Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 2 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 2. Du-Sik takes Hye-Jin to take a look at the house. He thinks it’s a great place for her clinic. But she isn’t satisfied with the design of the wall. He takes her to see the landlady.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 2 Recap

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 2.

Hye-Jin is surprised that her landlady is Hwa-Jung. She thinks she tricked her. Hwa-Jung shows her business card to Hye-Jin. Hye-Jin signs the contract with Hwa-Jung.

Hye-Jin walks out of Hwa-Jung’s restaurant. She notes that Du-Sik follows her, and asks him why he did that. He reminds her that she needs to pay salary to him since he worked for her. She gives him some cashes and hires him after knowing he can do decorating job.

Hye-Jin tells Mi-Seon that she’s going to leave her after she packed her stuff. Mi-Seon throws a fit to Hye-Jin and tries to keep her. Hye-Jin tries to give the clothes to Mi-Seon. But Mi-Seon rejects it because she wants another dress of Hye-Jin. She lets her go in the end.

Hye-Jin drives the car through the bridge. She smiles when she takes a look at the sea. Yoon-Kyung tells Chun-Jae that there’s a dentist move into Hwa-Jeong’s house. He sees Hye-Jin walking out of the house. He reveals Hye-Jin owes him money.

Hwa-Jeong walks through the people and greets Hye-Jin. She lets the people to see Hye-Jin. But Hye-Jin walks into the house because she needs to guide the worker to carry the box. The neighbors watch her. Hye-Jin calls Tae-Hwa and tells him that everything is fine.

Mat-Yi walks Gam-Ri and tells her to get Hye-Jin to fix her teeth. She spots Hye-Jin running through. Gam-Ri doesn’t feel good after she saw what Hye-Jin wears. Hye-Jin sees the photo of little Du-Sik and his grandpa. She smiles.

Hye-Jin walks into the house and looks around the place. She praises Du-Sik for the work he did. Du-Sik returns home. He’s surprised to see the three old ladies. They complain to him about what Hye-Jin wore when he making soap for them.

Hwa-Jeong visits Hye-Jin when she’s doing laundry. She tells her to attend the elder party. Hye-Jin wants to reject it. But Hwa-Jeong tells Hye-Jin that she will gain many customers from the party. Hye-Jin arrives at the party. She hesitates when she sees the people dancing.

Du-Sik shows up with the camera. He tells Hye-Jin that he will take photos in the party. She tells him not to take photos of her. He denies and tells her that he only takes photos of pretty women. But he takes a photo of her when she joins Mat-Yi.

Gam-Ri hands over the food she just touched to Hye-Jin, and asks her to eat it. Hye-Jin takes over the food with the spoon, and places it on the table. It seems that she’s going to eat it. Hwa-Jeong shows up and asks Hye-Jin if she’s satisfied with her new house. Hye-Jin complains about the fish smell. Hwa-Jeong cannot stand it, and goes to grill fish.

Du-Sik goes to see Hwa-Jeong and wants to order some foods from her. She asks him if her fish is terrible. He denies and tells Hye-Jin not to be picky to the people in the party. She walks away because she gets a call from Mi-Seon. She walks into the room and close the door when Chun-Jae’s voice is too loud.

Hye-Jin complains to Mi-Seon that Chun-Jae kept telling her about his music. She thinks he’s not a talented singer. People hear what she said because there’s a microphone in the room. Hye-Jin walks out of room. She notes that people are staring at her. Chun-Jae runs away.

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Du-Sik finds Chun-Jae at the dock. Chun-Jae thinks what Hye-Jin was right. He says that it was lucky Joo-Ri didn’t attend the party. He walks away. Du-Sik visits Hye-Jin and hands over the pack to her. He scolds her that people live a hard life. She’s furious to throw the pack to the couch.

Someone rings the bell. Hye-Jin goes to open the door. She’s surprised to see Mi-Seon, and hugs her when she cries. She takes her home. Mi-Seon tells Hye-Jin that her boyfriend betrayed her. She adds that she decides to join her. Hye-Jin is happy to hug Mi-Seon.

Hye-Jin opens her clinic in the end. But nobody comes. Hye-Jin goes out with Mi-Seon. She notes that people avoid her. She tells what happened to Mi-Seon after she went home. Mi-Seon tells Hye-Jin to pack her stuff and get back to Seoul because people in the town don’t trust her.

Hye-Jin is upset. She leaves home and begins to run. Du-Sik spots her when he rides the bicycle. He follows her and tells her that people will forget what she did soon. He suggests her to give some rice cakes to her neighbors. She does it. But the neighbors are cold to her when she’s trying to give them the rice cakes.

Hye-Jin walks at the street and runs into Yi-Joon and Bo-Ra. The two kids ask her for taking care of the hedgehog for them. Hye-Jin rejects it and tries to walk away. Bo-Ra mentions what her mom said that Hye-Jin is a heartless woman. Hye-Jin has to take the hedgehog home.

Chun-Jae is surprised that the customer didn’t drink up the coffee. Joo-Ri points out that Chun-Jae’s coffee is terrible. Du-Sik tells Joo-Ri to be nice to Chun-Jae. He throws away the trash for Chun-Jae. He finds out he threw his album into the trash. He picks it up.

Du-Sik visits Hye-Jin and tells her that the rice cakes aren’t enough. He takes her to the gathering, and tells her to apologize to her neighbors. He tells her to get into the building alone. But she learns on him because she fears to face the neighbors. He walks away.

Hye-Jin shows up when the neighbors are blaming her. Du-Sik brings the snacks to the neighbors. He tells them that it’s Hye-Jin’s treat. Yoon-Kyung is excited after knowing the snacks were ordered from her store. Hwa-Jeong gets the people to applaud after they ate the snacks.

Du-Sik sees the people off after the gathering. Hye-Jin thanks him for helping her. But he puts the snack bill in her hand. He tells her to pay the bill. She feels terrible. Hwa-Jeong visits Hye-Jin and wakes her up. She reminds her that it’s time to do the weekly cleaning. But she rejects it because she just moved there.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha stars Shin Min-A, Kim Sun-Ho and Lee Sang-Yi.

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