The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 14 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 14. Su-Yeong throws away Jong-Hyeon’s book. She dries her hair and walks out of her house. She hands over the towel to Sang-Su. She asks him why he came to her. She thinks they won’t get together with the situation. But he tells her that he can handle everything. She thinks the rain is going to stop.

Does Sang-Su Take Care of Su-Yeong when She’s Sick?

The Interest of Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 14.

Shi-Kyung has a meeting with the employees. He tells them to give the calendars to the VIPs. He asks Tae-Pyung if he prepared for the event. Tae-Pyung tries to Shi-Kyung that he gave the task to Seok-Hyeon. But he realizes that Seok-Hyeon didn’t come to the bank.

Sang-Su promises to complete Seok-Hyeon and Gyeong-Pil’s tasks. But Shi-Kyung remembers Su-Yeong took the day off. Mi-Gyeong volunteers to do Su-Yeong’s work. Ku-Il is surprised that Su-Yeong took a day off. Du-Sik thinks the girl didn’t come to the bank because she has no face to see the colleagues. Ku-Il mentions Su-Yeong turned Jong-Hyeon into an angry person. Sang-Su is furious to leave the office.

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Mi-Gyeong is waiting for the green light. She sees Gyeong-Pil who crosses the street. She gives him a ride. He sees the medicine in her car. He asks her if she’s sick. She tells him that it’s not his business. He asks her if she was in pain. She tells him that she doesn’t remember it.

Sang-Su gives the calendar to the fish vendor. He asks her to sign the contract. She goes to take pen. He sees the fish. He remembers Su-Yeong cut fish for him. He texts her and asks her if she’s fine. Mi-Gyeong meets with Hyeok-Jin. She asks him to fix the car for her. She notes that he’s looking at Gyeong-Pil. She asks him if he knows Gyeong-Pil.

Mi-Gyeong takes a look at Gyeong-Pil. She remembers Hyeok-Jin told her that he had asked Gyeong-Pil to break up with her because his father had been sent to the prison. Jong-Hyeon’s friend wakes Jong-Hyeon up when he brings food to him. He tells him that breakup is nothing.

The people roll the calendars. Ji-Yoon mentions Su-Yeong took a day off. Sang-Su remembers Su-Yeong tore up in the rain when he found her. He goes to her house and calls her. He asks her for a meeting up. He notes that she’s sick. He rings the bell. She opens the door. He asks her if she’s sick. She denies it. He puts his hand on her forehead. He asks her to let him in.

Sang-Su takes care of Su-Yeong with the towel when she falls asleep. He runs to the pharmacy to buy medicine. He runs back to Su-Yeong’s house. He lets her take the medicine. He cooks the porridge for her. He realizes that he loves her very much.

Su-Yeong wakes up in the morning. She sees the porridge Sang-Su cooked for her. She smiles. Sang-Su goes to the bank. He runs into Mi-Gyeong. Both ignore each other. Gyeong-Pil thinks Sang-Su should greet him after he ignored him. He tells him that Su-Yeong is going to leave.

Min-Hee congratulates Su-Yeong on going to another bank. Du-Sik cries after knowing he’s going to go to another bank. But Eun-Jung thinks the transfer is just an ordinary thing. It makes him believe that she doesn’t love him because she doesn’t feel sad for his leaving. But she tells him that she intended to marry him. She tells him that it wasn’t a proposal before she leaves. But he treats it as a proposal.

Sang-Su runs into Su-Yeong. He asks her if she feels better. She admits it. He congratulates her on the job transfer. She thanks him for taking care of her. She tells him that she wants to treat him a meal. Shi-Kyung does nothing after knowing Su-Yeong and Du-Sik are going to leave. Min-Hee thinks Shi-Kyung is heartless. She intends to throw a farewell party for Su-Yeong. She invites Su-Yeong to attend the party. Su-Yeong agrees to it.

But there’s nobody attending the party except Su-Yeong and Min-Hee. Min-Hee tells Su-Yeong that people won’t look down on her if she loves herself. She drinks with her. Su-Yeong thanks Min-Hee for helping her. It makes Min-Hee tear up. Mi-Gyeong shows up.

Mi-Gyeong tells Su-Yeong that she came because she thought it would be the last time she saw her. She tells her that she dislikes her. Su-Yeong apologizes to Mi-Gyeong. Hyeok-Jin calls Mi-Gyeong. He tells her that he fixed her car. He asks her if she wishes him to call the dealer. She rejects it because she thinks she should be the one who takes care of it.

Why Jong-Hyeon Cries When He Sees His Photos?

Su-Yeong goes to In-Jae’s restaurant. She sees the sign outside. She asks him about it. He reveals he’s going to leave. He mentions she told her mother that she wishes to return to hometown with her. She wonders why he wants to do it since he didn’t listen to her when she told him to leave. He tells her that Seoul is too cold to them.

Sang-Su waters the flower. He gets a message from Su-Yeong who tells him the meeting place. She walks out of her room. She looks around and sees Jong-Hyeon’s books. She puts the books into the suitcase. She goes to the Internet Cafe to wait for Jong-Hyeon.

Seon-Jae runs into Su-Yeong. She mentions what she told her that Jong-Hyeon won’t come. Su-Yeong tells Seon-Jae that Jong-Hyeon didn’t pick up her phone. Jong-Hyeon works in the hotel. Jong-Hyeon’s colleague tells Jong-Hyeon that there’s a beautiful girl coming to look for him.

Jong-Hyeon walks out of the hotel. He sees Seon-Jae. He mentions what he told her not to come. She explains to him that she only came to give the books to him. She thinks he and Su-Yeong are over since Su-Yeong returned the books to him.

Jong-Hyeon asks Seon-Jae if Su-Yeong looked fine. She tells him that Su-Yeong was very happy. He takes the suitcase back to his room. He opens the suitcase and sees the photos. He remembers she asked him not to give up his exam when she took photos of him. He cries.

Mi-Gyeong wakes up. She sees the sunshine. She meets with the dealer and asks him to sell her car. She calls Sang-Su and asks for a meeting up. But he tells her that he’s staying with her father. Dae-Sung tells Sang-Su that he wishes to meet with his mother when he plays golf.

Mi-Gyeong shows up. She tells Dae-Sung that she won’t get married with Sang-Su when Dae-Sung intends to arrange a newlywed house for the two. Mi-Gyeong tells Sang-Su that she slept well last night when they’re in the car. She tells him that she worried that he will dump her when she dated him.

Mi-Gyeong takes out her coin. She tells Sang-Su that she took the coin from his house. She tells him that they will break up if it’s heads. She breaks up with him in the end. He asks her to scold him. But she rejects it because she knows he will feel guilty when he hears her name.

The Interest of Love K-Drama: Episode 14 Ending – Does Su-Yeong Leave?

Episode 14 of The Interest of Love K-Drama ends with Min-Hee telling Ku-Il that Su-Yeong resigned when Gyeong-Pil brings the rice cakes to them. Gyeong-Pil tells the people that Su-Yeong’s father’s restaurant was replaced. Sang-Su drives to Su-Yeong’s house. He finds out that she left.

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