Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 3-4

These are recaps of Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4, Gu Xiaowu goes to get water but walks in the quicksand. Qu Xiaofeng gives the rope to him, and asks the red horse to pull them. But Gu Xiaowu releases the rope because he doesn’t want to drag on Qu Xiaofeng.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 3

Goodbye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 3-4.

Qu Xiaofeng is surprised that the man Gu Jian recommended is Gu Xiaowu. She claims that she is the ninth princess of Xi Zhou, and King of Dan Chi’s granddaughter. She threatens to tie him up on the horse and kills him. But Gu Xiaowu teases that she won’t drink nice tea if she kills him because he comes from tea family.

Qu Xiaofeng complains to A Do that Gu Xiaowu is a jerk that he asked her to read the texts on the handkerchief otherwise he wouldn’t help her. But she cannot understand the language. A Du reminds Qu Xiaofeng that tomorrow is the last deadline. Empress walks in and tells Qu Xiaofeng to visit her grandpa Tie Daer. Because Qu Wencheng fears Tie Daer. Qu Xiaofeng agrees it but wants Gu Jian to escort her.

Ming Yuan is dying. She tells Qu Wencheng that her last wish is peach. He promises her wih tears. Qu Xiaofeng mocks Gu Xiaowu that he will only bring her trouble when she knows he will go with her. He warns her that the bear likes to eat the girl like her. Ming Yuan dies, empress announces to delay the marriage. Qu Xiaofeng and Gu Xiaowu are sad when hearing the news. She tells Gu Jian that she doesn’t want to live like Ming Yuan who left her hometown and couldn’t return.

Gu Xiaowu sees that Qu Xiaofeng loves Gu Jian and tells her that man is like the kit, and he will fly away if she doesn’t pull it. He promises to help her, but asks her to take her into the king’s curtain.

Gu Xiaowu asks Qu Xiaofeng to feed him the cookies to test Gu Jian. But Gu Jian doesn’t have any reaction. Gu Jian warns Gu Xiaowu to do his job instead of playing with a kid. Gu Xiaowu explains that he plays with Qu Xiaofeng and makes her trust him.

Qu Xiaofeng asks Gu Jian if he loves her, but he denies. She is sad and runs away. Pei Zhao arrests Dan Chi’s warrior Batur and Li Chengye wrongs him for killing crown prince. Gu Xiaowu thinks Qu Xiaofeng is rude because she brushes horse at upstream when he gets water to drink. So she pours water on him, and they have a fight. Qu Xiaofeng notices Gu Jian peeks at her, and thinks it’s her misconception.

The soldiers of Shuo Bo surround them and want to kidnap Qu Xiaofeng. Gu Jian asks Gu Xiaowu to take Qu Xiaofeng away. Gu Xiaowu takes Qu Xiaofeng to jump into the water when the soldiers are close to them. He kisses her when she is going to be drowned. She blames him for kissing her, but he explains that it was just artificial respiration, and he wouldn’t kiss a woman who likes another man.

Qu Wencheng is furious when he knows empress sent Qu Xiaofeng to Dan Chi, and thinks his wife forces him to death path since Li Chao and Dan Chi will have a war. He asks the spy to find his daughter with 100 gold. When Qu Xiaofeng gets into the hotel, Gu Xiaowu stops her and shows her the warrant. She is furious that her father only offered 100 gold, and thinks he is too mean. Gu Xiaowu finds out his jade pendant is lost, and blames Qu Xiaofeng. She complains that she didn’t ask him to save her, and remembers she kicked off his jade pendant when he kissed her in the water.

Batur swears to ruin Li Chao when Li Chengye interrogates him. Gao Xian offers to give Batur to emperor. Li Chengye agrees. Gu Xiaowu wakes up and doesn’t see Qu Xiaofeng. He realizes something bad happen to her. Qu Xiaofeng returns the river, and gets into the water with the rope. She gets the jade pendant but passes out in the water.

Goodbye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4

Gu Xiaowu saves Qu Xiaofeng before she dies. He realizes he was selfish when she mentions he blamed her for making him lose the jade pendant. She tells her that she wants to stay with the man she likes, and wants to jump into the Wang Chuang river, which makes her forget Gu Jian. He tells her the best man in the world is in front of her, but she thinks he is cheeky.

Gao Xian asks Pei Zhao to annihilate sand thief who appear at the gobi desert. The followers gives the portrait of Batur to Gao Xian. Gao Xian sends the portrait to his father. Li Yan is going to escort Batur to Li Chao. But Li Chengye worries that Li Yan will get punished by emperor if their plan fails. But Li Yan thinks it’s the only way to get Li Chengye to be crown prince.

Li Yan kills Batur and asks his subordinate Leng Kun to pretend to be Batur. Gu Xiaowu goes to look for Gu Jian and leaves Qu Xiaofeng alone. But the chief of Shuo Bo shoots the sky with Ming Di, and Qu Xiaofeng mistakes that Gu Jian summons her. She finds the Ming Di and realizes that she is be trapped when the troopers of Shuo Bo appear. She rides her horse to flee and runs into He Shi.

He Shi tells her to flee to the king’s curtain because the troopers of Shuo Bo are too many. Empress Zhang worries that Li Chengye gets the position of crown prince because he arrested the assassin. But Gao Xian’s father, the Prime minister Gao Yuming thinks Li Chengyin will win if he can gets the ninth princess of Xi Zhou’s love.

Qu Xiaofeng passes out at the desert. Gu Jian saves her and asks his follower to inform Gu Xianwu. Qu Xiaofeng calls Gu Xiaowu’s name in her dream, and Gu Xian sleeps next to her and comforts her when she falls asleep. Qu Xiaofeng wakes up but Gu Jian left. She wants to get the reinforcement from king’s curtain. But Gu Xiaowu thinks the An Hu house is close to their place, so he offers to visits An Hu house and reveals he is close to the General Pei Zhao. Gu Jian watches them and decides to visit Pei Zhao as well.

He meets up with Pei Zhao and tells him that Gu Xiaowu and Qu Xiaofeng are chased by the soldiers of Shuo Bo. Pei Jian reveals he moves the camp because of quicksand, and worries Gu Xiaowu cannot find his camp. Gu Xiaowu goes to get water but walks in the quicksand. Qu Xiaofeng gives the rope to him, and asks the red horse to pull them. But Gu Xiaowu releases the rope because he doesn’t want to drag on Qu Xiaofeng. He apologizes to her that he has used her from the beginning.

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