A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 [Recap]

This is the recap of A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama Episode 1. Yi Chao tells You Nian that there will be a girl transferring to their school, and wishes her to be pretty. Mom helps Miao Miao carry the box and complains that Dad went to sea before they move in. Miao Miao mentions Dad said that sea is the clock of sailor.

A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama: Episode 1 Recap

A Little Thing Called First Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Little Thing Called First Love Chinese Drama Episode 1.

Miao Miao thinks people won’t visit their shop because it’s too remote. But Mom says that she can see the lighthouse, and they won’t get lost when there is a lighthouse. But Miao Miao and Yao Yao think Mom is in the menopause.

Miao Miao tells Mom that the zipper of her schoolbag is broken, and asks her to buy her a new one. But Mom rejects it. Miao Miao blames Yao Yao for making garbage and throws the shaddock peel to her. But it hits You Nian.

Yao Yao apologizes to You Nian. He wears the shaddock peel on his head and leaves. Yao Yao tells Mom that she cannot send flyers because she is dizzy. But Mom hits Yao Yao’s head. Miao Miao wants to do the job for Yao Yao, and Yao Yao hugs her sister.

Yao Yao reminds Miao Miao that the outside is hot. Miao Miao thinks Yao Yao cares for her. But Yao Yao asks Miao Miao to buy her popsicle. The women stops Miao Miao giving flyers, and Miao Miao explains that she came to buy water.

Kai Tuo is late again. The instructor blames Kai Tuo and thinks You Nian is better than Kai Tuo as team leader. You Nian says that he didn’t take polo shirt, but the instructor reveals he has it.

Miao Miao watches You Nian play basketball at the playground, and eats Yao Yao’s popsicle while cheering him up. The girl He Xing invites Miao Miao to join the fan group of Kai Tuo, although they only have two members. Miao Miao mistakes You Nian as Kai Tuo.

Kai Tuo asks You Nian to take off his polo shirt, but the instructor blames Kai Tuo for being late. Kai Tuo doesn’t want to be the team leader and is furious to leave.

Miao Miao does video chat with Xia, and Xia says that she doesn’t have friend to go to restroom together. Miao Miao worries that she won’t make friend in new school, and mentions Kai Tuo. Xia baidus and the student shares that Kai Tuo ignored her when she handed over the water to him. Xia thinks Kai Tuo isn’t a good student.

The kid trips in the bookstore and You Nian puts the eye note on his forehead to make him happy. Miao Miao laughs and reminds You Nian to take off the note. You Nian asks Miao Miao why she keeps staring at him, and she explains that she wants to borrow umbrella from him. You Nian gives the umbrella to Miao Miao because he has raincoat.

Miao Miao baidus and tells people that Kai Tuo is a good man. But the man suspects it because Kai Tuo doesn’t have any friend. Miao Miao claims she wants to be Kai Tuo’s friend, and finds out the man is Kai Tuo.

Miao Miao is happy to roll in the bed, and Yao Yao thinks Miao Miao is crazy again. Miao Miao is lost when Kai Tuo doesn’t want to be her friend. She tells A Xia that Kai Tuo scolded her after she talked something good for him. A Xia tells Miao Miao not to flatter people to make friend.

Mom asks Miao Miao if she got bullied, and Miao Miao says that she wants a new schoolbag. Mom gives the new schoolbag to Miao Miao.

The next day, Miao Miao arrives at the classroom. She finds out that she took wrong schoolbag, and asks Kai Tuo for the book. But he ignores her.

Yi Chao reports to Teacher that You Nian played chess while taking class. You Nian is punished to be placed the chess pieces overhead. The chess pieces drop, and You Nian asks Miao Miao to take them back.

Miao Miao returns to the classroom, and Teacher is scolding Kai Tuo for being late. Miao Miao learns that she mistakes the two persons. Teacher asks to call Kai Tuo’s parents, but Kai Tuo says that he doesn’t have parents.

Miao Miao intends to return the umbrella to You Nian, but takes out doll from her schoolbag. He says that he prefers transformer. Miao Miao thinks You Nian treated her as a psycho. She wishes to get a doraemon, and You Nian shows up with the doraemon balloon. But he gives it to the kid.

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Miao Miao tells what happened to A Xia. A Xia thinks Miao Miao was obsessed by the looks of You Nian and forgot to return the umbrella to him. A Xia tells Miao Miao to think about how to say to You Nian when she returns the umbrella to him next time.

The girl asks Miao Miao to join the fan group of Kai Tuo. But Miao Miao reveals the good person wasn’t Kai Tuo but You Nian. The girl thinks Miao Miao is an anti-fan and swears to find her. Miao Miao thinks she won’t get caught because she used a fake name.

Miao Miao wonders if she will meet You Nian again. Mom asks Miao Miao to eat the red egg and thinks it will bring good luck to her. You Nian rides the bicycle through, and Miao Miao follows him to the parking lot. But she is lost when He Xing is close to You Nian.

Kai Tuo sees the signature Shui Lingling on Miao Miao’s drawing, and learns that she is his crazy fan. He asks her to copy his homework for him.

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