Eve K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Eve K-Drama: Episode 4. La-El gives a presentation. She tells the parents that So-Ra will invite the speakers. Ji-Hee is happy to applaud. Dam-Ri glares at Ji-Hee. La-El tells So-Ra to invite her father Pan-Ro as one of the speakers.

Why So-Ra Wants to Get a Son? Does Eun-Pyeong Agree to be the Speaker of Liyan Kindergarten?


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eve K-Drama: Episode 4.

But So-Ra wants to invite Eun-Pyeong. She believes that Pan-Ro will give the department store she wants to get if she convinces Eun-Pyeong. La-El volunteers to do the job for So-Ra. La-El calls Eun-Pyeong. She tells him that she wants him to be the speaker of Liyan Kindergarten. He tells her that he needs to think about it.

Bon-Geun tells the families that he needs a grandson. He asks So-Ra about her age. She reveals she’s 43 years old according to the international age. But Soo-Jung emphasizes that So-Ra is 45 years old according to the Korean age. So-Ra glares at Soo-Jung.

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So-Ra throws the dish to the floor when Soo-Jung passes by. Soo-Jung’s leg is hurt. So-Ra explains that she didn’t intent to do that when Soo-Jung blames her. So-Ra follows Yoon-Kyum to walk out of the house. She tells him that she felt uncomfortable when she came to his family. Because she got asked about the grandson each other.

So-Ra reminds Yoon-Kyum that he will lose his company if his brother Chi-Gyeom has son first. Yoon-Kyum realizes that So-Ra got married with him for the money. He’s furious to leave. She calls La-El. She cries to tell her that Yoon-Kyum didn’t take her side in front of his families. La-El comforts So-Ra that Yoon-Kyum loves her very much.

So-Ra goes to the clothing store with La-El. She tells her that her father-in-law will give the company to Chi-Gyeom if she cannot have a son. She reveals she wants to get a surgery. La-El tells So-Ra that she has a method which can help her. But she doesn’t want to talk about it in the clothing store.

So-Ra takes La-El to her house. La-El sees a huge family photo on the wall. She tells So-Ra to wear a tango dress to dance. She believes Yoon-Kyum will have feelings for her. Yoon-Kyum shows up. He sees La-El. He remembers she kissed him.

La-El tries to leave because she knows Yoon-Kyum doesn’t want to see her. So-Ra tells her husband to keep La-El. She goes to the second floor for her makeup. La-El goes to take wine glasses. She touches Yoon-Kyum’s hand. She cannot reach the wine glass so that he tries to help her take the wine glass. He touches her hand by mistakes.

Yoon-Kyum holds La-El’s hand. She closes her eyes. He tries to kiss her. But he stops after he realized that he shouldn’t do that. He asks her why she approached him. She tells him that she wants to forget who she is. But he doesn’t believe what she said. He wants to look into it.

Jin-Wook drinks with Yoon-Kyum. He tells him that he fell for La-El after he ran into her on the bus. He reveals La-El didn’t allow him to touch her before the marriage. Jin-Wook carries Bo-Ram out of Yoon-Kyum’s house. He goes to get his car. La-El invites Yoon-Kyum to her show. She reminds him that they can do something at her place. Jin-Wook returns with his car. La-El takes a look at Yoon-Kyum before she leaves.

Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee show up when La-El is teaching So-Ra how to dance. La-El tells the ladies that they will get the dance training within a month. Ji-Hee brings up the age. She thinks the old one cannot bear it. La-El comforts Ji-Hee that the male models will help them. The male models show up. They introduce themselves to the ladies. La-El gets a call from Eun-Pyeong who tells her that he accepted the invitation.

So-Ra tells the good news to Pan-Ro. She adds that she wouldn’t be successful with her friend’s help. She wants to introduce her friend to him. He praise her for what she did. Eun-Pyeong takes a look at La-El and Yoon-Kyum’s group photo. He sighs.

Is Yoon-Kyum’s Real Mom a Maid? What La-El Finds from Yoon-Kyum’s Study?

Eun-Pyeong goes to Liyan Kindergarten to see So-Ra. He greets her. He walks La-El and tells her that he wouldn’t be a lawyer if her father didn’t help him. He adds that he wants to help her. He hands over Yoon-Kyum’s papers to her. He tells her to read it.

Jung-Chul calls Eun-Pyeong from his back. La-El takes the papers to walk away. La-El reads the papers. She finds out that Yoon-Kyum’s real mother is just a maid. Moon-Hee thinks Bon-Geun won’t give the company to Yoon-Kyum. La-El walks out of her house. She remembers Yoon-Kyum told her that he wants to get healed. She calls someone, asking for a talk with Maria.

So-Ra hints at La-El that Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee are happy when they dance with the models. La-El tells So-Ra that dance means rebelling. The model invites So-Ra to dance with him. She’s happy after the dance. La-El tells So-Ra to catch the chance to call Yoon-Kyum.

But Yoon-Kyum tells So-Ra that he’s very busy. She’s not happy. She calls Do-Wan. He’s startled when Pan-Ro shows up. He lies to him that the phone came from his mom. Pan-Ro goes to feed the dog. La-El picks up Da-Bi and takes her home.

Da-Bi helps La-El get into Yoon-Kyum’s study. La-El tells Da-Bi to go to take her toe shoes. Da-Bi is happy to run away. La-El closes the door. She remembers Moon-Hee asked her to look for the ledger. La-El finds the tango book from the bookcase.

Da-Bi returns to the study. It startles La-El. Bo-Ram opens the cell. La-El walks into the cell. She finds the ledger. Da-Bi finds her toe shoes. But Yoon-Kyum comes back. Yoon-Kyum learns that La-El returned home with Da-Bi. La-El is startled to take Da-Bi to leave the cell.

Yoon-Kyum walks into the cell after La-El closed the door of the cell. Da-Bi cries after she saw her father. Yoon-Kyum walks to Da-Bi. He carries her. La-El catches the chance to wear the blanket on the little girl. She apologizes to Yoon-Kyum for getting into his study. She leaves his house.

What Eun-Pyeong Sees from La-El’s Arm? Is Yoon-Kyum’s Mom Dead?

La-El returns home. Eun-Pyeong is waiting for her. He tells her not to be close to Yoon-Kyum. But she tells him to leave. He tries to leave. But he turns around and sees the scar on her arm when she takes off her coat. He asks her about the scar. She wears the coat.

Eun-Pyeong realizes that La-El used the tattoo to cover her scar. He tells her to give up her plan because he thinks it will only hurt herself. But she tells him to leave. He agrees to leave. But he tells her to tell it to her if she needs his help. He walks away. She tears up.

So-Ra gets a call Secretary Kim after she slept with Do-Wan. She learns that Yoon-Kyum returned home. She kicks Do-Wan off the bed. She yells at him after finding out that he left a mark on her neck. Yoon-Kyum remembers La-El was nervous when he saw her in his study. He finds out that his tango book got touched.

Yoon-Kyum opens the tango book. He sees the newspapers. The newspapers show that Yoon-Kyum’s mom got killed from the traffic accident with her sister. Yoon-Kyum remembers his father told him that he cannot be the chairman because his mom is a maid.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Yoon-Kyum finds La-El behind the stage. He admits to her that he knows La Boca. He reminds her that she has to be his concubine if she chooses to stay with him. She walks to him, telling him that she won’t leave. They kiss together.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 4 stars Seo Yea-Ji, Park Byung-Eun, Yoo-Sun and Lee Sang-Yeob.

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