The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 5. Wolf Boy learns that Ma Zhaixing is the princess of Ma family. He realizes the reason why she betrayed him. Gu Qingping visits Ma family and wants to see Ma Zhaixing. But the fat guy tells him that Princess is charred body now. He adds that she is in the coffins.

The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 5

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for The Wolf Chinese Drama: Episode 5.

Gu Qingping asks if they found the copper bell of Princess. The guy says that he didn’t find it. Gu Qingping thinks Ma Zhaixing is alive, and offers to look for her. Wen Yan tells Bo King that Ma Zhaixing will wake up soon, and thinks he can ask her something.

Bo King takes a look at Ma Zhaixing. She opens her eyes. He thinks she isn’t Ma Zhaixing. Wen Yan says that Princess lost her memories, and thinks she will die if she doesn’t eat. Bo King tells Wen Yan to go to get water. The bodyguard reports to Ma Fengcheng that Ma Ying and his families were killed by Jin Kingdom. Ma Jing tells Ma Fengcheng to beg Emperor to attack Jin Kingdom.

Emperor says that he expected Ma Army would do that. Mr. Zhang reveals Ma Army wants to be sacrificed if Emperor attacks Jin Kingdom. Emperor thinks it was worth of killing Ma Ying. He tells the prime minister Jing Xiang to welcome Ma Army.

Bo King feeds Ma Zhaixing water. But she refuses to drink. Wen Yan thinks the medicine doesn’t work to her. Bo King tells Wen Yan to use poison. But Wen Yan says that he needs the herb Nvluo grass. So Bo King asks Wen Yan where he can get Nvluo grass. Wen Yan thinks Nvluo grass is in Xingyue Mountain. Bo King wants to go to Xingyue Mountain. But Wen Yan tells his master that there is tigers in the mountain.

Bo King spots the Nvluo grass and tries to pick it up. But he is attacked by the tiger. The two tigers rush to Bo King and want to eat him. Bo King pulls out his dagger.

Gu Qingping takes his men to break into the room, and asks Wen Yan why he kidnapped Princess. Wen Yan takes out Dragon Badge and tells Gu Qingping that they’re special envoys of Emperor. Gu Qingping tells his followers to leave, and asks Wen Yan why he stays with Princess. Wen Yan explains that Emperor sent them there because he knew Ma families would be killed. He adds that Princess was saved by them.

Gu Qingping thanks Wen Yan for keeping Princess’s life. Wen Yan asks Gu Qingping if he knows Princess. Gu Qingping tells Wen Yan that he was a friend of Princess. Wen Yan reveals Princess lost her memories because her head was hit. He thinks it’s good for her illness if Gu Qingping talks with her. He wishes him to wake Princess up.

Gu Qingping asks Wen Yan to let him stay with Princess alone. He promises to accompany her until she wakes up. Wen Yan leaves. Gu Qingping takes care of Princess and mentions what he said to take her to leave the sad place. Bo King returns and asks Wen Yan about Gu Qingping. Wen Yan reveals the person is an old friend of Princess.

Bo King drops the mint into the porridge, and tells Wen Yan to give it to Gu Qingping. Gu Qingping feeds Princess the porridge. She eats it and calls her father. He wants to escort her home because she asked for returning to Ma family. But Bo King rejects it. Gu Qingping claims that Princess wouldn’t eat without him.

Bo King tells Gu Qingping to continue feeding Princess. Gu Qingping asks Bo King if he treats him as servant. Bo King admits it. Gu Qingping is furious. Wen Yan tells Gu Qingping what Bo King said is the order of Emperor. Wen Yan thinks Princess ate because of the mint Bo King took back. He asks his master why he knew Princess likes mint. Bo King says that he just wanted to give it a try, and asks about the movement of Ma Army. Wen Yan thinks they arrived at the imperial city.

Jing Xiang picks up Ma Fengcheng and tells him to work for Emperor together. But Ma Fengcheng kidnaps Jing Xiang and tells him that he doesn’t believe Jin King is the murderer. Jing Xiang points out that nobody would kill Ma Ying except Jin King. Ma Fengcheng says that Jin King wouldn’t hurt Ma Ying because he liked him. Jing Xiang points the sword at Ma Fengcheng. Ma Fengcheng grabs the sword and tells Jing Xiang that they want to die for Ma Ying.

Mr. Zhang tells Emperor that Ma Army said that he will believe it was done by Jin Kingdom if he writes the blood letter and swears. Emperor is furious and asks if he needs to swear to anyone later. Hai Die visits Emperor and tells him that Bo King is going to take Ma Zhaixing to go back to the city. He tells her to help Bo King.

Mo Xiang reports to Bo King what Ma Army did. Bo King offers to take away Princess. But he finds out that Princess is missing. Wen Yan thinks Gu Qingping took Princess to Kui City. Bo King asks Mo Xiao if he encountered Gu Qingping. Mo Xiao denies and thinks the young master isn’t simple.

Gu Qingping laughs and thinks Ma Zhaixing is the chip he joins Jin Kingdom. The follower reports that Bo King went to Ma family. Gu Qingping takes a look at Ma Zhaixing and tells her that he is the real wolf. He intends to kiss her. But Bo King stops Gu Qingping.

Gu Qingping says that he thought Bo King went to Ma family. Bo King smiles and says that he couldn’t see his heart if he didn’t lie to him. Gu Qingping tells his followers to take away Ma Zhaixing.

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