One the Woman: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 5. Yeon-Joo remembers the guy greeted her. She realizes that she’s a prosecutor. Seung-Wook meets with the woman who tells him that her husband worked for Hanju family. Sung-Woon visits Yeon-Joo. He asks her why Seung-Wook took her home.

One the Woman: Episode 5 Recap

One the Woman

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama One the Woman: Episode 5.

Yeon-Joo explains that Seung-Wook had to take her home because Hak-Tae has a business. Sung-Woon pretends to be nice to Yeon-Joo. He grabs her hand and congratulates her on her new position. She lets his hand go, asking him if she has any friend. But he doesn’t know it. She’s furious to tell him to leave her room.

Yeon-Joo complains that everyone is looking for Mi-Na. She wonders what his family is doing. Myung-Kook stays in the jail. There’s a family photo of Yeon-Joo and her grandma. The police officer knocks at the door of the cell. Myung-Kook is startled. He pretends to wipe the floor. He’s told that someone came to see him. It makes him smile.

Myung-Kook is disappointed after he saw his followers. Pil-Kyu complains to Myung-Kook that the gang Samgeori bullied them. But Myung-Kook doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells the two to go to look for a job. He mentions his daughter Yeon-Joo who has a good job. Dae-Chi tries to tell something to Myung-Kook. But Pil-Kyu steps on Dae-Chi’s foot. Dae-Chi doesn’t tell the truth to Myung-Kook.

Dae-Chi asks Pil-Kyu why he stopped him after they left the prison. Pil-Kyu reveals he worried that Myung-Kook would get hit if they told him what Yeon-Joo did. Yeon-Joo gets in the car. She’s surprised to see Hak-Tae. He drives her to the office. She notes that people are bowing to her. She asks him about it. He tells her that she’s the president now.

Bong-Sik watches Yeon-Joo. He’s startled to avoid her after she wanted to take a look who was the person. Yeon-Joo begins her first day as the president of Yumin Group. Hak-Tae tells her to do nothing until Mi-Na returns. But she works up because she’s a talented woman.

Young-Sik meets with Yeon-Joo and tells her to give the hotel to him. Sung-Hye is told that Young-Sik didn’t eat with her because of Yeon-Joo. She gets angry. Seung-Deok takes Yoo-Joon to the restaurant. He tells him to help Hanju Group. He mentions what Yeon-Joo did. But Yoo-Joon rejects it.

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Yeon-Joo tells Young-Sik not to be greed. She mentions her hotel is bigger than his hotel. She leaves the room. Yoo-Joon is told that Seung-Deok reported Yeon-Joo. He leaves the room as well. Hak-Tae follows Yeon-Joo. He thinks she did it too much to Young-Sik. She sees Young-Sik walking through her. She drags Hak-Tae to get back to enjoy the foods because she thinks Young-Sik didn’t eat them.

Seung-Deok is furious to chase Yoo-Joon. But he runs into Young-Sik. He comforts him that he will help him resolve his problem. But the door of the elevator is closed. Seung-Deok cannot get in the elevator with Young-Sik. Seung-Deok goes to the restaurant. The owner of the restaurant tells him that she ran into Yeon-Joo. The follower tells Seung-Deok that he ran into the woman as well.

Young-Sik returns to the office. He’s surprised that Sung-Hye still waits for him. He explains to her that he met with Yeon-Joo because of the hotel. Yeon-Joo is tired to lie on the couch. She tells Hak-Tae that she wants to go to the hospital. But she’s told that her doctor is on vacation.

One the Woman: Episode 5 stars Lee Ha-Nee, Lee Sang-Yoon and Jin Seo-Yeon.

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