The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 13 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 13. Su-Yeong calls Gyeong-Pil and asks for a meeting up. He comes to her and tells her that he slept with Mi-Gyeong because he wanted to break up with her. Jong-Hyeon calls Su-Yeong. But Gyeong-Pil picks up the phone.

Does Sang-Su Apologize to Mi-Gyeong for Hurting Her?

The Interest of Love K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 13.

Gyeong-Pil tells Jong-Hyeon that he’s staying with Su-Yeong. He tells him that he knows Su-Yeong is his girlfriend. Jong-Hyeon wishes to have a talk with Su-Yeong. But she turns off the phone. She tells Gyeong-Pil that she won’t regret it.

Jong-Hyeon is furious to ask Su-Yeong if she cheated on him when he finds her. She admits it. He sees Sang-Su and Gyeong-Pil. He runs to Gyeong-Pil and beats him. Sang-Su stops Jong-Hyeon. It makes Jong-Hyeon believe that Sang-Su slept with his girlfriend as well. Sang-Su is shocked to look at Su-Yeong.

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Sang-Su asks Gyeong-Pil to admit that he didn’t sleep with Su-Yeong when Gyeong-Pil looks at his injury in the mirror. But Gyeong-Pil tells Sang-Su that he actually slept with Su-Yeong. She reveals Jong-Hyeon beat him after he listened to the recording.

Sang-Su beats Gyeong-Pil as well after he listened to the recording. He thinks Gyeong-Pil is a bad person. Gyeong-Pil points out that Sang-Su is a bad person. He mentions what he did to Mi-Gyeong. He picks up his phone and walks away.

Mi-Gyeong walks into the restroom when Su-Yeong is washing hands. She asks her if she likes Gyeong-Pil since she slept with the guy. Su-Yeong ignores Mi-Gyeong. She leaves the restroom. Ku-Il asks Mi-Gyeong if Sang-Su slept with Su-Yeong. Mi-Gyeong denies it. She pretends to be a good couple with Sang-Su in front of Ku-Il. It makes Ku-Il believe that Sang-Su isn’t like Gyeong-Pil.

But Sang-Su lets Mi-Gyeong’s hand go when he sees Su-Yeong. He walks on the street. She stops him and she cries to ask him if he still has feelings for Su-Yeong after knowing Su-Yeong is a bad girl. He tells her that he wants to talk about it later. He walks away. He minds the recording when he gets interviewed.

Jong-Hyeon returns home. He’s furious to mess up his room. Sang-Su is on the way home. He remembers Su-Yeong told him that she ruined her castle herself. He gets a message from Seok-Hyeon who asks for a meeting up. Sang-Su tails Su-Yeong until she returns home. He walks away. She sees him off.

Su-Yeong walks into her house. She sees Jong-Hyeon’s shoes. She walks into his room. She sees the mess he did. He asks her why she cheated on him when she picks up the books for him. He thinks he did nothing wrong to her. She admits it.

Jong-Hyeon thinks Su-Yeong cheated on him for a reason. But she tells him to go to look for another girlfriend. He tears up and leaves her house. Sang-Su goes to In-Jae’s restaurant. He orders some food. But he doesn’t eat it. In-Jae joins Sang-Su. He thanks him for sending his wife to the hospital. Sang-Su tells In-Jae that he has feelings for his daughter. He cries. In-Jae tells Sang-Su that his daughter is a good girl. He mentions Su-Yeong likes to take the blame for others.

Mi-Seon wakes Mi-Gyeong up. She shows the footage to her. She asks her if Sang-Su broke up with her for it. Shi-Kyung takes the employees to watch the footage. He blames Tae-Pyung for not telling it to him. He tells the people that he has fired Jong-Hyeon.

The new guard shows up. Ku-Il still doesn’t believe that Shi-Kyung fired Jong-Hyeon. He wonders where Su-Yeong went since she had caused the trouble. Eun-Jung reveals Su-Yeong is interviewed for a position transfer. Su-Yeong walks into the room. The judge asks Su-Yeong why she keeps applying for a transfer. He tells her to think about it why they rejected her. She mentions she worked hard for the bank. She wants to know why they rejected her as well.

Mr. Kim tells Mr. Kang that he would only do one night stand with Su-Yeong. Sang-Su scolds Mr. Kim. It makes Mr. Kim believe that Sang-Su slept with Su-Yeong. Sang-Su intends to beat Mr. Kim. Mr. Kim explains that he was just kidding. Sang-Su is furious to leave the classroom.

Sang-Su runs into Su-Yeong in front of the elevator. He opens the door of the elevator for her. She gets in the elevator. She tells him that the interview went well. He follows her. She stops and blames him for not asking her about it. She thinks he’s indifferent. She’s furious to walk away.

