Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 2. Soo-Gwang has a dream that Seul-Bi calls him prince. He’s startled to wake up. He thinks she was the one who brought the bad luck to him. He sees the the dark clouds when he rinses his mouth. The toothbrush breaks.

Does Soo-Gwang Keep Seul-Bi?

Jinxed At First

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 2.

Soo-Gwang tries to leave. Eun-Jung stops him and flirts with him. Eun-Jung’s Hyun-Sook scolds her because she worries that she will pass the exam if she continues to be close to the guy. Soo-Gwang promises to avoid Eun-Jung. He runs away. Hyun-Sook walks out of the house to stare at Soo-Gwang when he runs. She wonders why she gets angry since she got the promise from him.

Soo-Gwang gets in the truck. He fails to start the truck. He believes that something will happen. Mi-Soo passes out after Seul-Bi leaves the hotel. People look for Seul-Bi outside the hotel. Seul-Bi has an eye contact with Min-Joon. She gets in the cab. She tells the driver to take her to the fish store.

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Sung-Deok tells Soo-Gwang that the people asked him to drive him away. Soo-Gwang rejects it. He yells at the people. He tells them about his decision. Yi-Young blames Soo-Gwang for bringing the bad luck to them. Soo-Gwang laughs. He promises to work hard. But it’s raining.

Seul-Bi arrives at the fish shop. She smiles at Soo-Gwang. The rain stops after she dropped her umbrella. But he doesn’t want to see her. He tells her to leave. But she tells him that she cannot remember anyone except him. He doesn’t believe what she said.

The driver asks Seul-Bi to pay the fees. She gives the gold necklace to him. He rejects it and asks Soo-Gwang for paying it for Seul-Bi because he believes that he knows the girl. The driver leaves after he got paid. Soo-Gwang tells Seul-Bi that he’s not the man she knows. He gets into his house.

Sung-Deok thinks Soo-Gwang shouldn’t be rude to a pretty girl like Seul-Bi. He tries to persuade him. But he gets scolded. The customer shows up. She tells Soo-Gwang that she wants to buy mackerel. He lets her choose the mackerel she wants. She pushes Seul-Bi aside because she blocked her way.

Seul-Bi tells the customer to buy Spanish mackerel instead of Korean mackerel. The customer doesn’t understand what Seul-Bi said. She walks away. Soo-Gwang finds out that the customer forgot to take the umbrella. He goes to chase her.

Seul-Bi picks up the customer’s card. She goes to look for her when she holds the card. Seok-Ki stops her and sells the hat to her. He tells her to use the card to buy the hat. She buys a lot of stuff with the card. She sees the customer and Soo-Gwang. She runs to her and returns the card to her.

Soo-Gwang feels shame when the customer takes a look at him. He takes a look at Sung-Deok. Sung-Deok points at Seok-Ki. Soo-Gwang apologizes to the customer. She gets a call from her daughter who asks her to buy Spanish mackerel.

Soo-Gwang is furious after he thought about what Seul-Bi had done. He blames her for stealing the car from the lady. He tells her to go to the police station. He believes that the cop will help Seul-Bi find her mom. Sam-Joong takes a look at the doll.

Secretary Cha reports to Sam-Joong that he’s trying his best to look for Seul-Bi. Sam-Joong asks Mi-Soo where she concealed Seul-Bi. She refuses to leak it. He reminds her that Seul-Bi cannot live without his help. But she believes that her daughter will overcome it.

Sam-Joong blames Min-Joon for taking Seul-Bi outside. He thinks he doesn’t need to be nice to Seul-Bi because she’s a witch. Min-Joon doesn’t want to listen to what his father said. He runs away. Eun-Jung asks Soo-Gwang about him and Seul-Bi’s relationship.

Hyun-Sook is furious to beat Eun-Jung. Police Officer Kim stops Hyun-Sook. He tells Eun-Jung that he will help her if her mom gives her the hard time. She ignores him and walks away. Hyun-Sook grabs Police Officer Kim’s clothes. She tells him not to have feelings for her daughter.

Min-Joon stands in front of the window. He smiles after he remembered Seul-Bi got in the cab to flee. Dong-Sik reports to his father Il-Joong that there was a girl running away from Sam-Joong’s hotel. He believes that Sam-Joong conceals a secret which they don’t know. Il-Joong thinks the girl is Sam-Joong’s daughter. He claims that he’s not interested in it.

Seul-Bi remembers what her mom told her that there was a witch becoming human before. Seul-Bi wants to become human as well. Sung-Deok sees Seul-Bi. He tells her to go home with him. He claims that he’s a powerful man. Soo-Gwang drives Sung-Deok away. Because he worries that Sung-Deok wants to hurt Seul-Bi.

Seul-Bi feels happy after she realized that Soo-Gwang protected him. He takes her to the police station. He tells her that the cops in the police station will help her. But he sees the drunkard getting off the police car. The cops take the drunkard to walk into the police station.

Seul-Bi worries that she will sleep with the drunkard. Soo-Gwang takes Seul-Bi home. She feels happy when she sits on the bed. She jumps after she found the book. He’s lost when he stares at her. But he yells at her and takes away the book. He tells her to protect herself. He tells her that he’s a bad guy. But she doesn’t believe it. She laughs to lie in the bed.

Mi-Soo turns on the light to read Seul-Bi’s book. She remembers she told her that she will pass away if she loses her power. Mi-Soo touches her gem. She wishes Seul-Bi to achieve her dream. Seul-Bi thinks of her mom when she falls asleep.

Soo-Gwang carries Seul-Bi to the bed because he worried that she will catch a cold. She catches his hand. She tells something to him. She laughs when she has a dream. It startles him. Soo-Gwang wakes up. She finds out that Seul-Bi is missing. He goes to look for her. He’s startled by her looks.

Seul-Bi cries to tell Soo-Gwang that she starves. He prepares the breakfast for her. He asks her about her dream. She tells him that she forgets it. He gives everything she needs to her. He leaves after he took her to the police station.

Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Yoon-Ho helps Soo-Gwang save Seul-Bi. He gets beaten by the thugs. Seul-Bi promises to keep the promise when she runs away with Soo-Gwang. But she finds out that they’re surrounded by the thugs. Soo-Gwang tells the thugs to let Seul-Bi leave. But she holds his hand and tells him to wait for her.

Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 2 stars Seohyun, Na In-Woo, Jeon Kwang-Leol and Yoon Ji-Hye.

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