Line Walker 2: The Prelude Episode 1 – Killed Undercover Agents

Cheuk Hoi (Michael Miu) visits a fruit stand in Bangkok Thailand 2010. He gives messages to undercover agent Wing-Cheong (Tony Hung) who pretending a fruiterer. His goal is to arrest Nine Finger Guy who is drug gang’s leader in Hong Kong. He leaves after giving instructions.

Line Walker 2: The Prelude Episode 1 Recap

Line Walker: The Prelude

The undercover agents Wing-Cheong, Sparrows (Stephanie Ho), Raptor (Yeung Chiu Hoi) and Tomato (Koo Ming Wah) check Nine Finger Guy’s call record and set up a bug on his body. Cheuk Hoi picks nine finger guy’s garbage bag after knowing his hotel.

Cheuk Hoi gets useful clue from the garbage bag and concludes the trade time and place.

Lok Siu Fung (Chau Pak-ho) attacks Nine Finger Guy and kills his drug partner in 8th storage while Cheuk Hoi and his undercover agents are going to arrest him.

Thailand gang leader Pak-key (Kenny Wong) gives Nine Finger Guy drugs as a present and lets him work with him. Nine Finger Guy accepts because he loves money.

Cheuk Hoi gathers his undercover agents in a ruined building and communicates superior instructions. He lets everybody get Thailand gang’s information and promises they can return home if completing this task.

Cheuk Hoi pretends a electrician and enters Thailand gang’s computer room in undercover agent’s help. It seems like every section is good. However, they meet traffic jams. Lok Siu Fung and Pak-key chase them after they find Tomato is suspected. Fortunately they escape successfully on the end.

They cheer in a ruined building and dream their new lives after returning Hong Kong. However, the building is bombed while Cheuk Hoi is out of it. All of undercover agents are dead. He is sad when he sees them becoming victims for this task.

Cheuk Hoi wants to buries the undercover agents in the police cemetery. It’s refused by his chiefs. They think senators and citizens are going to doubts Hong Kong’s police’s ability if publishing their identifies. Although he cannot accepts it, he has to obey the order.

Police station worries about Cheuk Hoi and sends Lai Sir (Eddie Cheung) to watch him. Lai Sir is his good friend so he lets him do anything he wants to do. Cheuk Hoi visits Raptor’s mother and tells her Raptor is a good guy. He is sad while his mother refuses to accepts Raotor’s thing.

Cheuk Hoi is going to resign. Lai Sir knows he loves his job too much and persuades him not to become another Chum Foon Hei (Benz Hui).

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