Heroes 2022 Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Heroes 2022 Chinese Drama: Episode 6. Wang Xiaoshi runs into Hua Wucuo on the bridge. Hua Wucuo tells Wang Xiaoshi that he decides to leave capital. He thinks his failure isn’t related to him. Wang Xiaoshi volunteers to escort Hua Wucuo.

Who Kills Hua Wucuo? Does Zhe Tianchou Kill Himself?

Heroes 2022

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Heroes 2022 Chinese Drama: Episode 6.

But Hua Wucuo rejects it. He laughs to walk away. The killer kidnaps Hua Wucuo. Lu Jiansan catches the chance to stab Hua Wucuo. Lu Jiansan complains to Hua Wucuo that Lei Sun told him to help him. But he didn’t expect that he’s a trash. He thinks the result would be different if Lei Sun let him do the task.

Lu Jiansan tries to kill Hua Wucuo. Wang Xiaoshi kicks the stuff and hits Lu Jiansan. Lu Jiansan leaves with the killers after he saw Hua Wucuo vomiting blood. Hua Wucuo laughs. He thinks Wang Xiaoshi shouldn’t come to the capital. He passes away. Wang Xiaoshi helps Hua Wucuo close his eyes.

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Lian Xin visits Su Mengzhen. She tells him that she wants to leave after the funeral of previous tower chief. She thinks she can find a pure land from the Martial Arts World. He tells her to go to Ying State. He reveals he prepared a house by the lake for her.

Lian Xin is moved to get on knees to Su Mengzhen. He helps her get up. He thanks her for taking care of his father. He bows to her. She cries to walk away. He sees her off. Yang Wuxie thinks Su Mengzhen should keep Lian Xin. He learns that Golden Wind Light Rain Tower is nice to the previous followers who left tower.

Su Mengzhen reveals Lian Xin’s father was killed for protecting him. He adds that he treats Lian Xin as his family. Wang Xiaoshi looks for Wen Rou and Bai Choufei on the street. He’s started when he sees two masked people. The two take off their mask. Wang Xiaoshi find out that they’re Wen Rou and Bai Choufei.

Wen Rou gets the silver from Wang Xiaoshi. He tries to give the silver to the seller because she got the masked from him. The seller tries to reject the silver. But Wen Rou convinces him to accept the silver. Wang Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei think Wen Rou bullied the seller before.

Wen Rou reveals that the street is managed by Golden Wind Light Rain Tower. The carriage rushes on the street. The old lady Cha Hua cannot move. Wang Xiaoshi helps Cha Hua avoid the carriage. He wants to buy the breads that dropped to the ground. But she rejected it because she think she can cook some breads after she returns home.

Bai Choufei intends to ask the person in the carriage for the bread money. Wen Rou stops him. She reminds him that Six And A Half Minutes Hall is in front of them. Mo Yan gets off the carriage. He greets Di Feijing. Di Feijing asks Mo Yan to give him a ride after knowing he wants to have a talk with him.

Mo Yan tells Di Feijing that he prepared a gift for him. He leaks that the gift is a person Zhe Tianchou who’s a man of Six And A Half Minutes Hall. But Di Feijing tells Mo Yan that Zhe Tianchou is the traitor of Six And A Half Minutes Hall. He gets off the carriage.

Mo Yan gets on knees to Di Feijing. He asks him to forgive him. Zhe Tianchou wonders why Di Feijing wants to kill him since he just obeyed orders. Di Feijing reminds Zhe Tianchou that he should obey Lei Chun’s orders since he was arranged to work for her. He hands over the knife to him. He tells him to take his life. Zhe Tianchou kills himself. Mo Yan is killed by Di Feijing’s follower. Their bodies are taken away.

Wang Xiaoshi is chased by the guys. He sneaks into the room from the window. He sees the beauty Zhu Xiaoyao who smiles at him. He tries to walk away. But she stops him. She blames him for leaving after seeing her body. He tells her that he didn’t intend to do that. He promises not to spread it.

Heroes 2022 Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Ending

The prison officers take Wang Xiaoshi to see Fu Zongshu. Wang Xiaoshi asks Fu Zongshu why he caught him. Fu Zongshu mentions Wang Xiaoshi brought the chaos to capital with the white jade box. Wang Xiaoshi points out that the one who brought the chaos was the one who thinks he owns the power.

Heroes 2022 Chinese Drama: Episode 6 stars Zeng Shunxi, Yang Chaoyue, Liu Yuning, Chen Chuhe and Meng Ziyi.

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