Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 27-28

These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 27-28, Cheng Yin takes the outfit and thinks he didn’t come to fight with Xiao Feng. He visits Se Se and tells her it’s the apology gift since Xiao Feng hurt her hand. But Se Se thinks it’s the clothes of the Crown Princess Consort, and worries that the Empress will blame her. He comforts her that Empress won’t blame her.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 27

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 27-28.

Gu Jian takes Xiao Feng home, and she says that she has a teacher now while sleeping. He goes out, and Pei Zhao spots it. Gao Gui tells his father that the Crown Prince often meets someone named Chai Mu. Emperor knows Chai Mu as well. Gao Gui adds that Chai Mu owns a group called Submerged Dragon Envoys.

The man reports to emperor that Chai Mu was an acquaintance of Princess Ming Yuan. Gao Yuming asks to look into Chai Mu. Emperor orders to find him. Chai Mu tells Yan Er that he wants to make a tombstone for her mother, but she says that she made it. He promises to take her away, but she says that their tie cannot be repaired, and doesn’t want to see him again.

Emperor’s army, Shenwu army want to take Chai Mu to see emperor. But he rejects. So they attack him. Gu Jian saves Chai Mu and takes him away. The officer asks Shenwu army to search the street, and asks the madam about the place. She explains that the place is where Ming Yue lives, and brags that she is the top courtesan at Singing Jade Brothel.

But the officer barges into Ming Yu’s room, and the soldier finds the trace of blood. The officer orders to arrest Ming Yue. Gu Jian and Chai Mu shows up at the rooftop. Gu Jian comforts Chai Mu that Ming Yue is intelligent. Ming Yue is blinded in the court. Emperor pretends to be the Governor of Capital, and asks Ming Yue if she saw any person today. Goodbye My Princess episode 27 is very good.

She says that she felt ill today so that she didn’t take care of any guest. But he points out that his men found blood tracings in her room. She says that when she was in her room playing the lute, two strangers burst into her room, giving her 10 taels of silver, and threatened her to play lute no matter what was happening outside. She says that she didn’t know the two were important criminals, and thanks Emperor for saving her.

She says that she would never be acquaintances with those lawless criminals. Emperor asks her if she remembers the two’s looks. She says that the two men… One was wearing a hood while the other covered his face, so she didn’t see their faces. But she remembers one of the men’s voice, and thinks he was a middle-aged man, and he had a western border accent.

Emperor asks Ming Yue to play a song to him. She smirks and asks him what kind of song he likes. He says that he will listen to whatever she plays. She offers to play Six Yao for him. Prime Minister hits Gao Zhen’s ass for going to Singing Jade Brothel. Gao Zheng feels wronged and says that he has real feelings with Ming Yue, but Gao Kun thinks his brother is worthless. Goodbye My Princess episode 27 is so great.

Emperor thinks Ming Yue played the pipa very well, and wants to give her some gold. But she rejects it as she would never entertains someone just for the earthly items. She tells him to visit her at Singing Jade Brothel. The man reports to Chai Mu that Ming Yue left palace. Chai My thinks he will bring harm to his men if he stays in the capital. Gu Jian agrees and tells Chai Mu to leave the city. Chai Mu tells Gu Jian to visit Ming Yue often while he isn’t there.

Chai Mu summons Submerged Dragon Envoys and tells them that Gu Jian is their young master. Gu Jian tells Ming Yue that Godfather has left the city when she returns. He tells her that the man who took her away was the commander of Shenwu Army, Zeng Xian. She realizes that the person who interrogated her was the Emperor. He asks her what she said to the Emperor.

She thinks he worries that she would betray Chai Mu, but he explains that he worries that the Emperor knows her origins. She says that she didn’t say anything and the Emperor didn’t ask further either. Yong Niang tells Xiao Feng to visit Se Se and mentions the Crown Prince misunderstood her, but Xiao Feng thinks she doesn’t need to flatter the Crown Prince’s lover. Goodbye My Princess episode 27 is amazing.

Yong Niang is on her knees and asks for death. Xiao Feng agrees. She visits Se Se and gives her the best fermented grape wine. But Cheng Yin thinks Xiao Feng wants to harm Se Se, Xiao Feng talks back that he killed people. Xiao Feng trips when robbing the pot, Cheng Yin picks her up. But Se Se falls and hurts her palm. Cheng Yin yells at Xiao Feng and doesn’t allow her to visit Qingluan palace.

Cheng Yin treats Se Se’s wound, and she asks him to see Xiao Feng. But he rejects it and mentions Xiao Feng caused the injury. Se Se thinks he shouldn’t be so obvious even if he dotes on her. He thinks she is understanding and elegant, and wants to leave. She holds his hand and asks him if he will come to her place tonight. He explains that the Grand Tutor wants him to learn court affairs, so he won’t come.

