Eve K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Eve K-Drama: Episode 3. Pan-Ro finds a woman’s photo from the report. He tells Jung-Chul to pay attention to the women around Yoon-Kyum. Jung-Chul agrees to it even if he doesn’t believe Yoon-Kyum will do that.

Who Kills Madam Jung? Does Jung-Chul Recognize La-El?


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eve K-Drama: Episode 3.

So-Ra walks into the room. She tells Pan-Ro that she prepared the coat for him. Jung-Chul wants to get a daughter like So-Ra. So-Ra runs into Do-Wan. She leaks that she slept with her husband last night. She smiles to tell him that Yoon-Kyum did a great job in the bed.

Do-Wan admits that he’s in jealousy. So-Ra is cold to tell him that she won’t contact him. She walks away. Yoon-Kyum watches the dance footage of La-El when he drinks. La-El hands over the bag to Dam-Ri. She tells her that the bag is the apology from Yoon-Kyum. Dam-Ri accepts Yoon-Kyum’s apology. But she still gets angry when she thinks of So-Ra. La-El tells Dam-Ri that she can help her deal with So-Ra.

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La-El hands over the jewelry to So-Ra. She tells her that Dam-Ri wants to apologize to her. She adds that the parents wished her to be their chief. She gets on knees to her. She wears the shoe for her. Secretary Kim shows the GPS to So-Ra. So-Ra finds out that her husband went to the place. She wonders why he did that.

Eun-Pyeong tells Gye-Young that he believes the woman in the photo is La-El. He tells her to look into La-El’s families. La-El badmouths Dam-Ri and Ji-Hee when he wears clothes for So-Ra. It makes So-Ra laugh. So-Ra is told that Yoon-Kyum is in the study. She tells the maid to prepare the wine.

So-Ra walks into the study. She drinks with Yoon-Kyum, telling him that she wants to have a baby with him. So-Ra calls La-El. She tells her that she wants to invite her and her husband to her party. She adds that the music she gave her didn’t work.

La-El tells the good news to Jin-Wook. He’s happy to get on knees to her. Moon-Hee tells La-El to look for the safe after she gets into Pan-Ro’s house. She tells her to be careful. Yoon-Kyum calls La-El. He tells her that he wishes to see her in the party.

Moon-Hee praises La-El for getting Yoon-Kyum’s heart. La-El thinks Yoon-Kyum called her with another phone because he knew So-Ra was bugging him. Moon-Hee laughs. She tells La-El to help Yoon-Kyum get the freedom. Jung-Chul breaks into Yoon-Kyum’s office. He finds out that he’s not in the office. He learns that he doesn’t want to see him. He reports it to Pan-Ro.

Jin-Wook and La-El arrive at the villa. They get into the villa. So-Ra sees La-El. She introduces her to Yoon-Kyum as her best friend. La-El walks away with her husband. She turns around and she has an eye contact with Yoon-Kyum.

Madam Jung gets off her car. She lets the driver drive her car away. She gets a call from someone when she walks along the street. She’s confused when the person calls her name because she doesn’t know him. Jung-Chul smiles to drive his car to hit Madam Jung.

La-El wins the game. So-Ra’s friend thinks Jin-Wook was very lucky to get a wife like La-El. Jin-Wook agrees to what So-Ra’s friend said. He laughs. La-El smiles. Her smiling is frozen when she sees Yoon-Kyum. Yoon-Kyum gets a call from someone who reports to him that Madam Jung got killed.

Yoon-Kyum is upset. La-El joins him. She hands over the gift to him. She believes he needs to dance. She tells him that she felt something when she danced with him. But he tells her that he knows she’s studying him. He tells her to stay away from him. She tells him that she knows he has feelings for her even if he denied it. She asks him why he called her. She believes he’s one of the twin flames.

La-El returns to the party. She joins So-Ra and sees Jung-Chul. La-El is nervous when Jung-Chul is looking for Yoon-Kyum. Yoon-Kyum blames Jung-Chul for appearing there. Jung-Chul explains to Yoon-Kyum that he came to the place because he refused to see him. He adds that he’s drunk.

Yoon-Kyum tells Jung-Chul to leave the party. Jung-Chul rejects it. He leaks that he did something for Yoon-Kyum. He mentions Madam Jung. Yoon-Kyum wants to beat Jung-Chul. But So-Ra takes Jung-Chul away. Jung-Chul sees La-El. He thinks he saw her somewhere. It makes her nervous. He tells her that he thinks she looks like a college girl. He laughs.

Does Yoon-Kyum See La-El Hurting Herself? Did La-El Get Married with Jin-Wook for Revenge?

Gye-Young calls Eun-Pyeong. She tells him that she found La-El’s secret. She adds that she will come to see him. La-El goes along the yard. She sits in front of the flame. She picks up the wood knife to stab her leg. Yoon-Kyum sees it. He’s shocked.

Yoon-Kyum walks to La-El. He asks her why she hurt herself. She tries to leave. But he holds her arm. She begs him to let her leave. She goes to the restroom. She tears up when she looks herself in the mirror. She wipes off her tears.

So-Ra plays the game with Jung-Chul. He’s happy when he’s playing. Yoon-Kyum shows up. He calls So-Ra. Jin-Wook is on the way home. He feels happy for owning a wife like La-El. She takes a look at the blood on her leg. He returns home with her.

Moon-Hee notes that La-El isn’t happy. La-El returns to her room. Jin-Wook tries to hug her. But she scolds him and mentions what she said that he can only touch her when she allows him to do that. He has to leave her room. She remembers he brought her father’s seal to the executive director when she was tied up.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Gye-Young tells Eun-Pyeong that La-El got married with Jin-Wook for taking revenge. Eun-Pyeong worries that La-El will get hurt. He wants to stop her. Moon-Hee learns that Yoon-Kyum saw La-El hurting herself. She worries that Yoon-Kyum is suspecting La-El. She tells La-El that she saved her for herself. She adds that she will kill her if she ruins her plan. La-El remembers Moon-Hee found her from the hospital. She took her to leave the hospital.

La-El goes to the Musical Instrument Shop to ask about the shop owner about the bandoneon. He tells her that the bandoneon was ordered by Yoon-Kyum. Yoon-Kyum shows up. La-El is shocked to look at him. She leaves the Musical Instrument Shop.

Yoon-Kyum follows La-El and grabs her arm. He asks her what she wants to get the bandoneon. He thinks she hid something. She kisses him and tells him that she has feelings for him.

Eve K-Drama: Episode 3 stars Seo Yea-Ji, Park Byung-Eun, Yoo-Sun and Lee Sang-Yeob.

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