The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 24

This is the recap of The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 24. Wu Xian keeps drinking as he lost his core, but Jiang Cheng mistakes him that he doesn’t want to help him. Xi Chen visits Wu Xian for Wang Ji and persuades him to give up magic path. But Wu Xian rejects. Lian Xi helps Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian get along, but they argue again for Yan Li’s marriage.

The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Recap: Episode 24

The Untamed

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Untamed Chinese Drama 2019 Episode 24.

Jiang Cheng agrees with Wu Xian and thinks they need to ask Yan Li first. Yan Li rejects the marriage and claims she wants to rebuild Lotus dock first. Guang Yao decides to throw the hunting event of phoenix mountain, and Guang Shan invites everybody to attend.

Guang Shan asks Guang Yao about evil iron, and Guang Yao thinks Wu Xian took it from Xue Yang. Guang Shan remembers Wu Xian left the banquet with the black flute, and asks Guang Yao to watch on Wu Xian.

Jiang Cheng and Wu Xian return to Lotus dock, and Wu Xian remembers Feng Mian taught him to shoot. Jiang Cheng breaks the tablet Wen family left on the roof.

Qi Ren asks Wang Ji to edit the family rules, and Wang Ji wants to get in the forbidden room. But Qi Ren rejects it. Jiang Cheng becomes the chief of Jiang family, and the men are on knees to him.

Jiang Cheng rages when he knows that Wu Xian left, and Yan Li comforts him that Wu Xian doesn’t get used do it. But he thinks Wu Xian just doesn’t want to help him.

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Wu Xian sees Xi Chen walking through, and invites him to drink. Xi Chen tells Wu Xian to retake sword path, and he and Wang Ji will help him. But Wu Xian rejects it.

Wu Xian sees Jiang Cheng wiping his sword, and asks him how many times he needs to wipe it. Jiang Cheng thinks Wu Xian just treats the family as hotel, and hits Wu Xian by accident.

Wu Xian trips and takes his flute to be against Jiang Cheng, and Jiang Cheng asks Wu Xian if he wants to have a fight. But Wu Xian says that he is just tired.

Yan Li asks Wu Xian if he wants to leave Lotus dock, and he swears not to leave her and Jiang Cheng as Feng Mian picked him back when he was a kid. She thinks he forgot the things happened in his childhood. But he says that he remembered what she told him.

Yan Li tells Wu Xian that she, Jiang Cheng and he are relatives, and Wu Xian leans his head on her knees, telling her that he starves. Yan Li tells Wu Xian that there are soups in the kitchen, and he mocks at Jiang Cheng for eavesdropping.

But Jiang Cheng points out that the whole Lotus dock belongs to him, so he can go anywhere. Wu Xian and Jiang Cheng argues for the ribs, and Yan Li stops them. She goes to cook soup.

Jiang Cheng mentions the hunting and asks Wu Xian not to provoke Zi Xuan. But Wu Xian prefers Guang Yao to be his brother-in-law. Jiang Cheng reminds Wu Xian that Yan Li still loves Zi Xuan.

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