Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 27 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 27. Qin Moyao thinks he can work with Xia Yuwei since she and Chi Shan has broken up. But she doesn’t want to work with him because he tricked her and Chi Shan.

What Happens In Forever Love 2023 Episode 27?

Forever Love 2023

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Forever Love 2023 Chinese Drama: Episode 27.

Qin Moyao tells Xia Yuwei that he promised someone not to tell lies. She realizes that the person was Lin Xintong. She doesn’t want to give the evidence to him. But she wants to exchange it with another message. She tells him that Chi Shan has another company which was left by his godfather.

Xia Yuwei tells Qin Moyao that Chi Shan wants to use the company to ruin Hongfu. She admits that Chi Shan does it for getting Hongfu. She sends the company information to Qin Moyao’s phone. The follower reports to Chi Shan that Hongfu need to compensate a lot of money if they cannot complete the sales.

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Chi Shan is very happy. Qin Moyao hands over the papers to Lin Xintong. He thinks Chi Shan wants to use his godfather’s method to ruin Hongfu. He thinks they shouldn’t let Chi Shan get what he wants. Lin Xintong gets a call from Chi Shan who thinks she doesn’t want to agree to it.

Lin Xintong takes a look at Qin Moyao. She tells Chi Shan that she’s going to give all of her shares to him. But he tells her what he wants to get is her. He threatens to ruin Hongfu if she doesn’t agree to marry him. She promises it.

Did Chi Shan Kill Lin Xintong’s Father?

The follower reports to Chi Shan that Hongfu thought their contract is void. Chi Shan is furious to tell the follower to get lost. He visits Qin Moyao and he thinks it was done by him. Qin Moyao learns that Chi Shan has received his lawyer letter.

Qin Moyao thinks Chi Shan shouldn’t use the company that he and Xia Yuwei earned money. He reminds him that he helped him earn the money. He mentions the mistake he made that he used his godfather’s method. He remembers how Qin family went bankrupt.

Qin Moyao tells Chi Shan that he won’t let Hongfu take the path. Chi Shan reminds Qin Moyao that Hongfu is his enemy. Qin Moyao points out that he’s a shareholder of Hongfu. He thinks Chi Shan lost. But Chi Shan tells Qin Moyao that he’s going to make him regret all his life.

Episode 27 of Forever Love 2023 ends with Qin Moyao grabbing Chi Shan’s collar. He mentions what he told him not to touch Lin Xintong. Chi Shan laughs to tell Qin Moyao to wait for it. He leaves his house. Xia Yuwei watches the footage that Chi Shan kills Lin Xintong’s father. She tries to text Qin Moyao. But Chi Shan shows up.

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