Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 25-26

These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 25-26, Pei Zhao tells Xiao Feng that the conflict between Li Empire and Danchi has been going on for several decades, whether there is war or not isn’t under the Crown Prince’s control. Xiao Feng agrees that no one can prevent war from happening between the two states, but her husband killed grandpa. So she cannot resolve her emotional burdens.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 25

Good Bye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 25-26.

Xiao Feng marries Cheng Yin on the end. The maid thinks Crown Prince was going to marry Se Se first, but the Empress didn’t allow him to. She says that today is the marriage ceremony between the Crown Prince and Xi State’s Princess, and everyone is congratulating the Crown Prince.

Se Se thinks the Empress is telling her to know the place, and claims whether or not she is the Crown Princess, is no longer important when he loves her. Cheng Yin walks to Xiao Feng but spots her knife. He steps back and asks Pei Zhao for some wine. Pei Zhao suggests Cheng Yin not to get drunk.

But Cheng Yin says that he doesn’t know how to spend tonight if he doesn’t get drunk. Mi Luo stops Gu Jian drinking but finds out it’s just water. He says that no matter what, he cannot get drunk today. So he doesn’t want to waste any wine. He asks her if she had anyone she loved. Goodbye My Princess episode 25 is amazing.

She says that she loves wine and dancing, and thinks loving people is too tiring. He agrees and reveals he swore to find Xiao Feng and give her happiness. But he found out the ending would still be the same. As long as Xiao Feng is with Cheng Yin, she will remember those things.

Gu Jian doesn’t want to see her sad, and also doesn’t want history to repeat itself. But even if he take her with him, he cannot give her happiness. He realizes that for certain things, he only have one chance to choose. Mi Luo comforts him that anything can happen.

Cheng Yin gets drunk to visit Se Se. Jin Er wonders why Cheng Yin gets drunk on his first night. Se Se says that as long as Crown Prince comes to Qingluan Pavillion, she doesn’t care about anything else. Jin Er agrees and points out that today is the wedding of the Crown Prince and his Consort, but he came to their place.

She thinks the Crown Prince doesn’t care for the Crown Princess. Cheng Yin finds out that he slept with Se Se last night, and leaves. Yong Niang notices that Xiao Feng’s complexion looks so unhealthy. Xiao Feng tells Yong Niang to take all the decorations down because it reminds her the blood from the people of Dan Chi. Goodbye My Princess episode 25 is so nice.

Yong Niang reminds Xiao Feng to pay her respects to the Empress. Se Se wakes up and asks Jin Er when Cheng Yin left, and Jin Er replies that he left at early dawn. Se Se thinks Cheng Yin went to pay his respect with Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng passes out when pay her respect. Teacher Fang reports that Xiao Feng is very feverish, and guesses that she must’ve caught a cold. Empress asks to get the royal physician. Royal Physician says that the Crown Princess was chilled, and pent up sadness. So the illness came so quickly.

Empress asks if Xiao Feng was with the Crown Prince yesterday. Cheng Yin admits that he went to Qingluan Palace and doesn’t want to go to Xiao Feng’s place. Empress punishes Se Se for two weeks of house confinement. Cheng Yin explains that the matter has nothing to do with Se Se, but Empress thinks Se Se shouldn’t disobey palace regulations and bewitch her lord.

She asks him to invite the imperial director to debate for her, and thinks there will be harsher punishment than two weeks of confinement. Cheng Yin visits Xiao Feng, and Yong Niang reports that the Crown Princess didn’t wake up since coming back Qingling palace. She wants to go to the royal kitchen to prepare some foods, and takes away A Do. Goodbye My Princess episode 25 is worth of watching.

Cheng Yin gets the cover for Xiao Feng. But she wakes up and hurts him with her knife. He takes away her knife and thinks she was faking illness. He complains that Se Se got confined for two weeks. Yong Niang explains that Crown Princess must got confused from her high fever. Cheng Yin asks Dispensary not to treat Crown Princess’s illness. We spot his hand bleeding.

The eunuch repeats Empress’s oral decress, “Se Se betwitched her lord. Disregard high and low positions. Will be confined to house arrest at Qingluan Palace for two weeks.” Jin Er complains that the Crown Prince came to Qinluab Palace on his own, but Se Se get punished instead. Se Se tells Jin Er that Empress always seeks chance to step on her, but Crown Prince will fee more tenderness towards her when Empress steps on her.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 26

Pei Zhao tells Cheng Yin that Crown Princess is very sick this time and needs to rest for a few days. He asks him if he doesn’t want to let the doctors treat her. Cheng Yin explains that Se Se is being confined. If he doesn’t pretend to be angry, then she might become suspicious. Goodbye My Princess episode 26 is the best episode.

He asks Pei Zhao to bring some good medication from his home, and mentions Yong Niang is very trustworthy. He asks him to give the medicine to her secretly, and looks into how many people in the Eastern Palace are spies for Prime Minister Gao and the Empress.

