Legend of Awakening: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Legend of Awakening: Episode 1. Lu Ping carries Su Tang to walk on the snowfield, and his legs are with chain and blood. He falls down because he is too tired. Lu Ping holds Su Tang’s hand, and asks her if she is fine.

Legend of Awakening: Episode 1 Recap

Legend of Awakening: Episode 1

Su Tang says that she is hungry, and Lu Ping feeds her the snow. He tells her to think of it as a lump of sugar, and he carries her. She asks him where they are going to go, and he replies that they will go the place where they can survive.

The general of Shuo nation, Qin Qi breaks the battle array in Ge Cheng’s help in Big Dipper pavilion. But his wood sword is take away by the Big Dipper pavilion chief, Yao Tian.

After the battle, Qin Qi invites Yao Tian to be the nation soldier. Yao Tian rejects it.

Qin Qi leaves Big Dipper pavilion, and he notes that someone’s watching him from the shrub. He shoots towards the direction.

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The miss Qin Sang takes the sword from her maid, and splits the arrow into two halves with her blue soul.

Qin Sang shows up with the maid Zi Yan, and she blames Qin Qi for almost hurting Zi Yan. Qin Qi reminds Zi Yan the order that she should be killed if she lets Qin Sang wander off.

Zi Yan gets on her knees and asks for mercy. Qin Sang explains that he came to help Qin Qi. The bodyguard reports that Chan state has been attacked by Shanhai sect, and Qin Qi orders to take about it in Chenqiao town. Qin Sang follows them.

Xi Fan takes the disciples to carry the bricks to run, and they shout slogans to surpass Big Dipper pavilion. But they’re blocked by the bodyguards.

Lu Ping sees Ge Cheng passes by, and he asks Su Tang to block Xi Fan’s way. Xi Fan notes Lu Ping’s missing, and he uses his soul to locate Lu Ping.

Lu Ping sees Ge Cheng walking in the house, and he tries to follow him. But the general Wen Rui pushes Lu Ping out.

Wei Zhong gives the Shanhai badge to Qin Qi, and reveals Fengling sect received the badge. But Ge Cheng tells Qin Qi to ignore it.

Lu Ping tries to climb over the wall, but he gets dragged down by Xi Fan. Lu Ping gets up from Xi Fan but Ge Cheng has left.

Xi Fan shows his archery to Lu Ping, and tells him that he won’t punish him if he does same like him. Lu Ping loses, and Xi Fan intends to hit him with the wind stick.

But Su Tang stops Xi Fan, and Pu Ping tries to flee. But You Dao stuns Lu Ping with his wine pot.

Lu Ping remembers You Dao asked for five thousand silver taels when he begged him to save them.

You Dao tells Xi Fan to save Ru Yu, and reveals she is rich. But Xi Fan rejects as he thinks it’s not righteous. You Dao reveals the God of Bandits will come.

Su Tang brings the steamed buns to Lu Ping, and she feels sorry for getting him beaten. He feeds her the Osmanthus candy, and she smiles.

Su Tang asks Lu Ping why he didn’t tell people that he shot the snake, and he mentions what he said that it’s time to leave when they find Ge Cheng.

Su Tang worries that Shanhai sect will find them, and nobody can flee from Shanhai sect. He hugs her and says that they will live longer.

The man tells the master Qin Sang to surrender because the men of Wei family don’t arrive. The men of Shanhai sect come, and Qin Sang kills them.

Master Zheng praises Qin Sang for her light sword art, and she thinks the men of Shanhai sect are vulnerable. But the arrows shoot Qin Sang and other people of Fengling sect.

Master Zheng recognizes that the man talked with Qin Sang was the man of Shanhai sect. The man Situ Chong holds sword and sneers at Qin Sang.

Qin Sang realizes that they fought with each other in the trap Situ Chong made. She takes the Shanhai badge away from him, and she flees with Zi Yan.

Zi Yan wears Qin Sang’s clothes and draws Situ Chong. Ru Yu brags that You Dao will come to save her, but Qin Sang stuns her for drawing the men of Shanhai sect.

Xi Fan tells Su Tang that he came to catch the God of Bandits. She’s furious as the God of Bandits saved him many times.

God of Bandits shows up, and Qin Sang attacks him. He recognizes that she isn’t Ru Yu.

Legend of Awakening: Episode 1 Review

Legend of Awakening: Episode 1 begins with the snow scene that Lu Ping and Su Tang flee from Shanhai sect, and they become the disciples of You Dao.

Lu Ping is a powerful man but he pretends to be weak. Because he worries that the men of Shanhai sect will catch them.

Pu Ping wants to find the man Ge Cheng, although he doesn’t tell us the reason. But I thinks we will find it out on Legend of Awakening: Episode 2.

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