How Do Lin Yiyang and Yin Guo Get Together In Amidst a Snowstorm of Love?

Lin Yiyang and Yin Guo like each other in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love episodes 1-8. They get together in episode 9. How do they get together? Here is what we know.

How Do Lin Yiyang and Yin Guo Get Together In Amidst a Snowstorm of Love?

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Lin Yiyang has pursued Yin Guo in Amidst a Snowstorm of Love. He knows she has feelings for him after he saw the two coffee beans in her room. He tries to kiss her. But he’s interrupted by Wu Wei and Jiang Yang in episode 8. Yin Guo takes him to the game hotel where the players of North City stay in episode 9.

She goes to look for her coach Coach Chen. Li Qingyan is jealous when he sees Lin Yiyang touching Yin Guo’s face. He invites Lin Yiyang to play billiards with him. Lin Yiyang rejects it. But he still shows his billiard skill. The girl reports it to Yin Guo.

Yin Guo worries about it. The girl comforts her that Lin Yiyang didn’t play billiards with Li Qingyan. Coach Chen thinks Lin Yiyang got manners. Because it would affect Li Qingyan’s next game if Lin Yiyang defeated him. He tells Yin Guo that the man is match her.

Yin Guo is happy. She tries to take Lin Yiyang to leave the ball club. But he takes her to the balcony. He kisses her. He leaves because he needs to catch the train. She texts him when he’s on the way to the train. She asks him if he has a girlfriend because he just kissed her.

She worries that he’s playing with her. He confesses his feelings to her. He asks her to trust him. She plans to go to the train station to see him off. But she runs into Li Qingyan. Li Qingyan asks Yin Guo to have a dinner with her.

But she rejects it. She tells him that she has a business. She goes to see Lin Yiyang. They met on the bus. Lin Yiyang tells Yin Guo that he only loves her again. But she wonders if he talked with other girls ever. He swears that he only talked with men.

They arrive at the train station. Lin Yiyang calls a cab for her. They part. Lin Yiyang returns home. He’s sick. He doesn’t text Yin Guo that he has returned home. She worries about it. Yin Guo’s friend thinks Yin Guo will break up with Lin Yiyang. Because it’s a foreign love if Yin Guo returns to China. But Yin Guo wishes to work hard since she begins the love relationship.

Lin Yiyang cannot come to see Yin Guo. Because he’s very busy. So he asks Meng Xiaotian to accompany Yin Guo. He sends the money to him. Meng Xiaotian reports it to Yin Guo. She asks him to send the money back because she doesn’t need him to accompany her.

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Lin Yiyang and Yin Guo love each other. They’re destined to get together. They know each other’s feelings after the kiss. But Lin Yiyang is very poor because he’s a student. Yin Guo decides to raise him. She disagrees when Meng Xiaotian thinks her boyfriend is very poor.

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love stars Wu Lei, Zhao Jinmai and Wang Xingyue.

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