He mentions Empress will get mad at her when he ignores court affairs. Se Se is sad and remembers Cheng Yin always saves Xiao Feng. Mi Luo rushes to Pei Zhao, but he makes her trip. He thinks she should be more reserved, but she talks back that he didn’t catch her. She hugs him when he pulls her up, and thinks the conduct isn’t worth any money. He tells her that he wants to visit Gu Jian.

Mi Luo mentions Gu Jian hasn’t been drinking these days, and he is cleaning dishes to repay money. Pei Zhao spots Gu Jian cutting woods, and doesn’t expect he can do such type of work. But Gu Jian thinks it’s easy than what Godfather assigned him. Pei Zhao reveals Chai Mu left the city, and he will find a way to get him back. He tells him not to visit palace, and reveals Cheng Yin and Xiao Feng don’t get along well. Goodbye My Princess episode 27 is worth of watching.

He says that Cheng Yin is just pretending for the eyes around him, and he still cares for Xiao Feng. Gu Jian thinks Cheng Yin hurts Xiao Feng all the time. But Pei Zhao says that they already forgot, everything is starting fresh. He says that he hopes Xiao Feng to be well. Cheng Yin, Se Se and Xiao Feng visit Empress. Empress tells Cheng Yin to pay more attention to Xiao Feng since she has just recovered from an illness.

But he thinks Xiao Feng is just exaggerating it. Xiao Feng talks back that he is sick. He thinks she is a barbaric girl. She points out that he broke her gift for Se Se and kicked her out of Qingluan palace. Emperor arrives and mentions the Buddha’s Day. He wants Cheng Yin and Xiao Feng to represent the royal family to welcome the envoys, and asks about their outfits. Empress points at the casual attire and dress, and asks Emperor to take a look.

Emperor asks Xiao Feng to take a look. She thinks it’s so detailed. Empress tells Xiao Feng to take care of the outfit. Xiao Feng tells Yong Niang not to take care of the outfit like that, but Yong Niang worries about tearing a string. Xiao Feng mentions she accidentally ruined Princess Ming Yuan’s gold silk string. Yong Niang is surprised to tell Xiao Feng wearing it carefully. But Cheng Yin tells Xiao Feng not to touch it recklessly because he worries that she makes the silk fall. Goodbye My Princess episode 27 is the best episode.

Yong Niang invites Cheng Yin to eat dinner together. But Xiao Feng answers for him that he won’t eat there. She asks him what he came there for. He says that Empress asked him to teach her the rules of Buddha’s birthday. But she mocks at him that he pretends to merciful in front of Buddha since he killed so many people. He yells at her and asks her not to say it anymore when she leaves the room. She talks back that it doesn’t mean to forgive him when she hasn’t stabbed him with a knife.

She says that she is polite to him because he built a memorial temple for her grandfather. But he points out that he built it because Tie Daer is a hero. Xiao Feng asks Cheng Yin out and claims she doesn’t want to go to Buddha’s birthday with him. Because she feels disgusted when staying with a killer like him. But he claims many people don’t have chance to go with him. She realizes that he wants her to give the outfit to Se Se, and gives it to him. But he thinks she lets Se Se go so that Se Se will be punished.

She says that she will say she is sick, and won’t get his Se Se into trouble. He tells her to act well. Yong Niang wonders why Cheng Yin takes away the outfit, but Xiao Feng says that she doesn’t care.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 28

Cheng Yin takes the outfit and thinks he didn’t come to fight with her. He visits Se Se and tells her it’s the apology gift since Xiao Feng hurt her hand. But Se Se thinks it’s the clothes of the Crown Princess Consort, and worries that the Empress will blame her. He comforts her that Empress won’t blame her. Yong Niang asks Xiao Feng if she really lets Se Se go to Buddha’s Day for her. Xiao Feng says that Se Se’s hand got hurt because of her, and thinks Se Se and Cheng Yin will be happy from receiving the outfit.

She thinks he won’t come to her place and wreck havoc. But Yong Niang is afraid of Emperor and Empress. Xiao Feng thinks she gets sick once and a while from the cold should be normal since she has been sick for such a long time. She thinks His Majesty and Empress just need a prop. Emperor arrives with Empress, and wonders why the Crown Princess Consort didn’t come. Empress explains that Crown Princess Consort caught a cold, so she asked to take a day off. He thinks Xiao Feng’s illness hasn’t fully recovered yet, and asks Empress to take care of her. Goodbye My Princess episode 28 is so great.

Empress glares at Se Se. Cheng Yin comforts Se Se. Xiao Feng tells A Do that she has been seeing some weird memories, and thinks she lost a really important memory. Gu Jian shows up and mentions he didn’t see Xiao Feng at the festival. She tells him that she told Empress that she was sick because of Cheng Yin and Se Se. He mentions the fair of Buddha Festival, and it has dancing lions and fire acrobats. He heard the Persian witches are better than fortune tellers, and mentions they can see the past and present life.

