Happiness: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Happiness: Episode 3. Yi-Hyun drives to the army base. Jung-Kook blames Yi-Hyun for not dropping him. Because he wants to give the rice cake. Yi-Hyun ignores Jung-Kook and parks his car. The soldier hands over the gun to Tae-Seok.

Happiness: Episode 3 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Happiness: Episode 3.

Tae-Seok asks Yi-Hyun if he needs a weapon. Yi-Hyun sees the smoke bomb on the chest of the soldier. He gets Tae-Seok to pick it up for him. He drives to the dormitory, and rushes into it with Tae-Seok. Ji-Soo gets the soldiers to open the door of the truck.

The patients try to leave the truck. The soldiers has to close the door. But they fail because of the chair. Sae-Bom sees Seung-Young. She rushes into the truck to save the guy. But the soldiers locks her up with the patients. Yi-Hyun shows up. He opens the door, and carries Sae-Bom and Seung-Young out of the truck. He throws the smoke bomb into the truck when the patients want to leave the truck.

Sae-Bom takes a look at Seung-Young. She’s shocked. Yi-Hyun runs to Sae-Bom, asking her if she’s fine. She’s moved. Sae-Bom checks Seung-Young’s mouth and eyes. He apologizes to her for what he did, and reveals he feared death. He tells him that he saw the mad patients, and worries that he will be like them.

Sae-Bom leaves the ward and runs into Ji-Soo. She says sorry to her, and tries to leave. But Ji-Soo keeps Sae-Bom and tells her that her the soldiers got involved because of her. Sae-Bom ignores Ji-Soo and walks away. Yi-Hyun is furious after knowing Tae-Seok locked the patients into the truck. He asks him what he will do if his families are in the truck. Tae-Seok thinks he did his best.

Sae-Bom shows up. She tells Tae-Seok that she will report it to the police if he doesn’t tell the truth to the media. She glares at him and walks away. Yi-Hyun drives Sae-Bom to the parking lot. He applies the medicine to the wound on her palm, and comforts her that everything will be fine.

Sae-Bom sees Se-Hun. She gets Yi-Hyun to wear the mask she prepared. Se-Hun greets Sae-Bom and asks her if she found the T-shirt he asked. She smiles to explain to him that she was very busy. The three people get into the elevator. Seo-Yoon sees Sae-Bom. She tells her mom that Sae-Bom is a cop.

Eun-Ji takes off her mask and thanks Sae-Bom for looking after her daughter. Joo-Hyeong and Sang-Hee get in the elevator. Seo-Yoon tells Sae-Bom that her lover is good looking. It makes Sae-Bom happy. Yi-Hyun sees blood on Joo-Hyeong’s sleeve.

Sae-Bom gets changed to do the video chat with Yi-Hyun’s Mom. She and Yi-Hyun intend to make the woman believe that they got married. Yi-Hyun’s Mom sees the photo on the wall. She believes that the two got married. But she hears the sound which comes from upstairs.

Sae-Bom tells Yi-Hyun to go to take care of the Joo-Hyeong. So she can talk with his mom alone. Yi-Hyun goes to see Joo-Hyeong with Hae-Sung. The two complain to him about the noise. He explains that his wife screams because she feels comfortable. He lets them see the colleague of his wife.

Joo-Hyeong tries to close the door. But Yi-Hyun stops him. He asks him about the company his wife owns. Seo-Yoon’s parents argue for money. Seo-Yoon has to leave the house, and goes to see Sae-Bom. Seo-Yoon sees the photo of Sae-Bom and Yi-Hyun on the wall. She’s told that Yi-Hyun went to work.

Sae-Bom goes to the supermarket to buy foods and water. She returns to the building, seeing Yeon-Ok posting the poster. She learns that she’s looking for the one who broke the door. Sae-Bom admits that she was the one who broke the door. Yeon-Ok smiles to argue with Sae-Bom. Hyun-Kyung joins the battle and takes Sae-Bom’s side.

Yi-Hyun sees Sang-Hee walking out of the building. He goes to help her when she puts the stuff into the trunk. It makes her happy. Her smile is frozen when she sees him. Yi-Hyun tries to touch Min-Ji’s clothes. But Sang-Hee stops him. He shows his police id to her, asking her to tell him the truth.

Sae-Bom visits Joo-Hyeong and rushes into the apartment after she saw the blood on his sleeve. He tries to get her out of his house. But she takes off him, running to the bathroom. She knocks at the door. But he stops her and tells her that his wife is insane.

Sae-Bom thinks Min-Ji won’t hurt her. So she opens the door. But Joo-Hyeong pushes Sae-Bom into the bathroom. He closes the door from outside. Min-Ji walks to Sae-Bom. Sae-Bom is scared to flee to the bathroom. She closes the door and grabs the nozzle to protect herself.

Joo-Hyeong calls police and tries to tell her what happened in his house. Sae-Bom drops the nozzle and opens the door of the bathroom. Min-Ji catches the chance to walk out of the bathroom. Joo-Hyeong sees his wife. He hangs up and runs away. She chases him.

Sae-Bom leaves the bathroom and gets a call from Yi-Hyun. He tells her not to go upstairs. But she tells him that she’s there when she runs. She runs by the old woman who just got bitten. Joo-Hyeong trips. He continues to run. Seo-Yoon hints him that nobody is at home. But she sees Min-Ji after she turned around.

Sae-Bom takes the pillow to hit Min-Ji before she hurts Seo-Yoon. Seo-Yoon opens the door of the elevator. Yi-Hyun gets off the elevator. He runs to take down Min-Ji before she bites Sae-Bom. Sae-Bom runs to hug Seo-Yoon. She tells the little girl that the woman just gets angry.

Seo-Yoon points at Joo-Hyeong who hides in the corner. He shows up. Yi-Hyun walks to Joo-Hyeong, and beats his belly.

Happiness: Episode 3 stars Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik and Jo Woo-Jin.

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