Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 4. Gye-Jeol walks to Kok-Du. She asks him if he knows her mother. He admits it. Gye-Jeol’s mother was crashed by the car. Gye-Jeol runs to her mother. She cries when she tries to wake her up.

Does Gye-Jeol Hit Yi-Deun in a Car Accident?

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 4.

Gye-Jeol’s mother passes away. She follows Gye-Jeol to go to the hell. She sees the ghosts tangling Kok-Du. She sings a song for him when she walks to him. She hugs him because she mistakes him as Gye-Jeol. He reminds her that she’s a dead. He wants to repay her because she gave a present to him. She asks him to take care of her daughter if he encounters her. He promises it. She’s happy to cry.

Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol that he knows her and her mother for a long time. She mentions he denied it when she asked him if he knows her mother. He tells her that he’s not Jin-Woo. He reveals her mother sang a song for him when he encountered her.

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Gye-Jeol thinks Kok-Du was a crybaby. She mentions her mother only sang a song for her when she cried. He realizes that her mother comforted him. He tells her that she’s very beautiful like her mother. But she knows she takes after her father. He thinks she will live a long life because she’s ugly. Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du that she wants to live a long life because the living will be hurt. She thanks him for remembering her mother.

Gye-Jeol and Kok-Du are on the way home. She takes a look at him. She smiles because she thinks their encounter was a fate. But he mentions the feelings when her mother sang a song for him. He thinks it was a drunken accident. He tells her that only Seol-Hui is his fate. He wants to kiss her to confirm if she’s Seol-Hui.

Gye-Jeol turns on the radio. Kok-Du hears someone’s wish. He feels painful. He asks her to park the car. She does it and sees her hitting someone. She reports it to the police. She finds out that Kok-Du is missing. The chief thug tries to kill the person. Kok-Du shows up. He kills the chief thug and his followers. He cries to ask the deity for the death of him.

Ok Shin takes a look at the meat. He thinks the meat is very delicious when he eats it with blood. But he complains that he cannot eat the raw meat because of Kok-Du. Gak Shin mentions Kok-Du sees blood every night. She comforts Ok Shin that he can eat raw meat when Kok-Du’s curse is lifted.

But Ok Shin thinks the task won’t be easy. Gak Shin confesses her feelings to Ok Shin. She thinks it’s very easy to make Gye-Jeol say such words to Kok-Du. Ok Shin thinks there’s no girl will confess her feelings to Kok-Du because his personality is terrible. Gak Shin disagrees to what Ok Shin said. She mentions Kok-Du told her that he doesn’t want to have blood on his hands. She places the wine on the meat.

Ok Shin returns home. He finds out that Kok-Du ruined his expensive wine. He’s furious to beat him. Kok-Du is drunk to tell Gak Shin that Gye-Jeol isn’t Seol-Hui. Gye-Jeol is waiting for Kok-Du at home. She tells her mother that she wishes Kok-Du to dote on her like she did. Someone rings the bell. Gye-Jeol mistakes that it’s Kok-Du. She runs to the gate and opens the gate. She finds out that the person is the madam.

Gye-Jeol calls Kok-Du and wakes him up in the morning. She tells him to come to the hospital because she wants to tell something to him. He arrives at the hospital. She takes him to get into the hospital. She blames him for giving up her last night. She gives the money to him. She asks him for giving her some time to develop some feelings for him. She tells him to take care of the hospital for her.

Gye-Jeol gives her business card to Kok-Du. She tells him that he’s her lord. But he doesn’t want to be her lord. She tells him that he will be her lord soon. She gives him a ride when she goes to the patient. She tells him that he’s a nurse because she has no money to hire a nurse.

Kok-Du tells Gak Shin to be a nurse. She rejects it because she worries that people will recognize her. He tells her that he will hang her like he did to Ok Shin if she refuses to be a nurse. He laughs. Gye-Jeol interviews Gak Shin. She hires her even if she didn’t do nurse work before. Gak-Shin tells Gye-Jeol not to think about forcing her to do the job she doesn’t want to. Gye-Jeol promises it.

Gak Shin is tired to return home. She complains to Kok-Du that Gye-Jeol is a crazy woman who forced her to do many jobs. She wonders why he cares for Gye-Jeol since she’s not Seol-Hui. Gye-Jeol prepares a meal to wait for Han Cheol. She takes a photo of the meal. She sends the photo to Kok-Du. But he doesn’t reply to her.

Kok-Du gets a call from Gye-Jeol. He turns off her phone. But he still hears her voice. He’s surprised until she shows up behind him. She takes off her helmet. He sees the hairpin she wears. He remembers Seol-Hui had the same hairpin. Gye-Jeol blames Kok-Du for not replying to her. She takes him to the police station.

Gye-Jeol is surprised that the person she hit was Yi-Deun. She thinks he told a lie to the cop. Kok-Du doesn’t know who Yi-Deun is. The cop introduces Yi-Deun as a famous golfer to Kok-Du. Gye-Jeol is close to the poster. She tells the cop that the one she hit was Choong-Seong. But Yi-Deun tells Gye-Jeol that Choong-Seong died two months ago.

Gye-Jeol tries to leave the police station. Yi-Deun stops Gye-Jeol when he grabs her hand. He tells her that he wanted to contact her. Kok-Du hugs Gye-Jeol. He tells Yi-Deun that Gye-Jeol is his girlfriend. Kok-Du takes Gye-Jeol to leave the police station. He thinks Yi-Deun was Gye-Jeol’s fate because Gye-Jeol didn’t dare to take a look at the guy.

Gye-Jeol smiles because she thinks Kok-Du is jealous. He tells her that he saw Yi-Deun before. He thinks the guy will bring bad luck to them. He tells Gye-Jeol not to see the guy. But she complains to him that she needs to see Yi-Deun because of the car accident. She shows Choong-Seong’s poster to him. She tells him that the one she hit was the man.

Kok-Du takes a look at Choong-Seong’s poster. He throws away the poster. But he picks the poster up. He tells Gak Shin to clean the house when he sees her. She points out that he made her be busy. She reveals Ok Shin is busy because of his rival. Pil-Soo gives a presentation. He tells the reporters that his medicine can cure arthritis.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Episode 4 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with the killer throwing Gye-Jeol into the water after she saw his face. She summons Kok-Du. He jumps into the water to save her. He wakes her up. She opens her eyes and calls him Oh-Hyun. She kisses him.

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