The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23. Wen Ren picks a flower. He turns the flower into a flower umbrella. He tells Ye Tan that he wants to give the flower umbrella to her. She thinks the flower umbrella is very beautiful.

The Pain of Love

The Starry Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23.

Ye Tan tells Wen Ren that she likes the flower umbrella. She mentions the wind makes people drunk. But Wen Ren thinks it’s not the wind’s credit. He thinks it’s because of Ye Tan. Ye Tan is surprised that she got flirted by Wen Ren. She runs away.

Man Man pretends to be Ye Tan. She tells Zi Wu to feed her. Ye Tan shows up. Di Lanjue asks Ye Tan if she failed. She thinks the people should take the blame if she failed. She intends to come up with an idea to suppress Wen Ren. Man Man tells Ye Tan to learn from the concubines of her father.

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Ye Tan agrees to what Man Man said to learn from her father. She mentions Emperor Tun is superstitious. The guy takes a look at Wen Ren’s painting. He thinks his painting skill is improved. Ye Tan shows up. She calls Wen Ren. He walks to her and tells her that he feels happy to see her.

Ye Tan explains to Wen Ren that she left because she had a business. She tells him to go to the market with her. He thinks she’s a wonder girl when he walks her. She passes by the store of the fortune teller. She tells Wen Ren to give it a try.

Ye Tan asks the fortune teller to tell their fortunes to them. He grabs Wen Ren’s hand. He tells him that he will pass away within two years. He asks him if he didn’t take the time of youth. Wen Ren admits it. He reveals he was like that when he was born.

The fortune teller tells Wen Ren that he as a body of immortal. He adds that he’s reborn like a phoenix. He thinks he only likes beauties according to his looks. He tells him that the beauties aren’t his destined wife. But he points out that his destined wife appeared.

Wen Ren takes a look at Ye Tan. He thinks his destined wife is her. The fortune teller takes a look at Ye Tan’s palm. He tells Ye Tan and Wen Ren that they’re best match. He reveals Ye Tan followed Wen Ren after he passed away in his previous life.

The fortune teller tells Wen Ren that he can only get together with Ye Tan after he gives his heart to her. He reminds him that he will lose his lover if he doesn’t give up his beauties. Ye Tan tells Wen Ren that she will accompany him no matter what happens.

Chao Feng complains that he doesn’t know where Qing Kui hides. Qing Kui comes to see Abyss Empress. Chao Feng tells Ying Zhao to protect Qing Kui. He tells him to go to summon the soldiers. Qing Kui pays her respect to Abyss Empress.

Abyss Empress wonders why Qing Kui came to beast realm to look for her. Qing Kui tells Abyss Empress that the person she saw was just the soul of You Qin. Ding Yun smiles. He thinks it’s their chance. Abyss Empress wonders how did Qing Kui contacted Ye Tan.

Qing Kui reveals she can share pain with Ye Tan. She adds that they sent messages to each other through sticking. She tells Abyss Empress that she wants to exchange Ye Tan’s life with the whereabouts of the immortal soul. Abyss Empress wonders why Qing Kui didn’t tell the message to Chao Feng to make him be the crown prince.

Qing Kui mentions Chao Feng failed. She confesses that she wants to do something for her future. She takes a look at Ding Yun. He laughs and thinks she’s a bad woman. Abyss Empress tells Qing Kui that she will help her if she finds the immortal souls. She tells her to leave.

Abyss Empress sees Qing Kui off. She’s surprised that she had the intention. But Ding Yun thinks Qing Kui is just a grass. He thinks his mother didn’t have to praise the girl. Abyss Empress mentions she chose Emperor Li from the devils. She thinks Qing Kui is like her.

Abyss Empress reminds Ding Yun that he needs a smart woman to help him. She tells him that she will get someone to replace Qing Kui if he doesn’t like the girl. The follower asks Wen Ren if he actually believes what the fortune teller said.

