Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

This is the recap for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 8. Zhou Jianqing tells Gu Nanzhou that he has a meeting with President Wu. Jiang Jingxuan wants to attend the meeting because she’s a good friend of President Wu. Gu Nanzhou agrees to it. He tells Zhou Jianqing to stay in the company.

Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 8 Recap

Hello Mr. Gu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 8.

President Wu reminds Gu Nanzhou that his suit is broken. Gu Nanzhou feels embarrassed. He scolds Zhou Jianqing for not buying him the suit well. She feels wronged because she wanted to save money for him. She admits that it was her fault. He blames her for not preparing breakfast for him.

Zhou Zixuan shows up and scolds Gu Nanzhou for bullying his sister. Zhou Jianqing explains that they were talking about work. He asks her if she’s the baby-sitter of Gu Nanzhou after he saw her carrying many clothes. She points out that he got her to do things as well. He claims that he’s her real brother, and asks about Gu Nanzhou.

Gu Nanzhou is furious to leave. Zhou Jianqing asks Zhou Zixuan why he came. He tells her that he came to hand over the foods to her. She accepts the foods but tells him to leave. Gu Nanzhou tells Zhou Jianqing that he will increase the rent if her brother come again. She says that she will try her best to stop Zhou Zixuan.

Zhou Jianqing returned home. She asks him why he called her. He tells her to ask Jiang Jingxuan about the award ceremony. Zhou Jianqing calls Jiang Jingxuan and asks her about it. Jiang Jingxuan tells Zhou Jianqing that Gu Nanzhou needs a female partner to attend the award ceremony. Zhou Jianqing worries about it because she doesn’t have any good dress.

Jiang Jingxuan tells Zhou Jianqing to wear a clothes which she feels comfortable. Gu Nanzhou sees Zhou Jianqing’s looks. He asks her why she wears like that. Jiang Jingxuan scolds Zhou Jianqing as well. Zhou Jianqing mentions what Jiang Jingxuan told her to wear comfortable. Jiang Jingxuan admits it but she thinks Zhou Jianqing wears too simple.

Gu Nanzhou tells Jiang Jingxuan to replace Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing is furious to leave. She decides to take revenge. Someone asks Gu Nanzhou’s fiancee to accept the award for him. Zhou Jianqing shows up with a white dress. She walks by Jiang Jingxuan like a victor. Jiang Jingxuan asks Zhou Jianqing if she knows how to give a speech. She asks her if she needs her speech draft.

Zhou Jianqing rejects it. She tells Jiang Jingxuan that she can speak it wonderfully even if she doesn’t have the speech draft. She tells people how Gu Nanzhou worked hard for the works “Star and Spirit Lake”. The investor He Qiushan is moved. He gives his business card to Gu Nanzhou.

Zhou Jianqing goes to the restroom to wash hands. Jiang Jingxuan follows Zhou Jianqing and takes away the tag from her dress. She thinks she won’t buy the dress after wearing it.

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