Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 1. Yan Dan tears up when she stands on Nothing Bridge. She tells Ying Yuan that she won’t take the Heavenly Punishment Stage again since she did it for him ever. She closes her eyes and jumps off the bridge.

Who Saves Yan Dan and Zhi Xi?

Immortal Samsara

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

Episode 1 of Immortal Samsara begins with the immortal trying to touch the flower. But his master Bei Ming stops him because the flower is only bloodline which was left by ancient lotus. Goddess Ying Deng walks to Ji Du. She asks him if Ying Yuan will come. He tells her that Ying Yuan won’t come. Shuo Hua shows up. He thinks the flower should be the birthday present of demon king.

But Huo De thinks demon king shouldn’t get the present because he’s too young. Shuo Hua is furious to fight with the immortals. He tries to take the four-leaf lotus in other demon’s help. The immortal reports to Ying Yuan that the weather is changed. He tries to give the tea to him. But he finds out that he’s missing.

Ying Yuan stops Shuo Hua before he gets four-leaf lotus. He defeats him. The four-leaf lotus turns into two girls. Shuo Hua tries to hurt them. Ying Yuan arrests Shuo Hua. Shuo Hua tells Ying Yuan that the people of three realms wanted to change the chief of Heavenly Realm.

Ying Yuan points out that Demon King would visit Heavenly Emperor if the demons thought Heavenly Realm bullied them. He asks Shuo Hua if Demon King asked him to do so. Shuo Hua claims that it’s not related to Demon King. He tells Ying Yuan to kill him.

Ying Yuan rejects it. He lets Shuo Hua tell Demon King that Heavenly Realm will keep the peaceful promise. Heavenly Emperor shows up. He praises Ying Yuan for what he said. He believes that Ying Yuan will guard the six realms. He tells Ying Yuan to give the names to the two girls. Ying Yuan gives the names Yan Dan and Zhi Xi to the two girls.

The immortal wakes Yan Dan up. He tells her that her older sister came to catch her. Zhi Xi shows up. She asks the immortal about Yan Dan. He tells her that Yan Dan isn’t there. Zhi Xi makes Yan Dan show up with her magic. Yan Dan praises Zhi Xi for seeing her magic.

Zhi Xi asks Yan Dan why she didn’t take exam. She asks her if she wants to be the little immortal all her life. She takes a look at the immortal. She explains to him that she didn’t mean that. He tells her that he understands it. He walks away because Bei Ming gave him a task.

Does Ying Deng Allow Zhi Xi to See Ying Yuan?

Yan Dan reminds Zhi Xi that she won’t do a great job without the little immortal’s help. She leaks that she’s not interested in the magic. Zhi Xi tells Yan Dan that Lu Ming can only be a little immortal because he was a beast. She reminds her that she was an immortal when she was born. She leaks that the immortals thought she cannot pass the exam.

Yan Dan comforts Zhi Xi that she’s the outstanding immortal in their clan. She thinks she can be a trash immortal if she works hard. Lu Ming reports to Zhi Xi that Bi Yi wants to see her. Zhi Xi tells Yan Dan to read some books since she’s not interested in the business of immortal realm. She leaves.

Lu Ming worries that Zhi Xi will take off his skin if she knows the game was held by him and Yan Dan. Yan Dan gives the item to Lu Ming. But he thinks it’s too little. She points out that she got the items because she was shameless.

Lu Ming agrees to it. He takes out a piece of watermelon to eat. He asks Yan Dan if she wants to watch the star ceremony. She wonders if he can take her to sneak into it. He denies and tells her that they need to find another way.

The immortal congratulates Zhi Xi on the vice chief. Zhi Xi thinks she was just lucky. Ying Deng shows up. She takes the flower off Zhi Xi’s hair. She tells her to guard the corner. Zhi Xi worries that she cannot see Ying Yuan.

Ying Deng tells Zhi Xi that she’s not qualified to see Ying Yuan. Zhi Xi has to go to the corner. Lu Ming tries to open the bead mirror. But he fails. Yan Dan wonders if his power is two low since it’s his family treasure. He explains that it was his first time to use it.

The immortal reminds other immortals that the star ceremony is going to end. Yan Dan helps Lu Ming to start the bead mirror. The bead mirror closes it after Lu Ming sees the back of Ying Yuan. Yan Dan thinks Lu Ming’s treasure is very terrible.

Yan Dan complains that she didn’t see anything after she wasted so much power. Lu Ming points out that Yan Dan saw the back of Ying Yuan. The immortal agrees to what Lu Ming said. She thinks Ying Yuan’s back was very handsome. She wants to take care of Ying Yuan.

Lu Ming leaks that Ying Yuan’s palace is hard to join. He adds that the one who wants to join the palace should be allowed by Ying Yuan. Yan Dan thinks Ying Yuan is too bossy. The immortal points out that Yan Dan and Zhi Xi had been killed it wasn’t Ying Yuan. Yan Dan claims that she doesn’t like Ying Yuan. The immortal asks Yan Dan what Ying Yuan looks like.

It flashes back. Ying Yuan takes Yan Dan and Zhi Xi to walk. Zhi Xi wonders where they’re going to go. Yan Dan thinks they need to ask Ying Yuan about it. Ying Yuan tells Zhi Xi that she was hurt because she’s weak. He tells her to work hard. Yan Dan talks back that Zhi Xi isn’t weak. She mentions Zhi Xi shielded her from the wind and rain. She asks Ying Yuan to apologize to Zhi Xi. Ying Yuan hits Yan Dan’s forehead. He walks away.

Yan Dan tells the immortal that she doesn’t remember Ying Yuan’s looks because she just saw him one time. She mentions heavenly palace doesn’t allow immortals to have feelings. She tells the immortal to give up.

Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Episode 1 of Immortal Samsara ends with Yan Dan worrying about the fish getting killed by white dragon. She gives her power to him. Shi Yun reports to Yan Dan that he found his white dragon. She asks him to take a look at the fish because she thinks the fish looks down on him.

Shi Yun doesn’t believe it because he thinks the fish wouldn’t have the expression of immortals. He walks away. Yan Dan apologizes to the fish. She feels lucky because her body is medicine. But she finds out that he glares at her. She’s furious to tell him that she just saved him. She tells him that she will teach him how to be an immortal after he comes an immortal.

Zhi Xi walks Yan Dan. She wonders why she’s interested in magic. Yan Dan explains that she wants to catch the rolling tortoise immortal. Zhi Xi wants to give the magic book to Yan Dan. Yan Dan is happy to hug Zhi Xi. But she makes the belt drop. Zhi Xi is scared to pick up the jade belt. She tells Yan Dan that Ying Yuan loves the belt very much.

Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 1 stars Yang Zi, Cheng Yi and Meng Ziyi.

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