Du-Sik reports to Min-Hee that Sang-Su grabbed Mr. Kim’s collar in front of the people. Min-Hee thinks Mr. Kim deserved it because he took a video and shared it. Du-Sik is surprised that Sang-Su wasn’t related to the footage. Mi-Gyeong admits it. She walks out of the bank and runs into Sang-Su.

Mi-Gyeong tells Sang-Su that she has known that he grabbed Mr. Kim’s collar. She complains to him that he kept letting her clean up the mess he made. But he tells her not to cover it for him. She goes to see Gyeong-Pil. She asks him if he slept with Su-Yeong. He admits it even if he knew Sang-Su likes Su-Yeong.

Mi-Gyeong thinks Gyeong-Pil is a trash. She tries to leave. But he stops her and thinks she’s not honest to herself. He reminds her that Sang-Su and Su-Yeong won’t get together because of the case. He mentions she complained to him that she had a hard time. He thinks she should be happy now. Mi-Gyeong asks Gyeong-Pil if he slept with Su-Yeong for her. He denies it.

Mi-Gyeong walks out of Gyeong-Pil’s office. She runs into Su-Yeong. She gets angry after knowing Su-Yeong’s interview went well. She complains to her that she flirted with the three men. She mentions she was nice to her. But Su-Yeong tells Mi-Gyeong that she felt uncomfortable when she liked her. She tells her to hate her. Mi-Gyeong asks Su-Yeong if she has Sang-Su in her heart before she leaves.

Sang-Su remembers Su-Yeong asked him why he doesn’t want to know the truth. He goes to her house to wait for her. He takes her to the cafe and tells her that he didn’t ask her about it because he worried that he cannot see her. She tells him not to come to her place. But he tells her that he will come each day. She leaves the cafe.

Su-Yeong returns home. She walks into Jong-Hyeon’s room. She sees the empty. She tears up. Sang-Su goes to see Seok-Hyeon. He cooks the noodles for him. Seok-Hyeon tells Sang-Su that he realized that his wife is very important to him after he had gotten a divorce with her. He thinks love is a kind of punishment. Someone knocks at the door. Seok-Hyeon asks Sang-Su to go to open the door. Sang-Su finds out that the person is Gyeong-Pil after he opened the door.

Su-Yeong goes to Kyung-Sook’s restaurant. Kyung-Sook is happy to see Su-Yeong. Su-Yeong asks her mother for the food. She cries to tell her to return to the hometown with her. Because she feels tired. Sang-Su drinks with Gyeong-Pil at the restaurant. He tells him that he still trust Su-Yeong even if he told him that he slept with the girl.

Gyeong-Pil reminds Sang-Su that Dae-Sung won’t forgive him if he breaks up with Mi-Gyeong for Su-Yeong. He leaks that Su-Yeong asked him to do it. He leaves the restaurant. Jong-Hyeon takes a look at Su-Yeong’s photos. He sees the note she left. He takes off his ring and he’s furious to throw away the ring.

Su-Yeong returns home. She remembers Sang-Su told her that he will come each day. She looks around. She doesn’t find him. He hides somewhere. He sees her off. Dae-Sung eats with Mi-Gyeong at home. He complains that Sang-Su didn’t call him after he hadn’t attend the banquet. Mi-Gyeong explains that her boyfriend is very busy.

Mi-Seon drags Mi-Gyeong to the room. She mentions Sang-Su told her that he doesn’t have feelings for Mi-Gyeong. She thinks Sang-Su slept with Su-Yeong. Mi-Gyeong asks her mother not to tell it to Dae-Sung because it’s her pride. Jung-Im meets with Sang-Su. She asks him if he ate well.

Sang-Su thinks Jung-Im looks like his mother the first time. He reveals he thought she’s his brother. It makes her laugh. She tells him not to be hurt. He tears up. Sang-Su arrives at the hospital. Hyeok-Jin asks Sang-Su to take care of Mi-Gyeong. He asks him if something happened to him and Mi-Gyeong.

Sang-Su walks into the ward. He takes Mi-Gyeong home. She lets him cook noodles for her when he thinks it will be better if she drinks porridge. He apologizes to her for hurting her. He cries to ask her not to be hurt. She takes the car key and leaves his house.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 13 Ending – Does Gyeong-Pil Sleep with Su-Yeong?

Episode 13 of The Interest of Love K-Drama ends with Jong-Hyeon asking Su-Yeong if she slept with Gyeong-Pil when they’re soaking. She admits it. He thinks she’s a bad woman. He’s furious to walk away. She remembers she asked Gyeong-Pil if he helped her for Mi-Gyeong after they fooled Jong-Hyeon.

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