Happiness: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Happiness: Episode 1. Jung-Kook drives the police car to the school where his colleagues are laying the air cushion to the ground. He takes out a horn and asks Yi-Hyun to come to him. But Yi-Hyun rejects it when he sits on the rooftop and decides to take his life.

Happiness: Episode 1 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Happiness: Episode 1.

Happiness has ended. But the zombie k-drama doesn’t. There’s a new zombie drama was released. It’s All of Us Are Dead. The show throws zombies into the school. Dead or alive which is a question to the students.

Sae-Bom wakes up from the classroom. She thinks Yi-Hyun won’t listen to Jung-Kook. The teacher doesn’t expect that Sae-Bom will study. He tells her to sleep so that she won’t disturb his class. But she runs out of the classroom. Jung-Kook trips after he arrived at the rooftop.

Jung-Kook begs Yi-Hyun not to give up his life. He promises to help him be a police officer. But Yi-Hyun isn’t interested in it at all. Sae-Bom runs upstairs and tells police officers who guard the door that she got the permission to pass it. She opens the door.

Jung-Kook tries to calm Yi-Hyun down. But Sae-Bom carries a chair and walks to the wall. She climbs over the wall after she stepped on the chair. She ignores Jung-Kook when he tries to stop her. He asks her if she’s the boy’s lover. She denies and tells him to leave Yi-Hyun to her when she walks.

Sae-Bom sits with Yi-Hyun. She asks him if he did it because he has to give up baseball. He denies and complains that someone called the police. He tells her that he wants to know how the police will take action. She asks him if he can do nothing except baseball. He admits it and asks her what she would do if the bad luck happened to her.

Sae-Bom tells Yi-Hyun that she’s only interested in the job which can help earn money. So she wants to be a police officer. She tells him that they have a lot of choices. She gets up and wipes off the dust from her clothes. She stretches out her hand.

Yi-Hyun grabs Sae-Bom’s hand so that she helps him stand up with her hand. But she pushes him off the rooftop. He smiles after falling to the cushion. Sae-Bom turns around and notes that Jung-Kook is staring at her. She tells him that she intended to push Yi-Hyun because she knew he would be fine.

Jung-Kook tries to take Sae-Bom away. But she takes off him and runs to Yi-Hyun. She asks him for his mercy. But he asks her to be his lover.

Sae-Bom carries Seung-Young to the room and tells Jong-Tae to give Seung-Young the treatment. She reveals the guy was shot in his chest. Jong-Tae stabs Seung-Young’s chest when he’s not sure what he should do. He presses his chest after he noted that he’s going to die.

Seung-Young stops Jong-Tae. He gets up and shows what Jong-Tae did to him. He blames him for hitting his clavicle. Sae-Bom takes off her helmet. She tells Jong-Tae that he didn’t past the test. Sae-Bom leaves the room with Seung-Young. She praises him for his acting. She helps someone when he’s going to fall. She reminds him to wear his gloves.

Seung-Young asks Sae-Bom if she intends to deduct Jong-Tae’s points. She admits it. He reminds her that not everyone has the standard like her. Sae-Bom was tested like Jong-Tae. She stabs the guy’s chest before the instructor says something to her.

Seung-Young mentions Sae-Bom got Captain Choi involved. But she tells him that she got a present from Captain Choi. The motel clerk notes that the sound comes from the room. He visits the room and opens the door with the key. But he’s taken inside.

Yi-Hyun arrives at the place. Jung-Kook is waiting for him. He sees the baseball clothes he wears. He thinks he’s still playing baseball. Yi-Hyun reveals he gets paid for doing it. He’s told that it’s a murder case. He walks into the room with Jung-Kook after they washed hands.

Yi-Hyun takes off the red cloth and sees the dead body. He wonders who did it to the dead body. He finds the murderer under the bed. Jung-Kook doesn’t believe that the murderer would hide under the bed. He walks to the bed, and takes a look at it. He’s startled after seeing the murderer.

Jung-Kook asks Woo-Je why he did it to the victim. Woo-Je explains that he thought it was a dream. He tries to wipe the blood off. Yi-Hyun takes a look at Woo-Je’s tooth. He finds out that he bit the victim. Sae-Bom goes to the restaurant to take foods. The chef puts one piece of meat to her plate. She thinks it’s not enough. But she’s told that she’s not allowed to ask for it. She glares at him.

Seung-Young gives his meat to Sae-Bom when she’s sad. It makes her happy. She takes out her phone and sees the message. She’s told that she will get the house if she arrests more criminals. Yi-Hyun walks out of the hotel when Woo-Je is sent into the van. He calls Sae-Bom and tells her that Jong-Tae sold the medicine to the murderer.

Sae-Bom hangs up and decides to leave. She tells Seung-Young to watch her dishes. Sae-Bom visits Jong-Tae. She’s surprised that Seung-Young is standing behind her. He comforts her that nobody will touch her dishes. Sae-Bom walks into the room and calls Jong-Tae who just bit his colleague.

Sae-Bom pulls out her gun and shoots Jong-Tae when he rushes to her. But it doesn’t stop him. He hugs her and tries to bite her. Seung-Young saves Sae-Bom and lifts a chair when Jong-Tae intends to hurt him. Sae-Bom pushes the table to hit Jong-Tae. She tells Seung-Young to take the colleague away.

Sae-Bom picks up her gun and runs out of the room. She closes the door when Jong-Tae chases her. He hits the door with his head. So she points the gun at him. He collapses and asks her for a help. So she opens the door and sees him lying on the floor. Some guys show up and treat Jong-Tae. Sae-Bom tells the captain not to be hurt by Jong-Tae.

