Legend of the Phoenix: Episode 4 [Recap]

This is the recap of Chinese drama Legend of the Phoenix Episode 4. Wei Guang and Ning Zhi fall into lake from cliff, and the arrows on their chests disappear. They set it up for cheating Yang Biao. Ning Zhi isn’t good at swimming and is going to dizzy. Wei Guang gives air to her through his mouth, and the two arrive at the safety zone.

Legend of the Phoenix: Episode 4 Recap

Legend of the Phoenix

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Legend of the Phoenix: Episode 4.

Ning Zhi offers to part with Wei Guang and doesn’t want to get him involved. Wei Guang confesses that he likes her and he rejected her because he takes the revenge of his father so that he didn’t expect love. He says that what Ning Zhi paid moved him. Ning Zhi is very happy.

The two visit a clothing shop and get changed. Wei Guang makes a doll with Ning Zhi’s clothes, and intends to draw the enemies with the doll. But when he is hunted by the bodyguards, Ning Zhi yells to expose her position. The bodyguard shoots her, and she rolls down the hill and falls into the pool of pear flower academy.

Ms. Hua and Ms. Rong save Ning Zhi, and Ning Zhi gets recognized because they ran into her before in the palace.

The bodyguard wants to search the room, but Ms. Rong suppresses him with Empress. He doesn’t want to offend pear flower academy, and he has to leave. Ning Zhi asks Ms. Hua to help her get in the palace as she wants to contact Wei Guang.

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There are many girls who aren’t qualified. Ms. Hua gets Ning Zhi to replace one girl. Ning Zhi misses Wei Guang after getting in the palace. She sends many letters to him but doesn’t get any reply.

Wei Guang runs into Ning Zhi’s family and decides to send them to north mountain peak. It will protect them because it’s the place of Elder Princess. But Wei Guang meets Lang Kun’s men, and they have a fight. Wei Guang kidnaps their leader, and helps Ning Zhi’s family flee. Luo Ying asks Wei Guang to find Ning Zhi.

Ning Zhi runs into Lang Kun at the palace, but he pretends not to know her. Pear flower academy does strict training to the girls, and Ning Zhi cannot stand it. Ms. Rong targets Ning Zhi. Empress and Lang Kun appear at pear flower academy. Ms. Hua reveals Ning Zhi’s identity to Empress, but Empress doesn’t care about it.

Empress’s goal is for the birthday of Emperor, and asks Ms. Hua for the program. But Ms. Hua’s program disappoints Empress. Ning Zhi claims that she can read people’s mind, and proves it to Empress. Empress is interested in Ning Zhi.

In the evening, Emperor wants to rest at Empress’s palace. But he visits Consort Fu because he gets cold illness. Ning Zhi notes that Empress is in anger, and asks Ms. Hua about it.

The next day, Empress asks Ning Zhi to read her mind. Ning Zhi mentions Consort Fu.

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