Oh My Cute Consort Chinese Drama: Episode 1 [Recap]

This is the recap of Oh My Cute Consort Chinese Drama Episode 1. Bu Meng reads the concubine walkthrough and learns that concubine Emperor loves will die, and she thinks she shouldn’t make Emperor fall for her. But the maid Yan Er tells Bu Meng to make wave and get Emperor to know her existence since Queen left.

Oh My Cute Consort Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

Oh My Cute Consort

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Oh My Cute Consort Chinese Drama Episode 1.

But Bu Meng thinks she will be slapped on the beach by Ru Consort before she makes wave, and she decides to avoid to get liked by Emperor.

Bu Meng introduces her friends. Yan Concubine joined palace for avoiding her junior sister, but got hit by thunder and was alive. People call her dark concubine. Qu Concubine got cold reception by Emperor so that she had to eat to relieve the lovesickness. Xiao Concubine cannot take down her lover Yan Shang, who was missing at the battlefield.

Bu Meng thinks Emperor won’t choose her since she has many friends. But he takes her plate because her father Mr. Bu didn’t give face to him.

The eunuch Bu Xi is happy to inform Yan Er that Bu Meng was chosen. Yan Er runs to tell Bu Meng the good news but Bu Meng fled. Yan Er tells it to Fu Xi, and Chief Eunuch offers to look for Bu Meng. Yan Concubine thinks Bu Meng is in the toilet.

Bu Meng goes out and tells people that she fell into the dung. She tells Chief Eunuch that she won’t miss the opportunity, and goes to wash herself. But he rejects it. Qu Concubine wants to replace Bu Meng, but Yan Concubine blames Qu Concubine for betraying friend.

Qu Concubine bribes Chief Eunuch with the bracelet, and he chooses her. Bu Meng asks Chief Eunuch to give her some time to wash, but Yan Concubine tells her not to act. Bu Meng blames Yan Concubine for raising her hand. Yan Concubine explains that she just dislikes the looks of Qu Concubine.

Yan Er wants to wash for Bu Meng and finds out that it’s just sludge. She asks her why she left the chance to Qu Concubine, and Bu Meng thinks Yan Er’s brain is too simple.

Bu Xi worries that Emperor will find it, and Chief Eunuch says that he has no way. Bu Xi thinks Bu Meng is crying in her room. Qu Concubine laughs while being carried. Emperor rages and thinks Bu Meng pretended. But Chief Eunuch reveals Bu Meng cried for losing the chance.

Chief Eunuch goes out, and Bu Xi reminds him that Qu Concubine is lying at the palace. Chief Eunuch tells Bu Xi to carry her back. Qu Concubine tells Bu Xi to untie her, but he says that nobody can do it except Emperor.

The next day, Yan Er reports to Bu Meng that Qu Concubine came. Yan Concubine tells Bu Meng to ignore Qu Concubine because she isn’t their friend anymore. Qu Concubine cries and asks Bu Meng to hit her. Bu Meng reveals Yan Concubine has resentment because Emperor didn’t sleep with her.

Yan Concubine denies it and reveals she got the position after betting with Emperor. Qu Concubine complains that she spent a whole night to untie the cover. Bu Meng wants to help Qu Concubine.

Bu Meng takes Qu Concubine to the bird place, which Emperor visits more often. She tells her to recite poetry, but Yan Concubine thinks the poetry doesn’t want any intent. But Bu Meng brags that the lines will move any man. Yan Concubine offers to the make the sound of cuckoo when they see Emperor.

But Qu Concubine and Yan Concubine leave when Emperor doesn’t come. Bu Meng notes Emperor’s coming and makes the sound of cuckoo beside the birdcage. Emperor asks her to turn around while seeing her back. Bu Meng turns around but hits his nose. She flees then.

Chief Eunuch Wei Yong arrives and notes that Emperor’s nose is bleeding. Emperor asks Wei Yong who the woman is. Wei Yong doesn’t see Bu Meng.

Bu Meng is burning her clothes in the evening, and Yan Concubine tells Bu Meng that Emperor got hurt. Yan Concubine wonders why he didn’t say, and Bu Meng thinks she won’t say if she is the emperor. Yan Concubine reveals Emperor wanted to search palace.

The next day, Bu Xi tells concubines to do the action. Qu Concubine notes that Bu Meng has pimples on her face. Emperor shows up, and Qu Concubine thinks he is her god. Yan Concubine points out that Emperor never takes a look at Qu Concubine.

Emperor looks at concubines one by one, and targets Bu Meng. He asks her to make sound of cuckoo, and she is on knees and admits her sins. He rages to take her to the scene of crime, but she says that she has the amnesia. He threatens to kill her, and she admits that she was the criminal. He punishes her for not going out for ten days.

Bu Meng tells Yan Concubine that she just wants to avoid to get loved by Emperor. Yan Concubine asks Bu Meng why she got in the palace, and Bu Meng blames Tai Shi.

It’s flashback. Tai Shi tells Mr. Bu that Bu Meng can bring good luck to Emperor, and recommends her.

Emperor asks Wei Yong if Bu Meng has any brother, and Wei Yong reveals she has an older brother Bu Yue. Emperor thinks Mr. Bu’s family is reserved.

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