Sae-Bom goes to the restroom. She gets a call from Yi-Hyun. She yells at him after she washed her hands. She blames him for not reminding her, and complains that she almost got killed. He’s confused when he’s driving. She tells him that Jong-Tae after she shot him. She asks him how she arrested the murderer without a weapon.

Yi-Hyun asks Sae-Bom if she got bitten. She admits it and sees the wound on her palm. Tae-Seok takes the followers to show up. He walks into the room and sees the blood on the floor. Sae-Bom remembers Jong-Tae hurt her when she fought with him.

Tae-Seok walks into the women restroom. He tells Sae-Bom that the guy she contacted has an infectious disease. The soldiers show up behind him. Yi-Hyun tries to talk with Sae-Bom. But the phone is taken away by Tae-Seok. Tae-Seok hands up and tells Sae-Bom to leave with them. She hands over her gun to him.

Seung-Young sees the soldiers taking Sae-Bom away. He asks them about their identities. Tae-Seok tells Seung-Young not to leak the message to anyone. He picks up the phone when Yi-Hyun calls. Tae-Seok tells Yi-Hyun that Sae-Bom has a disease but he’s not sure about it. Yi-Hyun thinks it’s related to Jong-Tae. He tells Tae-Seok that the culprit he arrested had an contact with Jong-Tae.

Tae-Seok is told that the victim’s neck got bitten. He decides to go to see Yi-Hyun. The talk is heard by Seung-Young. Yi-Hyun runs into Tae-Seok at the police station. He asks him about Sae-Bom’s whereabouts. He’s told that Sae-Bom is fine.

Yi-Hyun takes Tae-Seok to his office, and tells him that the murderer got the medicine from his follower. Tae-Seok tells Yi-Hyun to look for the medicine. He tries to leave. But he turns around and tells Yi-Hyun that he wishes him to play baseball. He’s disappointed after knowing Yi-Hyun gave up playing baseball.

Yi-Hyun returns to the hotel. He finds the pill from the bed. He goes to the baseball school. He sees Il-Ho and takes him to the room. He takes off his shoes and asks Il-Ho to take a look at the pill. But Il-Ho is startled to throw it away after knowing it’s a medicine.

Yi-Hyun hands over the pill to Il-Ho. He begs him to help him. Il-Ho shows the serial number on the pill to Yi-Hyun. He tells him that he can find the detail if he looks into it. But Yi-Hyun tells Il-Ho to do the job for him. He sleeps in his bed.

Tae-Seok walks into the room when Sae-Bom is getting physical examination. She asks him if she will be like Jong-Tae. She pretends to bite the doctor Ji-Soo. Ji-Soo is scared to avoid it. Sae-Bom asks Tae-Seok when he will release her. He asks her for confession.

Sae-Bom describes Jong-Tae’s looks when he tried to hurt her. She mentions what Yi-Hyun said that Jong-Tae took a pill. He denies but promises to give the phone to her. Sae-Bom calls Yi-Hyun and wakes him up. She tells him that she’s fine.

Ji-Soo takes Sae-Bom to accept the physical examination. Sae-Bom sees Jong-Tae when she walks in the corridor. She pushes Ji-Soo over and rushes into Jong-Tae’s room. She closes the door and puts a chair on the door. She has a seat with Jong-Tae. She asks him if he remembers what she did to him. He admits it and sheds tears.

Sae-Bom tells Jong-Tae that the guy he has a seal with killed an innocent person. She shows her injured hand to him. But he wants to drink water, and closes his eyes. She’s close to him, trying to take a look at him. But he hugs her and tries to bite her. The soldiers break into the room and save Sae-Bom. Jong-Tae is taken away by the soldiers.

Sae-Bom sees the camera in the room. She’s close to the camera. She tells Tae-Seok that she knows he’s there when he watches her. Yi-Hyun drives his car to the school. He tries to get into it. But he’s stopped by the guard. He learns that he’s the follower of Tae-Seok. He tells him to report to Tae-Seok that he got the stuff he looks for.

Tae-Seok tells the guard to let Yi-Hyun get into the school after knowing Yi-Hyun has the pill. Sae-Bom is furious to rush into Tae-Seok’s office. She thinks he got her to see Jong-Tae. He tells her that he wanted to know the time the guy wants to drink water.

Tae-Seok tells Sae-Bom that she can leave the place now. He allows her to return to the place anytime. She learns that she’s a very important person to him. She asks him for helping her get the points she wants. He agrees to it. She stretches out her hand. He mistakes that she wants to shake hands with him. But he’s told that he needs to return the phone to her.

Sae-Bom takes the breakfast and tries to leave Tae-Seok’s office. But Tae-Seok asks her if she has a lover. She thinks he’s too old for her to be her lover. He shakes his head and tells her that she will get more points if she gets married. He tells her that the world will be changed if she’s not be careful. But she thinks the thing isn’t the one she should care for because she’s only interested in the house.

Sae-Bom runs into Ji-Soo. She’s told that she burned up her clothes. Yi-Hyun shows up and runs to Sae-Bom. He asks her if she’s fine. She tries to bite him. Ji-Soo is nervous to take out the stick. Sae-Bom comforts Ji-Soo that she’s fine. She walks away with Yi-Hyun. She asks him if he was hurt after she realized that he could only get into the place when he got bitten.

Happiness: Episode 1 stars Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik and Jo Woo-Jin.

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