Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 1 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 1. Seul-Bi walks into the room. She asks her mom Mi-Soo why they live at the house. Mi-Soo tells Seul-Bi about her ancestor’s story. It flashes back. The king grabs the girl’s hand. The girl tells him that he will get shot.

Who Is Seul-Bi’s Prince?

Jinxed At First

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 1.

The king promises to let the girl’s daughter be the princess. He sleeps with the girl. The girl passes away after her daughter grows up. Because she gave her power to her. The kingdom is ruined. The witch has to run away. The soldier saves the witch. She tells him that he will get good luck if he grabs her hand. He grabs her hand and becomes a general. He locks her up because he doesn’t want others to get her good luck.

Secretary Cha reports to Sam-Joong that the investor delayed the investment. Sam-Joong goes to see Mi-Soo. He grabs her hand. She mentions Il-Joong. Sam-Joong leaves Mi-Soo’s room. He tells Secretary Cha to look into Il-Joong. Secretary Cha reports to Sam-Joong that they will get the investment soon.

Sam-Joong gets a call from Il-Joong who blames Sam-Joong for using the dirty tricks. Sam-Joong talks back that Il-Joong was the one who used the dirty tricks. It makes Il-Joong get angry. Sam-Joong believes that Seul-Bi will grow up. He tells Secretary Cha not to let anyone be close to Seul-Bi.

Teacher Min brings the books to Seul-Bi. Seul-Bi is furious to throw away the books because she has read it. Min-Joon takes his friends to his house. He tells them that his father isn’t at home. Soo-Gwang hears the sound which comes from the statue. He’s close to the statue. Min-Joon stops Soo-Gwang.

Teacher Min stops Seul-Bi. She tells her that she will report it to Sam-Joong if she continues to do it. Seul-Bi throws a fit to Teacher Min. Soo-Gwang drinks with his friends. The guys blame Soo-Gwang because he didn’t drink up the wine.

Seul-Bi tells the fish that she will become a human if the prince kisses her. She runs to Mi-Soo. She tells her that she wants to meet a prince. Mi-Soo tells Seul-Bi that she will get pain if she meets the prince. Teacher Min drives Seul-Bi away. She gives Mi-Soo a shot.

Teacher Min feeds Seul-Bi the medicine. Seul-Bi falls asleep. But she wakes up after Teacher Min left. She runs to the gate. She finds out that there’s a human outside. She knocks at the gate. Soo-Gwang is close to the gate. He tries to touch the statue. Seul-Bi sees him. She believes that he’s the prince she looks for.

The gate is opened after Soo-Gwang left. Seul-Bi walks into the hall. She sees Soo-Gwang. She tails him. He gets a call from his mom who promises to cook for him. He hangs up and gets in the elevator. He’s startled when he sees Seul-Bi.

Teacher Min returns to Seul-Bi’s room. She finds out that the girl is missing. Seul-Bi follows Soo-Gwang to get on the bus. The bus driver scolds Seul-Bi because she didn’t pay. Soo-Gwang pays it for Seul-Bi. She trips when the bus moves. She tells Soo-Gwang that she wants to eat the fish his mom mentioned. He wants to take her home after knowing she tailed him. She rejects it.

The maid reports to Teacher Min that they didn’t find Seul-Bi. Soo-Gwang hands over his shoes to Seul-Bi. She wears the shoes and pays attention to the view outside. He has to switch the seats with her. He takes her home. She’s drawn by the fishes.

Soo-Gwang’s mother hugs Soo-Gwang. She notes that he doesn’t wear shoes. He points at Seul-Bi. Seul-Bi shows off the squid to the lady. She tells her that she wants to eat it. She tastes the squid she cooks. She finds out that it’s very delicious. She wants to stay in the house. But Soo-Gwang wants to take her home. She’s not happy.

Soo-Gwang’s mother touches Seul-Bi’s hand when she tells her to eat. Seul-Bi runs out of the store. She tells Soo-Gwang’s mother that they need many mackerels. The customer gets off the van. She orders many mackerels from Soo-Gwang’s mother. Soo-Gwang’s mother is very happy. She notes the necklace Seul-Bi wears.

Soo-Gwang’s mother gives her shoes to Seul-Bi. Seul-Bi likes the shoes after she wore it. Soo-Gwang wonders why his mom didn’t wear the shoes since it’s so pretty. She explains that she only wear the shoes in a special moments. She leaks that she wore the shoes to go to the amusement park with her husband.

Seul-Bi is excited. She wants to go to the amusement park. But Soo-Gwang intends to take her home. Gong Soo-Gwang’s mother sees her son and Seul-Bi off. She returns to her room. She opens the photo album. She sees Soo-Gwang and Mi-Soo’s group photo. She remembers she took a photo for Soo-Gwang and Mi-Soo. Mi-Soo cried to bow to her.

Seul-Bi goes to the amusement park with Soo-Gwang. She wears the crown on his head. She calls him prince. He takes her away because nobody is there. Secretary Cha reports to Sam-Joong that Seul-Bi is missing. Sam-Joong returns home. He sees Min-Joon sleeping on the couch with his friends. He scolds them.

Min-Joon’s friends are scared to flee after Sam-Joong yelled at them. Sam-Joong goes to see Mi-Soo. He asks her about Seul-Bi’s whereabouts. She comforts him that her daughter is on the way home. Soo-Gwang arrives at the hotel with Seul-Bi. Secretary Cha takes them to see Sam-Joong.

Seul-Bi glares at Sam-Joong when she holds Soo-Gwang’s hand. Sam-Joong is furious to slap Soo-Gwang. He lets his followers to take him to the police station because he believes that he kidnapped Seul-Bi. Teacher Min takes Seul-Bi to see Mi-Soo. Mi-Soo walks to Seul-Bi and hugs her. Seul-Bi cries to tell her mom that she saw Soo-Gwang’s future.

Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 1 Ending

Mi-Soo takes Seul-Bi to flee. She wears the white hat on her. She tells her to leave. Seul-Bi gets off the cab. She holds the umbrella when it’s raining. She runs to see Soo-Gwang.

Jinxed At First K-Drama: Episode 1 stars Seohyun, Na In-Woo, Jeon Kwang-Leol and Yoon Ji-Hye.

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