Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama: Episodes 29-30 [Recap]

These are recaps for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama: Episodes 29-30. Gao Gui tells Yu Ming that Cheng Yin took Se Se to the Buddha bath festival, and thinks he wants to be close to Zhao family. But Yu Ming worries that Cheng Yin is close to Xi state secretly.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 29 Recap

Good Bye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama: Episodes 29-30.

Gao Gui tells Yu Ming that Cheng Yin took Se Se to the Buddha bath festival, and thinks he wants to be close to Zhao family. But Yu Ming worries that Cheng Yin is close to Xi state secretly.

Ru Yi shows up and brings the soup for Yu Ming. Yu Ming laughs and thinks Ru Yi is better than his sons. Gao Gui thinks Yu Ming is biased, and asks Ru Yi if he has the portion. She promises to send it to his room.

Ru Yi tells the two to have a rest, and she leaves. Gao Gui asks Yu Ming who can match Ru Yi, and Yu Ming intends to marry Ru Yi to Emperor.

Xiao Feng learns that the maids are avoiding her, and Yong Niang reveals Cheng Yin ordered people not to talk with Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng meets with Luo Xi and Yong Ning. Yong Ning reveals it’s Luo Xi’s birthday, and Xiao Feng offers to go out of palace and visit her friend’s bar. The two agree to it. Luo Xi mentions it’s Se Se’s birthday tomorrow. Goodbye My Princess episode 29 is very good.

Empress learns that Cheng Yin ordered people not to talk with Xiao Feng. She rages and notes that the maid vomits. The maid shares that she vomited when she smelled the soup. The chief maid slaps the maid and wants to beat her with stick.

Empress stops the chief maid, and tells her to get the maid to get checked if she is still a virgin. The chief maid reports that the maid is in pregnancy. Empress thinks the maid seduced Emperor, but the maid is on knees to deny.

Empress asks Wei Cheng to take away the maid when she doesn’t intend to reveal the person. The maid reveals the baby belongs to Zhang Can, and asks for forgiving.

Xiao Feng intends to go out with A Du, but the bodyguards block her. Pei Zhao tells the bodyguards not to block Xiao Feng, and asks Cheng Yin why he doesn’t want people to talk with Xiao Feng.

Cheng Yin says that Empress wants to get Xiao Feng to deal with Se Se, and she won’t bring trouble when she doesn’t talk. He tells Pei Zhao to get his men to protect Xiao Feng.

Xiao Feng learns that the two men follow her, and she tells A Du to draw them. The two ask A Du where Xiao Feng is, but Gu Jian stuns them. A Du tells Gu Jian that Xiao Feng is in the clinic, and he asks the two to meet him at the bar of Mi Luo. Gu Jian finds the token from the man he just stunned. Goodbye My Princess episode 29 is pretty cool.

Xiao Feng asks the doctor to see her head as she thinks she lost memories because she got hit. But he tells her that she didn’t get hit but the chill in her body is serious.

A Du tells Xiao Feng that Gu Jian asks them to visit him at the bar the Mi Luo. The two leave. Gu Jian walks in the clinic and asks the doctor what illness Xiao Feng asked.

Mi Luo brings lamb to Xiao Feng and asks her what the matter is. Xiao Feng tells Mi Luo that she cannot remember her memories, and Mi Luo tells her to let it go.

Xiao Feng tells Mi Luo that she wants to rent the bar because it’s her friend’s birthday. Mi Luo agrees to it.

The man shows up with his friends, and asks the singer to change a song. Xiao Feng thinks they’re frogs. The man walks to Xiao Feng and thinks she is pretty than the singer. So he asks her to drink with him.

Xiao Feng pours the wine to the man, and A Du stabs the man’s palm with a chopstick. Mi Luo tells A Du and Xiao Feng to flee, but the man asks his friends to chase the two. Goodbye My Princess episode 29 is amazing.

Mi Luo tells Gu Jian that the men are chasing Xiao Feng at the street, and he disappears like wind. Xiao Feng and Pei Zhao are ready to fight. Pei Zhao shows up, and Xiao Feng asks him to arrest those men. The man introduces himself as Zhang Can, and Pei Zhao tells him to go back to take punishment.

Gu Jian shows up and asks Xiao Feng if she is fine. She says that she is fine, and introduces Pei Zhao to Gu Jian. Pei Zhao tells Xiao Feng to go back to palace, but she says that he won’t only send her back to palace tonight.

Gu Jian thinks people will know crown princess going out of palace since he took so many men. But Pei Zhao thinks crown princess wouldn’t be in trouble if Gu Jian didn’t stun his men. Gu Jian says that he didn’t know they’re his men since they dressed up so well. Gu Jian promises to send Xiao Feng back.

Gu Jian asks Xiao Feng why she doesn’t pick the expensive one when she wants to pick the gift for Luo Xi. She says that she wants to give the one, which cannot be found at the palace. She asks the seller for the stuff of Xi state, and the seller recommends the peacock stone to her. Xiao Feng buys the peacock stones for Luo Xi and Se Se.

