tells him that she’s Sun-Bin. Bo-Ram runs to hug La-El. She tells her that Moon-Hee came. She hugs Moon-Hee after she showed up.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Eun-Pyeong takes a look at Moon-Hee. He finds out that she’s not Jin-Sook. La-El tells Moon-Hee that Eun-Pyeong mistook her as someone else. Eun-Pyeong leaves. Moon-Hee tells La-El not to let Eun-Pyeong ruin their plan. La-El doesn’t believe Eun-Pyeong will care for her. Because he’s going to be the next president.

Eun-Pyeong remembers what La-El said that she wants to take revenge. He’s sure that La-El is Sun-Bin. La-El goes to the room, looking at her enemy’s photos. She targets So-Ra. So-Ra is happy after she slept with Yoon-Kyum. She goes to the bed to hug Yoon-Kyum. She confesses that she cried because he didn’t touch her. She tells him that she loves him very much. She tears up.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 2 stars Seo Yea-Ji, Park Byung-Eun, Yoo-Sun and Lee Sang-Yeob.

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