Gu Jian, Xiao Feng and A Do show up in the street. Gu Jian buys Xiao Feng the sugared figure. She gets in Persian witch’s house, and asks her to look at her fortune. Persian witch is scared when seeing Gu Jian, and tells them that they have affinity from two lives, but they both won’t end well. She tells them to leave each other. But Xiao Feng says that Gu Jian is her teacher, and thinks the witch is a scam. Xiao Feng asks Gu Jian to leave with her. But he tells her to wait for her at the wishing pond.

Persian witch thinks Gu Jian lives to repent his sins, and tells him that his body will suffer from the pain of a thousand arrows piercing through the heart. He smirks that he is feeling like there’s a thousand arrows piercing his heart, but he isn’t planning to die. Xiao Feng tells A Do that they ran into swindler again, and thinks the turtles they just released will come back. Emperor arrives at the top of Vermillion Tower. He says that he prays the Buddha to look over the Li Kingdom each Buddha Festival, and feels happy and assured. Goodbye My Princess episode 28 is really good.

Xiao Feng picks up the turtle and thinks she finds it again. She points out the men use the idea if releasing turtles to make it into a scam. She says that they’re selling turtles, then after every one releases their turtles, they catch and sell them again. The man asks her for the evidence, Xiao Feng shows up the turtle to people and reveals she just bought it. The man points out that the turtles look the same. But Xiao Feng shows the white fabric tied on the turtle, and asks the man to refund their money.

But the man’s friends join him, and he tells Xiao Feng that he will show her what bullying the weak. Xiao Feng and A Do fight with the men, and tells people not to fooled by the trickster. Emperor glares at Cheng Yin, so Cheng Yin asks Pei Zhao to see the situation. Pei Zhao arrests the man when he wants to stab Xiao Feng with his knife. Xiao Feng wonders why Pei Zhao is there, but spots Emperor and Empress. Emperor asks Empress to look into it as he thinks ministers see this as a joke. Empress asks Cheng Yin to bring Xiao Feng and Se Se to her palace.

Cheng Yin whispers Xiao Feng to ask her saying that he didn’t allow her to go. The maid says that Empress summons them. So he walks Se Se while holding her hand. Empress asks Cheng Yin why Xiao Feng appears in the middle of the city by herself, Xiao Feng explains that she was afraid of hurting the reputation of the royal family so that she didn’t go. Cheng Yin thinks Xiao Feng is jealous because he went to Se Se’s place on their wedding night. He thinks she took revenge on him. Xiao Feng yells at Cheng Yin that he took the clothes away just to take Se Se to the festival. Goodbye My Princess episode 28 makes me tear up.

But Empress thinks the imperial family lost the reputation when allowing the side consort to attend the festival. She thinks Se Se bewitched Cheng Yin to do it, and punishes her to kneel and read buddhist manuscripts. Cheng Yin explains that he didn’t want to bring Xiao Feng. Se Se stops him and gets the punishment. But she throws the outfit when returning to her palace. Empress asks Cheng Yin if he knows his wrongs, and thinks Se Se ignored the palace traditions and wore the dress designatesd for the Crown Princess Consort. She tells him not to cherish Se Se alone. Cheng Yin leaves with temper.

The maid mentions Cheng Yin was leaving, he looked upset. She thinks his favorite is Se Se, so it’s natural to have her in his heart. But Empress points out that Cheng Yin isn’t like he was, and thinks he has distanced himself from her. She mentions he defies her for Se Se. She worries Mr. Gao finds out that he dotes on Se Se alone. She thinks Xiao Feng won’t be of use to her in the future. The maid offers to find someone they can control. Cheng Yin bursts into Se Se’s place. But Jin Er stops him as she worries that Se Se will get more punishments.

He says that he implicated Se Se and regrets for having her enter the palace. Se Se mentions the words she wrote for him, “One flower, one world. One leaf, one pursuit. One melody, one stage. One life for one person.” She has never regretted the decision she made. She hopes they won’t abandon each other in her life. She bows to Cheng Yin. Cheng Yin tells Pei Zhao that he had originally planned to put all the blame on himself, but didn’t expect that Se Se would take the blame. He feels guilty that she cannot even protect his wife, and thinks he should put on a show at Cheng En palace. Goodbye My Princess episode 28 is wonderful.

He wants to tells people that he is a scoundrel who bullied Xiao Feng, so they won’t blame Xiao Feng when she does any wrong in the future. Cheng Yin visits Xiao Feng and blames her for breaking her promises, but she talks back that he didn’t tell her about going to Zhuque Gate. He blames her that she didn’t research the norms of etiqueete before attending the festival. He thinks she did it on purpose. She yells at him that she doesn’t cherish, and tells him to stay away from her. Cheng Yin gets angry and asks the people in Eastern Palace not to speak to Xiao Feng, and threatens to have their tongue plucked out and punish with menial labor.

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