Xiao Feng buys some colored glass beads and it’s her skill to make the hand belt with the beads. Gu Jian tells her that he will believe it if she makes it for him. But she says that she won’t be fooled, and wants to give it to her friends who saved her many times. He asks her to thank him, but she says that he should save her because he is her master. Goodbye My Princess episode 29 is worth of watching.

Luo Xi and Yong Ning run to the carriage, and Pei Zhao tells them that Xiao Feng got him to pick them up. But he tells the two not to go out as they know the rule of the palace. Yong Ning scolds Pei Zhao if he came to stop them or pick them. She tells him that she can go out no matter how he stops her.

Luo Xi reminds Yong Ning that it’s Pei Zhao’s duty, and tells him that she wants to take a birthday which belongs to her. She tells him to follow them, and Yong Ning claims that she will take the duty.

Mi Luo brings Wine, and A Du stops Gu Jian taking the food. Mi Luo blames Gu Jian for eating when the guesses don’t arrive. She asks him to go to kitchen to take dishes, but he bites the food.

Pei Zhao helps Luo Xi and Yong Ning get off the carriage, and Xiao Feng gives the peacock stone to Luo Xi. Yong Ning asks for gift, and Xiao Feng gives a comb to her. Xiao Feng promises to give a good one to Yong Ning when her birthday comes. Yong Ning says that she likes anything Xiao Feng gives.

Mi Luo shows up and asks Xiao Feng to introduce her friends to her. Xiao Feng gets them to know each other, and Luo Xi praises Mi Luo. Mi Luo introduces the wines to the girls, and thinks females should drink the wines with fruit taste. Mi Luo learns that Luo Xi didn’t eat wine, intends to take her to drink. Goodbye My Princess episode 29 is perfect.

Pei Zhao stops Mi Luo and thinks Luo Xi is different from Mi Luo. He says that Luo Xi didn’t drink wine, but Mi Luo thinks women won’t be sober if she hasn’t been drunk. Luo Xi says that she can drink, and Mi Luo takes her away.

Yong Ning and Luo Xi are drunk, and Yong Ning says that she is a rabbit and she climbs on the floor. Xiao Feng tells Yong Ning to go back to palace, and Yong Ning claims that she is a bird. She walks on the table, and Gu Jian has to take away the dishes. Luo Yi confesses her feelings to Pei Zhao with the poems.

Xiao Feng helps Luo Xi and Yong Ning get in the carriage, and she returns with A Du. Yong Niang reminds Xiao Feng to prepare a gift for Se Se, and Xiao Feng says that she has prepared it. Yong Niang gets the maids to take bath for Xiao Feng.

The next day, Yong Nian fails to wake Xiao Feng up. So she asks the maid to send a bowl of birthday noodles to Se Se with the name of Xiao Feng.

The maid brings the noodles to Se Se and thinks Xiao Feng didn’t respect her. She wants to pour the noodles, but Se Se thinks she should eat it well since it was given by Xiao Feng. Goodbye My Princess episode 29 is the best episode.

Cheng Yin looks for something in Xiao Feng’s room, and finds the box of the beads. He thinks it’s the stuff she wants to use to hurt people. But Xiao Feng takes away the box and says that she wants to use them to make gift for the friend. He asks her to explain that Se Se is diarrhea after eating her noodles. She says that she didn’t do it, and thinks Cheng Yin’s brain cannot match the position crown prince.

Cheng Yin wants to depose Xiao Feng. Yong Niang is on knees and reveals the noodles was sent by her. Cheng Yin claims that he will look into it. Yong Niang asks Xiao Feng for death sin, but Xiao Feng thinks it isn’t their business since they didn’t put something bad in the noodles.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama: Episode 30 Recap

Pei Zhao asks Cheng Yin how to deal with the birthday noodles, and Cheng Yin thinks Yong Niang wouldn’t do that because she is queen’s woman. Pei Zhao wonders who would hurt Se Se, and Cheng Yin thinks Se Se asks to catch the thief when she is the thief.

The chief maid tells Empress that Cheng Yin believed Se Se and wanted to depose Xiao Feng. She thinks Cheng Yin won’t know Empress when he loves Se Se. Empress asks Chief Maid if she arranged the maid Xu Niang. Chief Maid says yes.

Luo Xi thinks Se Se is with bad luck, and Xiao Feng wants to see Se Se and she didn’t give the gift to her. Yong Ning thinks Xiao Feng is silly because Se Se made Cheng Yin scold her. But Xiao Feng still wants to see Se Se. Luo Xi worries that Cheng Yin will blame Xiao Feng again. Xiao Feng says that she doesn’t fear Cheng Yin.

The maid tells Se Se that Xiao Feng came, and worries about Xiao Feng’s finding. Se Se wants to see what Xiao Feng wants to do. Goodbye My Princess episode 30 is amazing.

Xiao Feng gives the stone to Se Se, and reveals she forgot to give her because of Cheng Yin. She says that the peacock stone is rare in China, and Se Se believes that her illness isn’t related to Xiao Feng’s noodles.