Pei Zhao gives the medicine to Yong Niang and asks her to brew it for Xiao Feng. He tells Chai Mu that Prime Minister Gao wants Cheng Yin to be someone who doesn’t care about the government and only care about love. So he will contrik the government. Chai Mu asks Pei Zhao to inform Cheng Yin that he asked Gu Jian to call all the nearby Submerged Dragon Envoys to the capital.

He says that Gao Manor and Ye Manor both have some spies. Pei Zhao says that he has replaced all the Estern Palace guards with his people, but to avoid any suspicions from Prime Minister Gao, they couldn’t get rid of all the eunuchs and female servants. Chai Mu agrees, “If you get rid of all of them, you are more likely to become exposed.” Goodbye My Princess episode 26 is so good.

Cai Mu asks Pei Zhao if Fang Shiqing works for Prime Minister Gao. Pei Zhao reveals Cheng Yin wants to use Fang Shiqing as a pawn in his performance. Chai Mu reminds Pei Zhao that Cheng Yin’s attitude toward Xiao Feng is different, and worries that Cheng Yin make any mistake.

Yong Niang asks A Do to help Xiao Feng up and feeds Xiao Feng the medication. Gu Jian brings Lamb ribs to Xiao Feng, but she mentions that he said sick people cannot eat lamb ribs, and wants to drink grape wine. He brings it to Xiao Feng. She wants to eat frozen grape jelly. He promises to have someone bring some to her in a few days.

She sighs and asks him when her father will send letters back to her. He explains that from here to the Xi State, the travel time is 3 months, and tells her to wait a little longer. She says that she misses her parents and Xi State. Gu Jian visits Cheng Yin and asks him if Xi State envoys brought some gifts. Cheng Yin says yes.

Gu Jian asks to pick some gifts out to Xiao Feng, and gives the letter was written by her father to Cheng Yin. He says that Xiao Feng still doesn’t know that her mother is dead, and she has been sending one letter after another home. Cheng Yin thinks Gu Jian cares a lot about his wife. Pei Zhao asks Yong Niang to give the items to Xiao Feng and tells her the gifts and the letter are from the King of Xi State. Goodbye My Princess episode 26 is so great.

He reminds her that he hasn’t given anything to Xiao Feng. Yong Niang tells Xiao Feng that a letter came in from the Xi State. The letter lessens Xiao Feng’s homesickness. Cheng Yin complains to Empress that Li Shiqing keeps going on and on about what is right and wrong. She tells him to let the teachers guide him, and talk it over with Prime Minister Gao.

Grand Tutor Fang boasts that Cheng Yin would rather talk about official matters with him. Prime Minister Gao is still suspicious of the Crown Prince because of what happened at the western border and Danchi, and guesses he must have someone behind him. Grand Tutor Fang comforts Prime Minister Gao and promises to look into it.

Pei Zhao takes Xiao Feng to the memorial temple, and explains that Cheng Yin came back from the Western Border and requested for building the temple. Xiao Feng tears up when touching Tie Daer’s armor. She remembers Tie Daer told her not to cry. Pei Zhao remembers Cheng Yin asked him to take her there and thought it would resolve Xiao Feng’s emotional burdens. Goodbye My Princess episode 26 is with wonderful plot.

Pei Zhao tells Xiao Feng that the conflict between Li Empire and Danchi has been going on for several decades, whether there is war or not isn’t under the Crown Prince’s control. Xiao Feng agrees that no one can prevent war from happening between the two states, but her husband killed grandpa. So she cannot resolve her emotional burdens. She says that if she doesn’t blame him, then who she should blame.

Xiao Feng wonders why she became Cheng Yin’s wife. Cheng Yin visits Se Se and confesses that for the past half month, he has been blaming himself every day. Se Se is moved, “If you saw me drained and tired, you would blame yourself more and be more concerned.” She is in his arms, “Knowing that Your Highness also missed me every day. It makes me very happy.”

The maids talk about Qingluan palace was just spared from confinement, the Crown Prince rushed to see Consort Zhao at once. Yong Niang wants to ripe the mouths off of those senseless servants. Xiao Feng stops Yong Niang and claims she isn’t the person Cheng Yin likes. Yong Niang points out that Xiao Feng care about the Crown Prince, if not, she wouldn’t have been sad for this long. Goodbye My Princess episode 26 makes me tear up.

Xiao Feng explains that she was sad before because she couldn’t go back to Xi State. She promises not to think about the sad thing. Xiao Feng walks A Do and wonders if Ming Yue and Mi Luo miss her. Gu Jian shows up and says that they miss her a lot. They arrive at Mi Luo’s bar, and Xiao Feng wants to become siblings with Gu Jian. He says that she startled him and thought she would pledge to marry him.

He was scared he would be charged for seducing a married woman. Mi Luo is shocked that Xiao Feng gets married, and asks about her husband. Gu Jian stops Mi Luo and offers to have a teacher and student relationship with Xiao Feng. He tells her that if someone bullies her, he will protect her, and if she go against the whole world, he will become the enemy of the whole world for her.

Xiao Feng takes the wine and asks Gu Jian to accept her worships. I highly recommend you to watch Goodbye My Princess episode 26.

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