Go Go Squid! Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 16

This is the recap of Go Go Squid! Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 16. Tong Nian and Shang Yan are in love, but she sees a woman wearing bathrobe in Shang Yan’s room. Shang Yan has to book a room for Tong Nian, and Ai Qing tells Tong Nian that many girls like her boyfriend.

Go Go Squid! Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 16

Go Go Squid!

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Go Go Squid! Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 16.

Wang Hao gathers with Xiao Mi and Ou Qiang to celebrate Xiao Mi’s birthday. Wang Hao brings Shang Yan’s gift to Xiao Mi, and the two wonder when Wang Hao will be in relationship with Ai Qing. But Wang Hao says that they’re over.

Wang Hao tells Xiao Mi that he will get kicked out from the first team if he doesn’t work hard, and cheers him up. Ling Shan tells Shang Yan that he joined KK because of him, but Shang Yan sneers at Ling Shan that he didn’t get first.

Ling Shan thinks Shang Yan hurt him, but Shang Yan tells Ling Shan that he has higher expecting to him. Ling Shan reminds Shang Yan to call Xiao Mi as it’s his birthday. Shang Yan texts Xiao Mi and says that he waits for him to show up at the stage of the world, when Xiao Mi is making a wish.

Zhou Shan picks up the members of SP and KK, and Ou Qiang remembers her as the fan of Shang Yan. She takes a photo of Shang Yan when he is getting off the bus. But he stops her with his hand. Zhou Shan asks Shang Yan if he is in love, but he tells her to ask Su Cheng instead.

Shang Yan thinks President Xiang arranged too many entertainment activities for the members, and they don’t have time to train. Wang Hao agrees with it as group game is going to begin. But President Xiang tells the two to ask Zhou Shan as he is going to leave.

Zhou Shan joins them, and asks Shang Yan and Wang Hao not to fight. They both agree with it. Ai Qing and the members of SP show up at the aquarium, and she shares that she feared Zhou Shan to interview her as she would mention Shang Yan.

Ou Qiang wonders why he didn’t have the fan, and Xiao Mi tells Ou Qiang to be arrogant. Tong Nian does video chat with Shang Yan, but Zhou Shan breaks into Shang Yan’s room with dolls. Tong Nian sees the woman wearing bathrobe in Shang Yan’s room, so she calls Shang Yan.

But Shang Yan doesn’t pick up his phone. Zhou Shan tells Shang Yan that the directors of SP didn’t satisfy with Xiao Mi’s score and wanted to send him to the second team. She says that she can help Xiao Mi change the score through media, but Shang Yan rejects it as he hates shady deal.

Shen Zhe, Ling Shan and Dai Feng talk about how to speed up Shang Yan and Tong Nian’s love, but they see the silkworm chrysalis of Zhou Shan. Shang Yan lets the three in, and he asks Dai Feng to book a room for Tong Nian. Shang Yan asks Shen Zhe how to give women the sense of security then.

Shan Yan asks for Tong Nian’s photo id, but Ya Ya tells Tong Nian not to give as she thinks Shang Yan is a jerk. Tong Nian knows that Shang Yan booked a room for her, and asks him who the woman is in the video. He says that she is a psycho.

Tong Nian arrives at the hotel, and she expects Shang Yan to welcome her. But she sees the woman, who stayed with Shang Yan yesterday. Shang Yan takes Tong Nian away and ties Tong Nian’s shoes. She is very happy.

Tong Nian is surprised that the place is very huge, and she fears to be missing. Shang Yan asks for her account and password of her phone, and tells her that he finds her anytime. Shen Zhe notes that Wu Bai keeps staring at Ai Qing, and tells him to wear the sun glasses to peep. But Wu Bai rejects it.

Ai Qing is surprised that Tong Nian wasn’t Shang Yan’s fan, and shares that there are many girls liking him, and they gave him the nickname “thousands of people chop”.

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