Xiao Feng wants to leave, and Se Se mentions the wolf teeth. Xiao Feng thinks it’s not her wolf teeth, but Se Se asks Jing Er to bring her wolf teeth. Xiao Feng finds out that it’s her wolf teeth, and Se Se shares that it’s love gift Cheng Yin gave her. Se Se thinks it’s not good to give it to Xiao Feng since the wolf teeth was given by Cheng Yin. Xiao Feng tells Se Se to keep the wolf teeth. Jing Er asks Se Se why she had to do that, and Se Se wants to know the relationship between Xiao Feng and Se Se before.

Xiao Feng shows the belt she just made to Yong Niang, and Yong Niang is surprised by Xiao Feng’s skill. Xiao Feng reveals the girls of Xi state must make a belt as love gift before she gets married. Yong Niang thinks Cheng Yin will like it, but she learns that Xiao Feng doesn’t intend to give it to Cheng Yin.

Xiao Feng thanks Pei Zhao for saving her and A Du, and wants to give the belt to him. But he is startled and rejects to accept it. Cheng Yin shows up and sees Pei Zhao taking the belt. Xiao Feng asks Cheng Yin if he gave the wolf teeth to Se Se, and reveals it was given by Grandfather who killed wolf king.

Cheng Yin admits that he gave it to Se Se, and Xiao Feng asks him why he gave her stuff to someone else. He explains that he didn’t know that. Goodbye My Princess episode 30 is wonderful.

Pei Zhao helps Gu Jian to wash bowls, and Gu Jian sees the belt. Gu Jian learns that Xiao Feng gave it to Pei Zhao, and Pei Zhao brags that it’s hard to take off. Pei Zhao mentions Xiao Feng mentions the wolf teeth, and worries Xiao Feng and Cheng Yin remembered something. Gu Jian mentions Xiao Feng visited the clinic, and offers to give Cheng Yin and Xiao Feng a reasonable explanation, since they suspect it. But Pei Zhao says that he cannot lie.

Cheng Yin is checking the stuff he took back from Xi state. Pei Zhao reveals he picked up the wolf teeth outside the tent, and he wants to explain it to Xiao Feng. But Cheng Yin wants to explain it in person.

The bodyguard reports to Pei Zhao that the two person pretended to be Yu Lin troop and caused the lawsuit. Pei Zhao asks about their names, and the bodyguard reveals one of them is called Zhou Xi.

Pei Zhao arrives at the court, and sees Xiao Feng and A Do. He asks the judge if the two pushed the kid into water. Judge says yes and brings a chair to Pei Zhao. The dad reveals Xiao Feng pushed his kids into water when they just bumped her. Xiao Feng points out that she saved them when they were in the water.

Judge asks Xiao Feng if she can swim, and she denies. He asks her why she wanted to save the kids when she cannot swim. She explains that she didn’t think so much. He asks her why she got up the bank, and she says that A Du can swim. Judge doesn’t believe Xiao Feng and thinks she pushed the kids. Goodbye My Princess episode 30 is so great.

Pei Zhao offers to take away the girl, and he asks the boy if Xiao Feng pushed him from his back. The boy says yes, but Pei Zhao points out that how he knew Xiao Feng since he couldn’t see her. The boy says that she pushed him from front and he fell into the water facing the sky. Pei Zhao asks the girl how Xiao Feng pushed her brother, and she says that Xiao Feng pushed his back.

Pei Zhao tells the Judge to look into it since what the two kids said were different. Judge threatens to punish the boy, and the boy admits that his father taught him to do that. Xiao Feng scolds Judge that she will save the person first if the same thing happens again.

Xiao Feng tells Pei Zhao that she worried about it when Judge got people to call him. Because he didn’t know her fake name Zhou Xi. She thinks there are many liars in Li state, but she thinks Pei Zhou is a good man. Xiao Feng wants to give something to Pei Zhou since he saved her again. But Pei Zhao tells her not to give gift to him. She thinks he doesn’t like her gift. But he reminds her their positions are different. She says that he is her friend like Luo Xi and Yong Ning.

The general Zeng Xian reports to Emperor that he didn’t find Chai Mu. Emperor tells Zeng Xian to go out of palace with him.

Ming Yue asks the maid to buy wine at Mi Luo’s bar as there is an important guest. Emperor asks Ming Yue if the two strangers visited her, but she denies. He asks to take a look at the gold they gave her, and she shows the gold to him. Goodbye My Princess episode 30 is worth of watching.

Ming Yue thinks Emperor still suspects her and tells him to arrest her. She tells him not to play her, but he asks her why she trusts him since she just saw him one time. She says that she knew that he is a gentleman after hearing his voice.

Emperor punishes himself by drinking wine, and he thinks it’s good since Ming Yue treated him as friend.

Ming Yue helps Emperor get in the carriage, and Gu Jian sees it. Gu Jian asks Ming Yue if Emperor suspected her, and she wants to see Crown Prince.

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