Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 9. Lee Hwan sees the servants putting out the fire. King blames the chancellors for letting him interrogate the shaman. He mentions the shaman told him the evil curse when he yells.

Does King Agree to Repent for What He Did to Song Family?

Our Blooming Youth

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 9.

King walks to Won-Bo. He thinks he was the one who made him do that. Won-Bo tells King not to care for what the shaman said. He thinks she was just a leftover bandit. King mentions Won-Bo caught the bandits of Song family. He wonders why there’re rebels.

King scolds the chancellors for not protecting his family. Won-Bo tells King that they’re scared as well. King stops Won-Won. Lee Hwan asks Tae-Gang to take Jae-Yi to see him. Ga-Ram stops the killer before Jae-Yi is killed by the killer.

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But he killer targets Ga-Ram. Myung-Jin hits the killer’s head with the pot. But another killer shoots them before they catch the killer. The killer runs away. Jae-Yi tries to chase the killer. But Myung-Jin stops her. He reminds her that there’s two killers.

Jae-Yi picks up the note from the ground. She runs away. Myung-Jin puts his hands on Ga-Ram’s head. He asks her if she was hurt. Jae-Yi gets changed and runs out of her house. Lee Hwan looks at the flame. He remember Jae-Yi thought he’s lonely because he doesn’t know who’s his enemy.

Sam-Chil tells the people that Song family is going to ruin King’s family. Myung-Jin passes by. He runs into Tae-Gang. He hands over the red note to him. Jae-Yi joins Lee Hwan. He wonders why there was only plum tree being burned. He thinks the ghost is cursing him and his family.

Jae-Yi disagrees to what Lee Hwan said. She tells him that it was done by a human being. She looks into plum tree. She reports to Lee Hwan that she found the gunpowder from the tree. But he thinks it wouldn’t burn so long even if it contained gunpowder.

Sung-On sees the dead body. He asks the bodyguard about it. The bodyguard reports to Sung-On that the dead was the one who guarded the shaman. Jae-Yi tells Lee Hwan that the killer’s friend attacked her when she chased the killer. He’s furious to slap the table. He wonders who’s his enemy. She tells him that the burning stuff came from India.

Sung-On goes to see Lee Hwan. He reports to him that he found the snake bite marks from the dead’s body. He mentions the shaman had the same mark as well. He reveals the shaman received a knife from someone when she was locked up.

Lee Hwan thinks he cannot find the truth from the shaman’s case. He asks Sung-On if he still looks for Man-Shik. Sung-On admits it. He reveals Man-Shik’s older brother is dead. But Man-Shik visited his sister-in-law. He reveals he arranged a bodyguard at the woman’s house. He adds that they will know it if Man-Shik sends a message to his in-laws. Lee Hwan tells Sung-On to catch Man-Shik.

Prince Myungan is sick. Princess Hayeon mentions Prince Myungan told her that he wanted to see the killer. Queen thinks it wasn’t Princess Hayeon’s mistake. The doctor tells Queen that her son will recover after he takes a break.

Prince Myungan asks Queen about Song family. She refuses to give him the answer. So he asks the maid about it. She reveals Song family took the bandits to rebel. Princess Hayeon wonders how the bandit became a ghost. Queen stops the maid when she tries to tell Princess Hayeon the truth of Song family.

Prince Myungan is surprised that Won-Bo was related to Song family. Joong-Eon remembers the shaman told him that Song family will come back. Lee Hwan hands over Shim Young’s autopsy report to Jae-Yi. He tells her to read it. He reveals he found the dark marks from Shim Young’s body when she reads the report.

Jae-Yi thinks Shim Young killed himself. Lee Hwan leaks that Shim Young looked something in Master Min’s house after Master Min was killed. He asks Jae-Yi if she knows what Shim Young looked for. She finds out that Shim Young had white hair.

Jae-Yi tells Lee Hwan that Shim Young didn’t have white hair when she left. He reminds her that the shaman had white hair as well. He places the red note on the table. He mentions the shaman knew the ghost letter. She wonders if Song family should take duty for the case.

Won-Oh goes to see Won-Bo. He reports to him that Song family cursed them when he places the red note on the table. But Won-Bo points out that the one Song family cursed was King’s family. Won-Oh laughs. But he wonders why Song family cursed King’s family.

Won-Bo points out that they killed Song family because King told them to do that. Won-Oh worries that King will look into Song family’s case. But Won-Bo tells Won-Oh that he’s going to stop the investigation. Lee Hwan and Jae-Yi walk on the street. They run into the guy. The guy tails them. He leaves after he saw them getting into Myung-Jin’s house.

Lee Hwan tells Myung-Jin that they found the gunpowder from the tree. But he thinks the gunpowder wasn’t enough to burn the tree. Myung-Jin thinks there would be saltpeter and beeswax. Lee Hwan and Jae-Yi try to leave. But Myung-Jin stops them. He tells them that the knowledge isn’t free.

Ga-Ram explains to the two that Myung-Jin was just kidding. But Lee Hwan still promises to buy Myung-Jin a meal. Myung-Jin tells Lee Hwan that he prepared something for him. Bok-Soon shows up when she carries something. Myung-Jin tells Lee Hwan that he knew he would buy him a meal. He helps Bok-Soon place the dishes on the table.

Ga-Ram is happy when she sees the food. Jae-Yi tastes the food. She finds out that it’s very delicious. She mentions she skipped the lunch. It makes Ga-Ram believe that Crown Prince let Jae-Yi hungry. Lee Hwan denies it. Jae-Yi complains to Ga-Ram that Crown Crown only gave her a very small salary when there were so many foods in the kitchen.

Jae-Yi reveals the water was her dinner because Crown Prince gave many tasks to her. Lee Hwan blames Crown Prince when Myung-Jin asks him what he thinks. The follower reports to Won-Bo that Lee Hwan is looking into the case. Won-Bo tells the follower to tail Jae-Yi.

Jae-Yi tells Lee Hwan that the beeswax can be found in the market. But she couldn’t find sulfur. She promises to find the truth within five days. He hands over the money to her. He mentions she made a bet in him and Sung-On’s game.

Jae-Yi shows the money to Lee Hwan. She mentions she changed her bet after knowing he was going to take part in the game. She brags that she’s good at judging. He intends to take back his money. But she takes away the money because he has given it to her. She smiles.

The chancellors of Jo family tell King to repent because they think the heaven got angry. Won-Bo gets on knees to King at the court. He tells him to do Gamseon. He smiles after King agreed to do so. The maid reports to Queen about what Won-Bo did to King. Joong-Eon thinks they’re not going to defeat Won-Bo.

Prince Myungan tastes the food. He cries. Won-Bo eats the delicious food with the beauty. He laughs after he defeated King. King knocks over the table. He tells his follower to inform Won-Bo that he has eaten the food. Won-Bo meets with Queen. He tells her that he wants to let King know that he wouldn’t become a king without his family’s help.

Our Blooming Youth K-Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of Our Blooming Youth K-Drama ends with Lee Hwan telling Jae-Yi he would trust Sung-On if he didn’t receive the ghost letter. But he decides to try to trust Sung-On. He tells Sung-On that he wants to be his friend again. It makes Sung-On tear up.

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