Wen Ren decides to choose to trust the fortune teller. He tells the follower to tell the girls to leave except Ye Tan. The follower thinks Ye Tan is the destined girl of Wen Ren. Wen Ren tries to leave. But he sees Liu Rong and other girls.

Liu Rong tells Wen Ren that they’re not easy to be bullied by him. She walks to him with the girls. Qing Heng reports to Ye Tan that Wen Ren was attacked by the girls. He reveals the girl were tricked by Wen Ren. Ye Tan goes to the Colorful Shop with Qing Heng. Wen Ren tries to touch Ye Tan. But he feels painful. Ye Tan asks the follower what happened to Wen Ren. He tells her to stay away from Wen Ren. He adds that Wen Ren cannot give the happiness to her anymore.

It flashes back. Wen Ren is beaten by the girls. Liu Rong wears the chastity belt on Wen Ren. She tells him that the belt will make him wish to die if he has the intention of love. The girls tell Wen Ren not to think about getting any girl. They think he deserves it.

Qing Heng takes Ye Tan aside. He tries to blame the girls. But Man Man and Ye Tan think the girl did a great job. Qing Heng is surprised. Ye Tan tells Qing Heng that she can kill eight bad men like Wen Ren if she doesn’t look for immortal souls.

Man Man points out that Ye Tan cannot get Wen Ren if he’s like so. She tells her to go to ask Di Lanjue about it. Qing Heng agrees to what Man Man said. He mentions Di Lanjue is good at unlocking the treasure. But Ye Tan wants Wen Ren to suffer for a while. She’s happy to leave with Man Man.

Meiyou Qing is writing the novel. He wonders if he should resurrect Di Lanjue or not in his novel. Di Lanjue complains that Ye Tan asked him to protect Meiyou Qing. He intends to kill Meiyou Qing with his blade. But he worries that Zi Wu will be sad.

Di Lanjue wonders why he cared for Zi Wu’s feelings. Zi Wu shows up with the tea. She thinks it’s the best day. Man Man runs into the room. She tells Di Lanjue that she needs his help. She takes him away. Di Lanjue runs to Ye Tan. He thinks he doesn’t have to care for the case of immortal souls.

Ye Tan denies it. She tells Di Lanjue that she needs a treasure to listen to Wen Ren’s thought. Di Lanjue places the earrings on the table. Ye Tan wears the earrings. She hears what Qing Heng says. Zi Wu praises Di Lanjue. She wishes him to make some jewelry for her.

Di Lanjue complains that he will be controlled by Zi Wu all his life. He wonders what he owed Zi Wu and Qing Heng in his previous life. Wen Ren remembers the girls thought he deserved it. The follower reports to Wen Ren that the employees left.

Wen Ren wonders why the women were heartless to him. The follower reminds Wen Ren that the belt on his body becomes tight. Wen Ren plays the zither. He thinks it will help him avoid the calamity. He sees the dancer. He feels painful.

Wen Ren paints. He sees the beauty. He tells himself not to think of the beauty. Ye Tan tells Wen Ren that he won’t feel painful anymore if he thinks of the mountains and oceans. He thinks he has a dream to see her. She tells him that she will accompany him until he cuts off his desire.

Wen Ren is surprised that the only one who didn’t give up him is Ye Tan. He worries that he will be dead like the fortune teller told him. He asks Ye Tan if she fears to get involved by him. She tells him not to believe the trick of mortal clan.

Ye Tan hands over the tea to Wen Ren. He takes a look at the tea cup. He finds out that it was given by the beauty Hong Bin. The beauty touches Wen Ren’s hand. She takes over the tea from him. He feels painful. Ye Tan tells Wen Ren that she has a way to help him get rid of the mind.

The Starry Love Chinese Drama: Episode 23 Ending

Episode 23 of The Starry Love Chinese Drama ends with Chao Feng yelling at Qing Kui that he’s her enemy. He tells her that his life isn’t her business. She agrees to what he said that he made a mistake. She tells him that his life belongs to her.

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