Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 1. The masked men cast the rope to the cliff. The old man Yu Lao opens the trap Qianji array to make the masked men fall into Ink River. He says that nobody has passed the trap these years.

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of Fei Chinese Drama: Episode 1.

The disciples talk about Zhou Fei (Zhao Liying). They think she is better than Li Sheng in martial arts. Li Sheng breaks Zhou Fei’s wine pot and provokes her. She pulls out her blade and defeats him. She asks him if he broke Fu Zi’s stairs to wrong her.

Xie Yun (Wang Yibo) steps the string and tries to fly over the Ink River. Yu Lao is furious to cast the fishing rod to Xie Yun. But Xie Yun avoids it and arrives at the destination. He thanks Yu Lao and leaves. Yu Lao sets off a firework.

The chief of 48 villages, Li Jinrong tells the follower to summon Mr. Kou. She takes away the sword from him. Zhang Chenfei thinks the enemies broke through Ink River. He tells the disciples to follow him. But Li Sheng stops Zhang Chenfei and thinks it’s the trick of enemies. So Zhang Chenfei tells Li Sheng to lead another group of people.

Zhou Fei follows Li Sheng. But he tells her to ignore the business of the villages. She sees the birds fly and thinks someone got into the villages. She runs to the woods and stops Li Sheng going forward. She lets the leaf fall to the string. The leaf gets cut off. He wonders why there is strings of phoenix sect there.

Yu Lao tells Li Jinrong that the person stepped on the leaves to cross the river. Zhou Fei hunts Xie Yun. He hugs her to save her when she is going to bump the strings. She asks him who he is and why he broke into 48 villages. He tells her that his name is Xie Meimei. He flees.

Zhou Fei tells Li Sheng to catch Xie Yun. But Li Sheng trips and almost touches the string. Kou Dan saves him. Li Jinrong asks how the thief fled. Zhou Fei says that she almost caught him. Li Jinrong thinks Zhou Fei shouldn’t have face to talk, and blames her for not apologizing to Fu Zi. But Zhou Fei thinks she should apologize because she didn’t break the stairs.

Li Jinrong asks Zhou Fei who gave her the guts to get into the Forbidden Woods. Zhou Fei explains that she couldn’t ignore it because the thief broke into the villages. Li Jinrong tells Zhou Fei not to care for villages, and asks her to read books. Zhou Fei thinks she shouldn’t read books because there is a thief in villages. Li Jinrong tells Zhou Fei not to leave her room. Zhou Fei is furious to leave.

Li Sheng follows Zhou Fei and thinks she should get married. She tells him to get Li Jinrong to embroider in the room. He explains that Li Jinrong took the position because there wasn’t anyone. Li Jinrong thinks she won’t beat Zhou Fei if she is obedient like Li Sheng. But Zhou Yitang thinks his daughter knows how to do, and worries about Li Sheng. Li Jinrong thinks she can train Li Sheng. But she worries about him taking the wrong path.

Li Sheng hears the talk and wants to leave. Because he thinks there are many talented people in the villages. Li Yan points out that aunt won’t let him go downhill. He says that he will leave from Ink River. She thinks he’s insane and mentions Yu Lao hung the seniors on the cliff after they tried to cross Ink River.

But Li Sheng insists on doing that. Li Yan yells and tries to report it to Li Jinrong. He blocks her mouth. Xie Yun spots the bodyguards and thinks they enhance the defensive. He wonders how he can get in the villages. Li Sheng ties Li Yan up and tells her that he leaves.

Li Yan jumps to visit Zhou Fei, and mentions what Li Sheng said that he wants to cross Ink River. Li Sheng ties the tree with the rope. Zhou Fei shows up and asks him what he wants to do. He tells her not to bring troubles. But she points out that the one brings troubles is him because there are enemies in villages. He tells her to stay to be the big hero.

Zhou Fei learns that Li Sheng wants to leave, and reminds him that he is the future chief of 48 villages. He says that he doesn’t want to be the chief because everyone looks down on him. He adds that he can open his world once he crosses the river. He jumps off the cliff.

Xie Yun spots Li Sheng and thinks someone wants to die except him. Zhou Fei notes the water is weird, and tells Li Sheng to come back. But he doesn’t hear it. He flies to the rock and tries to go forward. But the string cuts off his bag. More strings attack him. Zhou Fei kicks him away to save him.

Li Sheng wonders why the strings moved. Zhou Fei points out that his legs and his body would part if she didn’t kick him. He tells her to get back to the cliff. But she says that it’s too late, and thinks they have to pass the trap.

Li Jinrong visits Yu Lao and worries about the thief because he’s not at Ink River. He says that it’s just an empty city plot. He adds that the trap is started even if he’s not there. Li Sheng feels sorry for hurting Zhou Fei. She says that volunteered to die.

Li Sheng takes out the torch and tries to see the river. But the string cuts off the torch. Zhou Fei kicks him away to save him. So the strings attack her. She thinks Xie Yun is a top master since he passed Qianji battle array.

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