Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 26 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 26. Chi Shan reminds Lin Xintong that the evidence are enough to send Qin Moyao to prison. She shakes off his hand. She tells him to go to report Qin Moyao. She claims that she won’t care for the guy because he has told lies to her for a long time.

What Happens In Forever Love 2023 Episode 26?

Forever Love 2023

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 26.

But Chi Shan points out that Lin Xintong came to him after she was told it’s about Qin Moyao. He thinks she has told him the answer. He reminds her that Hongfu Group will get involved if he tells the information to others. He thinks her father’s company will be ruined by her.

Lin Xintong asks Chi Shan what he wants to get. He asks her to get married with him. He reminds her that he’s her fiance in other people’s eyes. He tells her that he’s waiting for her answer. She tries to get off his car. But he stops her.

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Chi Chan tells Lin Xintong not to let Qin Moyao take action. He claims that he has a bad temper as well. She leaves. He smiles. Qin Moyao wakes up. He finds out that Lin Xintong is missing. He goes to look for her. He sees her returning with the ingredients.

Qin Moyao hugs Lin Xintong. He asks her where she went. She reveals she went to buy some food. He tells her that he had a dream that she left him. He thought she left after he found out that she was missing. Lin Xintong remembers what Xia Yuwei told her that the people around her would be happy if she wasn’t there.

Lin Xintong throws away the food. She hugs Qin Moyao. She visits Xia Yuwei. Xia Yuwei opens the door. She thinks Lin Xintong is going to bring trouble to her. Lin Xintong apologizes to Xia Yuwei. But she slaps her. She tells her that she apologized to her for the case of her birthday party.

Lin Xintong thinks she shouldn’t humiliate Xia Yuwei even if she wore her engagement ring. She tells her that the slap was for everything she did to her. Xia Yuwei is surprised that Lin Xintong came to talk about it with her. Lin Xintong tells Xia Yuwei that she has been her best friend.

Does Xia Yuwei Have Evidence of Chi Shan’s Killing?

Lin Xintong tells Xia Yuwei that she wasn’t sad for the betrayal of her fiance when she saw her getting together with Chi Shan. She tells her that she lost her best friend. She doesn’t expect that she treated her in such a way. She takes out the engagement ring. She thinks it means a lot to her.

Lin Xintong tells Xia Yuwei that she wants to give the ring to her. She places the ring on the table. She agrees to what she said that she brought bad luck to the people who around her. She tells her that it’s her last time to give present to her. She tells her to accept it.

Xia Yuwei reminds Lin Xintong that Chi Shan won’t forgive Qin Moyao once he targets him. She thinks it’s useless no matter what she does. Lin Xintong mentions the laws cannot punish Chi Shan. She tells Xia Yuwei what she’s going to do not for Qin Moyao.

Lin Xintong leaves Xia Yuwei’s house. Xia Yuwei takes a look at the ring. Zhou Mo reports to what he found to Qin Moyao. He tells him that Liu Yuanshan is Chi Shan’s godfather. Qin Moyao meets with Xia Yuwei. He shows the transfer record to her. He thinks she transferred Lin Xintong’s money for Chi Shan.

Episode 26 of Forever Love 2023 ends with Qin Moyao thinking Chi Shan doesn’t know Xia Yuwei transferred some money on her own. He asks Xia Yuwei what Chi Shan will do if he knows she betrayed him. He thinks she won’t fear Chi Shan because she has Chi Shan’s evidence as well. Qin Moyao thinks Xia Yuwei has the evidence that Chi Shan killed a person.

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