Legend of the Phoenix: Episode 6 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Legend of the Phoenix: Episode 6. Queen summons Empress to drink tea at the palace, and mentions Lang Kun used soldiers without permission. Empress pretends to know nothing. Wei Guang appears and he guesses that Lang Kun transferred the sin.

Legend of the Phoenix Chinese Drama: Episode 6 Recap

Legend of the Phoenix

Wei Guang threatens Empress that the truth will be public if someone tells it to Huge Truth Temple. He asks Empress to remit his sin, and he will conceal the case. She agrees to it.

Empress suspects that Consort Fu reported it to Queen, and decides to take revenge for her. She visits Yan Kuan in the jail, and asks him for a method. But he doesn’t want to work for her. So she mentions she saved her. He tells her that there is a tale at the banyan tree of Imperial Garden.

The next day, Empress takes Ning Zhi to Imperial Garden. She tells her the take of banyan tree that Ancient Emperor forgave a black snake, and the black snake promised to help him achieve it if he made a wish. But National Division reminded Ancient Emperor that the black snake will bring disaster because he is with great supernatural power.

Empress asks Ning Zhi to make a wish to the tree, Ning Zhi rejects her with the reason that she doesn’t have any wish.

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Ning Zhi serves Empress to take a bath, and hurts her by mistake. Empress gives Ning Zhi a slap. Ning Zhi feels wronged and misses Wei Guang. So she makes a wish to black snake spirit that she wants to see Wei Guang.

The next day, Ning Zhi runs into Wei Guang who pretends to be a bodyguard. She receives a letter from him, and he tells her that he cannot see her because he doesn’t deal with the case of Lang Kun.

Ning Zhi is happy for Wei Guang’s safety, and he appoints her to meet at the storehouse of Peace Palace.

Ning Zhi hugs Wei Guang and tells him that she misses him. He tells her that he threatened Empress, and thinks she will take revenge. Wei Guang tells Ning Zhi to be careful.

Lang Kun reports to Empress that Ning Zhi and Wei Guang are adultery, so Empress asks Wei Guang to arrest the two. Wei Guang realizes that the meeting was arranged by Lang Kun. But it’s too late.

Wei Guang and Ning Zhi don’t admit their sins, so Empress asks her men to do the whip punishment. The two try their best to protect each other. Empress is moved by the love, and forgives the two. She tells them to work for her.

Ning Zhi feels painful when she sees Wei Guang’s wounds. He blinds himself and treats her wound. Wei Guang doesn’t want Ning Zhi to stay at the palace, and promises to send her out of the palace. He tells her that he wants to marry her, and she leans in his arms.

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